5 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Eye Cream

5 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Eye Cream

Eye cream is one of the most favored skincare products. Anyone who has crow’s feet or dark circles can use an eye cream to help solve these issues. Whether you are a beginner or expert with eye cream, you could be making a few mistakes. Unintentionally, people make eye cream mistakes making them not yield desired results. One way to avoid mistakes is by recognizing them and changing your habits to get better results.

To be clear, eyes are the most expressive features humans have. Eyes can reveal the personality of an individual and one has to put an effort to preserve them. Eye creams are skincare products best fitted to get rid of eye wrinkles. What are the common mistakes people make while applying eye cream?

Using excessive eye cream

Applying excessive eye cream is not helpful at all. The skin around your eyes is in small quantity and a pee size amount is enough. When it comes to eye cream treatment, a little is always better than excess usage. Eye creams are expensive and using as little as possible is cost-effective and expert-recommended.

Make sure you don’t squeeze a lot of eye cream when applying. What you simply need to do is moisturize the eyes with eye cream. Next time you use your eye cream; small amounts will go a long way.

Applying out of order

How does one properly apply eye cream? Do you read instructions before applying? Does your eye cream need to be applied after or before your moisturizer? Order in which all skin products are applied is a deal-breaker. As a rule of thumb, lighter eye cream products should always be used first followed by heavier and richer eye cream products. For favorable results, always apply eye cream according to the given instructions.

Eye creams should not be used on dry skin

Most people don’t realize eye creams should not be applied on dry skin. To get desired results, always apply eye creams on damp skin. It should be noted applying eye cream on damp skin aids in locking in hydration. Users should resist from toweling off after using a facial cleanser. Ensure you dab the cream onto your skin while your face is still damp.

Applying eye cream too close to your eyes

Having eye cream too close to your eyes can be harmful. Not only is eye cream harmful to your eyes, but they also pose a threat to your eyelashes and lids. Apply eye cream around the orbital bone, under the eyebrows and away from lash lines. Make sure no cream gets into your eyes. Another safe way is dotting the eye cream around the orbital bone. Make a semi-circle shape half an inch below your eyelashes. When eye cream gets into your eyes, irritation will occur. Make sure to apply eye cream with care.

Rubbing eye cream overzealously

The skin around the eyes is delicate and soft, there’s no need to apply eye cream roughly. Make sure to blend eye cream out with gentle patting and tapping motions. Using your ring finger is advised as it offers a more delicate touch compared to other digits. Another proven option is using an under-eye treatment with a wand applicator. Some eye gels come with a rollerball wand applicator. They can be used as delicate skin massagers.

Always apply eye cream in a soft dabbing motion. Rubbing eye cream roughly increases the wrinkling process and adds more lines.

Other notable mistakes people use include applying more eye cream quickly. Give your eye cream a few minutes before layering makeup on top. Giving your eye cream time ensures it properly absorbed.

Skipping eye cream in the morning is also another huge problem people make. Moisturizing the skin is important and should be done daily, day and night. Don’t skip applying your eye cream even for a single day. Eye creams are known to reduce puffiness and wrinkles, making the skin look refreshed and smooth. All users have to do is gently massage it around the eyes to keep the skin hydrated at all times.

Waiting for problems to show

Most people wait for problems to show before using eye cream. What people need to learn is using eye cream preventively. Waiting for dark circles to become prominent or wrinkles to develop is a problem too. Most experts recommend using eye cream as early as 24 years.

Finally, always pay attention to your specific concerns. Use eye creams which help address your skincare concerns.

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