5 Under Eye Concealer Tricks Everyone Should Know

How do you use concealer for under-eye dark circles? Here are our top 5 tips. Learn how to use concealer the right way to look fab and flawless.

Concealer: How to Use Under Eyes

You want your eyes to look great, no matter what the age. But, as we get older our eyes tend to take a beating from the sun, ozone, and aging in general. It is not at all uncommon to experience signs of aging early in your thirties and forties, and this creates a stress factor for those of us who feel like they can’t keep up.

If you have been looking for a way to steal the show and keep your appearance looking youthful, under-eye concealer is a great product that can rejuvenate the way your eyes look with ease. No matter if it's your first time using the under-eye concealer or not, you’ll experience a one of a kind reduction in puffiness and dark circles that plague so many of us under our eyes.

Who knew there were so many different tricks to makeup right? Well, when it comes to choosing a unique look using your cosmetics there are all kinds of tricks. The eyelids and under-eye region are notoriously affected by wrinkles and the signs of aging, which is why it becomes too important to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to applying makeup to this area. As with most types of makeup, the technique is everything when it comes time to apply it to your face, and with the right technique, you can trim a tremendous amount of years off. Read on below as we delve into the five under-eye concealer tricks that everyone should know, you’ll be quite astonished by the results.

The First Step Is The Right Under Eye Concealer

So, here's the thing with makeup nowadays. There are a plethora of different options that come to mind when you think of under-eye concealer, and picking the right option will make the process of repairing fine lines and dark circles a much easier process. First, you’ll want to sit down and decide if you want a formula that targets blemishes and acne, or if you want a formula that's designed to rid your face of dark circles. The formula that's meant for blemishes and acne probably won’t have a great effect on your dark circles, and vice versa. Choosing the right under-eye concealer will save you a headache in the long run and leave your eyes looking rejuvenated and attractive.

How to use The Triangle Trick for under-Eye concealer

When it comes to applying under-eye concealer to your face in a thorough manner one of the most well-known methods is the triangle trick. What you’ll do is apply your under-eye concealer in an upside-down motion, which creates an effect that your eye has been lifted. Doing the triangle trick is an excellent way to make your eyes look a bit younger, without having to pay for any type of cosmetic surgery. The triangle trick is one of the more well-known ways to give your face that added a boost of youthfulness, and you’ll be quite pleased with the results.

Don’t Use A Makeup Brush to apply concealer under your eyes

Under-eye concealer is a very tricky thing to properly apply, and if you don’t apply it correctly you won’t get that youthful appearance that you have been yearning for. A makeup brush will not do anything for you except spread the under-eye concealer around on your face, creating a messy effect that doesn’t make you look any younger at all. When it comes to applying the under-eye concealer to your face applying it with your finger is the only way to go, and you’ll get a more thorough result as well.

Why Store Your Under Eye Concealer In A Dry Place

Makeup storage is one of the most important things to remember when it comes to under-eye concealer and just about every other type of makeup. You’ll want to store it in a dry place because if you are storing your makeup in a humid location with lots of moisture around all you are going to do is get a mildew effect. Cosmetics that aren’t kept fresh tend to lose their luster, and over time you won’t even be able to get the same results from your under-eye concealer that you’d normally expect to get.

why to Get A Color Palette Instead Of A Single Color

When it comes to color selection picking the right tone can be a challenge, especially if your skin has certain blemishes on it. Choosing a color palette with your under-eye concealer is a better way to give your eyes a lifted look. Most color palettes offer a plethora of colors to choose from, which in the long run creates a lasting look that will be more uniform with your actual facial tones. It is important to play around with the different shades of under-eye concealer until you decide on a color that works for you, you’ll be pleased with the final result of your look.

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