Advantages of Using a Gas Grill

Grill shopping? We're here to help. Lean why a gas grill might be the best choice for you

Here's why a gas grill might be a better option than charcoal

Gas grills. They’re the grill of choice for the overwhelming majority of steakhouses and their recent sales have outstripped those of their closest rivals, charcoal grills. But what qualities lie behind their meteoric rise and why might they be the best option for that camping trip or garden barbecue? We invite you to take a look at all the ways in which gas grills can add their own flavorful touch to those delightful gatherings that are an essential part of summer.

Why using a gas grill is a great idea

It’s been about six decades since they first came on the scene. And since then they’ve managed to establish themselves as a firm favorite for outdoor gatherings and parties.

And in spite of their rivalry with another highly popular option, the fact that fans of the outdoors continue to opt for them in greater numbers is proof that they’re doing something right. And today they shall be taking center stage to present you with all the perks which come with making them a part of your outdoor spring and summer celebrations.

So if you’d love to know what advantages you can look forward to when you select a gas grill, you need look no further. Below, we’ve provided the main qualities that make it an excellent choice for enjoying mouthwatering food cooked in the open sunshine.

An easy startup procedure

Starting up a gas grill is pretty straightforward which can be particularly great if you happen to be a newcomer making your first tentative steps into the world of grilling. All you have to do is open the hood (gas grills should never be lit when their lids are shut), turn the gas valve and switch on the grill or light it with a match before waiting for it to heat up in just 15 minutes.

A charcoal grill, on the other hand, does require a lot more effort. Once you’ve opened the vents to let in air for the fire, you’ll need to light your coal. And it’s worth noting that lighter fluid and the quality of coal can affect the taste of your food - a hazard which gas grilling is free from. Once the coals are heated sufficiently, you’ll need to spread them out in the grill grate with the aid of gloves and tongs - a process which requires an extra bit of vigilance and care due to the scorching coals. It also takes a lot longer.

If you prefer a process which as fuss-free as it is risk-free, not to mention more convenient, it’s pretty easy to see which would be preferable.

A straightforward grilling process

When treating your friends and family to your special cutlets and vegetable kebabs, the last thing you want is a sudden gust of wind that might just make the flames flare out of control and reduce those carefully selected cuts and tender, succulent vegetables to charred cinders.

Thankfully with gas grills, the risk of such an occurrence is virtually nonexistent since the only one who gets to control the intensity of the flames is you, thanks to the presence of a few handy knobs. And that means you’re virtually guaranteed to get to cook your favorite foods just how you like them and bask in the praise of your guests afterwards.

Easy cleaning

Once your barbecue has ended on a high note and all you want to do is relax on the sofa with a lovely cool drink, the very last thing you’d feel like doing is tackling a pile of ashes before having to take on the grill itself. And that might be just what you’d have to do if you happen to be using a charcoal grill. However with a gas grill, you’d be able to clean it up relatively quickly, prepare it for your next garden party or camping trip and of course treat yourself to some well-deserved downtime.

Extra features

Gas grills often come with a wide range of helpful features that make for a more versatile grilling experience. These can include searing burners to enable you to recreate culinary marvels from your favorite steakhouse, a rotisserie kit for delicate, succulent poultry and side burners which can be used to create dips or side dishes. And thanks to them, you will have the opportunity to conjure up a varied spread on each occasion.

A convenient, relatively safe option

They’re easy to start up, come with a load of great extras and are easy to clean. There’s also the fact that they’re easier to operate, making them rather forgiving if you happen to be an initiate to the art of barbecuing. And depending on the model, you might just be able to create artistry worthy of steakhouse status. If that sounds like an experience you’d love to enjoy, then you can be certain that the gas grill is for you and will enable you to celebrate several joyous moments with your friends and family and loads of delectable food.

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