15 DIY Cordless Drill Projects

Got a cordless drill? We've got ideas. Use your cordless drill for one of these DIY projects

Use your cordless drill to do one of these fun DIY projects

Now that you have a cordless drill and aren’t bogged down by wires and electrical sockets, what are you going to do with it? Having a cordless drill can be a boon for a new DIY-er, there are a million to-do projects around the house and that many more posted all over the internet. Try starting small as you familiarize yourself with how to use your drill, and see the projects below to get your creative and do-it-yourself-ing juices flowing.

1. Obviously, Hang Up Photos

Hanging up photos with a cordless drill means that you won’t have to unplug, re-plug, or almost trip over the power cord when adding new faces and images to your walls. Plus, as a drill comes with many heads, it can be used with all forms of surfaces such as plaster, drywall, and even cement.

2. Make a Coat Rack

Making a coat rack may sound hard, but all that is required is some form of hook-type doodad. Coat racks can be made out of old doorknobs, dresser knobs, railroad ties, and actual decorative hooks. If you don’t want to drill the items straight into the wall, grab a beautiful piece of wood, stain it, and then drill your hooks into the wood. Remember to space them about two to three inches apart for the times when you have more guests than hooks.

3. Build a BookShelf


Even if all your books are on your tablet, you can still build a shelf. A shelf can be handy to have around when you have too many trinkets or need a place to put some other decorative items. And it will give you a sense of pride to know (or say) that you built something will get your two hands.

Many simple designs can be found online, even at the Home Depot or Lowe’s websites. Using instructions will help alleviate any frustration that may come, and it will also ensure that your shelves hold up against whatever you put on them.

4. Make Spin Art

While unconventional, using a cordless drill to create spin art is an excellent use of your drill. You can place anything from a paper-plate to a larger piece of sturdy watercolor paper on the drill bit, and sprinkle paint, use markers, or color with crayons to make your art.

This project is probably a two-person job though (one to spin the drill the other to color the paper). It’s a great thing to try together as a family.

5. Plant Bulbs

Using a long-spiraled drill bit to dig in your dirt will help keep the bulbs in a directed place while eliminating the need to get out your shovel.

6. Whip Up Baked Goods


This project can be a great idea for those of you who don’t want to break out your hand mixer. Adding a fork to the drill-bit section, will be just as effective as if you were using a hand mixer. (Plus it makes the cordless drill so multi-functional, you may not have even to have a hand mixer to stir up your baked goodies.)

7. Make a Wooden Doormat

Finding some thin wood with some great edging or finishing pieces to drill into the ends of the wood can make a neat and original piece of cordless drill art. People will see it when they come into your house, and you can stain it to match whatever colors you prefer. It lasts longer in bad weather too.

8. Create a Wooden Plant Holder

With the extra wood that is lying around and simple instructions from the internet, creating a wooden planter should take barely any time with excellent results in the end. The plants will look great and can be used as inside or outside decoration.

9. Design A Few Candle Holders

Nothing says ambiance more than candles (and nothing helps more in a power outage either), why not put your candles in some fun wooden blocks that you created with your cordless drill? Different sized drill bits can help the candle holder project be fun, and you’ll end up with unique designs

10. Hang Up Other Decorations

Not only does your house have photos but don’t you have other things you’d like to hang up around the house? Does your daughter twinkle lights in her room? Or does your son need a mirror to see how his outfit looks? Cordless drills are the way to go for those projects too, among other household DIY fixes and upgrades.

11. Build a Table from that Old Door in the Eaves of your Garage

For some reason, every suburban house made before 1990 (maybe even after 1990) has at least one beautiful, old door stashed in the eaves of your garage. How easy would it be to bring your cordless drill outside, add legs to the door and have a new, original piece to display in your home?

12. Build a Fun Shutter-Shade

Along with the doors in your garage, see what else is up there. You may be able to find old shutters. Creating a foldable shutter-shade can be easy and fun.

13. Fix Loose Screws Around the House

All homes have loose screws around the home. Check your tables, chairs, bed frames, and more. Taking the cordless drill around the home to tighten loose screws can feel very productive.

14. Add New Fixtures to your Bathroom

Just like new decorations, new fixtures can spruce up a room with little cost to you. When you use your cordless drill to add new a new towel rack to a bare wall in your bathroom, things can get organized and look great too.

15. Build an Organizational Area for the Small Bits Around the House

Buttons, nails, kid’s meal toys, birthday candles game pieces, golf balls, etc. all the smaller items in your home that somehow land in your junk drawer can be put into plastic or glass jars in an area out of the way. Some people use the garage or a storage room. All you need is an area of shelves, small screws, and the lids to your jars.

Drill the lids into the bottom of the shelf, add your small items into your jar and then screw the jars into the tops. Not only have you upcycled, but now your junk drawer can be cleaned out too.


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