The Best Acne Fighting Ingredients that Should be in Your Face Wash

Shopping for face wash? We can help. Here are some acne-fighting ingredients to look for

Look for these acne-fighting ingredients when you're buying face wash

Keeping acne at bay requires maintaining a very fragile balance among oil and sebum control, moisturizing and exfoliation, and cell renewal. It’s said that stress can cause acne but most of the stress is from wanting to keep said acne away. Oh, the irony!

Using a face wash for acne can be one of the first steps to ensure clear, blemish-free skin. Washing your face once or twice a day can reduce the accumulation of dead skin cells, bacteria, and sebum on it. There are a few ingredients that can help improve your complexion while fighting acne-causing symptoms. Read on to know the ingredients that absolutely have to be in your acne face wash.

Salicylic Acid

If you were to google the top ingredients that can help you fight acne, there is a high chances salicylic acid will top every list. With a gentle effect, this wonder ingredient can help curb oil production and unclog your pores. It ensures that the natural oils of your skin aren’t completely stripped while helping fight blackheads and whiteheads. We’ll also suggest using a good oil-free moisturizer after washing your face.

Superfine Exfoliating Granules

We’ve already spoken of how clogged pores are among the primary reasons for acne. The gradual buildup of dead cells, sebum, and oil can make our skin break out. Using a face wash that has tiny granules can help to exfoliate your skin gently by removing dead skin cells and oil.

However, you need to take care that you don’t overdo it. Scrubbing the skin surface too much can irritate it and make it sensitive which, in turn, will lead to increased acne.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from the goodness of fruits. It encourages the quick repair and rejuvenation of our skin by removing the accumulation of dead cells. A good face wash for acne will always have this ingredient as it helps to make the complexion even and reduce pimples. Additional benefits include increased elastin and collagen production. Hence, not only do you get acne-free skin, but you can keep fine lines and wrinkles away!


Probably the most commonly used ingredients in face washes, glycerin is an excellent humectant and lubricant. It helps to make the skin feel supple and smooth while providing the necessary hydration for glowing skin. Also, it helps to reduce irritation as a result of its soothing properties.

Hyaluronic Acid

A perfect ingredient for face washes, hyaluronic acid is noncomedogenic and acts like a water magnet by helping to maintain the pH level of our skin. It helps to retain the water in our skin making it appear healthy and shiny.


Allantoin is approved by the FDA that helps to control excessive dryness and irritation. The other names for this ingredient include glyoxyldiureide and 5-ureidohydantoin. Think of this ingredient as a conditioner for your skin.

Tips to help you keep acne away using face wash

  1. Ensure that your face wash doesn’t include harmful and abrasive ingredients such as alcohol.
  2. Wet your face with lukewarm water and then gently apply the face wash with your fingertips. Don’t use a washcloth or mesh sponges that can irritate your skin. Always treat your skin with care.
  3. Resist the urge to scrub your skin.
  4. Rinse your face with cold water to help minimize your pores. Gently pat dry your face with a soft face towel.
  5. Moisturize your face by using an oil-free and light moisturizer. Remember to be extra gentle when you apply the product under your eyes.
  6. Don’t over-wash your face. Limit using a face wash to a maximum of two times. Doing the opposite of this can irritate your skin by disturbing the pH balance. This will make your skin either too dry or too oily – definitely what you don’t require.

Now that you have washed your face, I would like to give you another tip to keep acne away. Incorporate using face masks in your skincare regime. There are many face masks available in the market that have been specially formulated for acne-prone skin. It will help to soothe irritated and inflamed areas while giving you the skin of your dreams.

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