Advantages of Using a Charcoal Grill

Charcoal or gas? We'll help you decide. Here are reasons why charcoal grills might be best

Here's why some think charcoal grills are best

Barbecues are a great way of celebrating the golden sunshine, clear blue skies and soothing breezes that are the hallmark of summer. Especially since they provide the perfect excuse for treating yourself and your friends and family to delectable food which is piping hot and filled with flavor. But being able to constantly recreate the culinary marvels behind those delightful moments requires the right kind of grill.

When it comes to deciding between a charcoal grill or a gas grill, taking a look at what each offers is always the best way to go. And today, we shall be placing the charcoal grill in the spotlight. That way, you'll be able to see all the benefits of using this extremely popular choice beloved by barbecue purists the world over.

Why getting a charcoal grill is a great idea

Ask any fan of charcoal grilling, and they'll tell you that this type of grill has many  special qualities that set them apart from the rest and which make them an excellent choice for creating sublime food and equally delectable memories. Here's why.

A flavor like no other. One of life’s greatest pleasures is being able to inhale and savor the smoky aromas and flavors of our favorite grilled meats, fish and vegetables. And it’s here that charcoal grills reign supreme. When it comes to creating that tempting, authentic barbecue flavor which we’ve come to associate with some of our favorite things, no other grill comes even remotely close.

And just in case you’ve always wondered what magic trick is behind such matchless delight, its secret is the juices from the food roasting and dripping onto the coals below, resulting in their being enveloped and infused with flavored smoke – an act of alchemy which is quite simply beyond the capabilities of the vast majority of gas or electric grills.

A savings on cost. The best things in life are often as inexpensive as can be compared to their pricier counterparts. And that holds true for charcoal grills. Compared to their gas counterparts in the same value range, charcoal grills are usually cheap and cheerful. For example, inexpensive charcoal grills which cost $100 or even less are pretty common. Gas grills, on the other hand, are more expensive. Low cost models often start out at over $100 and those manufactured by leading brands can even turn out to be extremely pricey in some instances and can easily set you back $1,000.

Extremely convenient to use. The simple design of charcoal grills makes them easy to set up, clean, maintain and repair. A quality model will be able to faithfully provide you with piping hot, smoky meats, fish, and vegetables for years if properly cared for. There’s also the fact that they’re portable and the perfect for choice for enjoying the beach or your favorite campsites.

The ability to reach higher temperatures. This is another aspect in which charcoal grills tend to reign supreme. Many models are capable of reaching temperatures of 650  and even 800 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to their charcoal or briquette heat source. These high temperatures are the secret to achieving meat with an exterior that has been seared to crispy perfection and an interior that is tender, moist and juicy.

Gas grills, on the other hand, generally tend to be outclassed and outmatched in this regard since they typically reach maximum temperatures of 500 degrees except for the very priciest of them all.

An ideal choice for the flavors of summer

They’re reasonably priced, really convenient to use and come with the promise of longevity if properly cared for. There are also those impressive temperatures they’re capable of reaching, not to mention the irresistible smoky flavors with which they’ll imbue your food. All these qualities make it pretty hard to say no to charcoal grills as your choice the next time you're shopping for a grill.

No wonder they happen to enjoy a faithful following among barbecue enthusiasts. And you too can join that happy number to create numerous flavorsome, mouthwatering memories in the warm glow of the sunshine.

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