5 Highlighter Mistakes that Ruin Your Makeup

New to highlighter? We have tips. Avoid these mistakes when applying highlighter

Don't make these mistakes when you apply highlighter

Highlighters have quickly become a makeup must-have. They're available in different colors, formulae, and textures to keep up with the rising demand for the product. You can use it to manipulate your features while embracing the shinier version of you.

Still, it doesn’t mean that highlighters are any less intimidating. As it helps to enhance specific parts of your face, you need to be careful while applying it. This is why that subtle pop plays a crucial role in either making or breaking your makeup look.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top five highlighter mistakes you might be doing which is ruining your makeup.

Highlighter Mistake #1: You‘re Mixing Different Makeup Formulae

If you feel your foundation or concealer comes off when you are applying highlighter, it may be due to the different formulas of the products. For example, after using a powder-based foundation, you opt for a creamy highlighter. The creamy texture of your highlighter will wet the foundation, causing it to move away from your skin when you blend your highlighter. Powder foundation or concealer should be teamed with powder highlighters only. It’s better to stick to similar formulae to ensure a flawless makeup look.

Highlighter Mistake #2: Choosing a Wrong Highlighter Shade

Just like foundation and concealer, you need to keep your skin tone and undertone in mind when you purchase your highlighter palette. If you end up buying the wrong shade, your features will look washed out instead of becoming enhanced. You can take the help of the salesperson to help you find the most flattering shade.

If you are on the paler side, you should opt for soft champagne-based tones. Shades of peach are suitable for olive skin tones, whereas bronze shades would give that added pop to darker skin tones. We’ll also advise you to opt for a highlighter that is two to three shades lighter than your foundation.

Too much difference between your contour and highlighter shade will result in a very harsh look due to color extremes. You may be able to pull off the over-sculpted look, but it’s still too risky. It’s better to opt for a safer color just a few shades lighter and darker for your skin tone, which will give you a more natural look.

Highlighter Mistake #3: Stacking on Too Much Highlighter Product

We get it, it can be really hard to stop adding on layers ,but too much product will swiftly change you from looking like a shining unicorn to a greasy drab.

If you want that Instagram-worthy dewy look, you can apply a cream-based highlighter before you use foundation. This way you can get that extra pop without the risk of looking greasy. Also, avoid using too many different shades of highlighter at one go.

Highlighter Mistake #4: Highlighting the Wrong Parts of Your Face

As mentioned before, it’s the high points of your face that you should highlight. This will help you look more sculpted and sleek. On the other hand, if you highlight the wrong parts of your face, you will mess up its geometry due to uneven light reflection.

You should also take care to cover any acne, open pores and tiny bumps that may appear on your face. Otherwise, you’ll end up bringing attention to these blemishes because that's what a highlighter does. If you have acne, it‘s better to avoid using highlight altogether, or go for a very soft and subtle product application. Using a pore-minimizing primer can help control the appearance of large pores.

Highlighter Mistake #5: Not Blending the Highlighter Well Enough

Blending is the only way that you can get the perfect finish when it comes to make-up. You have to blend your foundation, your concealer, and your eyeshadow. Highlighters are no different. Failure to do so will give you a very patchy and unflattering appearance.

Use a big, round or fan brush to apply highlighter. They're easy to use and facilitate the easy blending of the product into the skin.

Just keep these in mind and you'll never have to worry about making highlighter faux-pas again. Before you buy your highlighter, just keep in mind to get a shade that matches your skin tone and has a formula that is in-sync with your other makeup products.

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