Avoiding Foot Pain: What Can You Do to Alleviate It

From stretches to foot massagers, what you can do to soothe aching feet

Do your feet hurt? We know the feeling. Here's how to avoid and alleviate foot pain

Whether you do a lot of walking, struggle with a medical condition, or simply need to soothe your feet from time to time, foot pain is no joke. We’re reliant upon our feet to walk, run, and get around, so if yours aren’t feeling up to par, that isn’t something you should avoid.

While you should, of course, always consult a medical professional with any signs of chronic or unusual foot pain, there are some simple things that you can do around your home to help alleviate aching feet. In need of some of these tips and tricks? We’ve got you covered. Read on to find out some easy ways you can alleviate foot pain on a daily basis.

Foot Massagers Can Help with Foot Pain

Getting a professional foot massage is always a treat, but sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow for it. However, investing in a foot massager machine can be a great way to allow yourself daily foot massages without the hefty price tag of hiring a professional.

Foot massages help increase blood circulation in your feet, and even a simple 10 minutes a day of a foot massage can lead to a great improvement in blood flow. For this reason, people with diabetes or varicose veins greatly benefit from foot massages. Furthermore, foot massages actually benefit the heart as well, as it doesn’t have to work as hard to circulate blood through your body thanks to the improved blood circulation in your feet.

Additionally, foot massages have also been shown to help treat high blood pressure and reduce migraine headaches. They don't even necessarily have to be the priciest models on the market to provide relief.

Take a Foot Bath to Alleviate Pain

Another great solution for those who are experiencing foot pain is to take a warm foot bath. By adding Epsom salts to a foot bath, you can help relieve sore muscles in your feet, as well as help bring down any swelling.

Use warm water in your bath for the best results. Twenty minutes of a foot bath can provide some serious relief for those suffering from foot pain.

Stretch Your Feet to Help Relieve Tight Muscles

Sometimes a simple stretch can help to relieve sore feet. If there’s one part of your foot that is in pain, you can target that area. Otherwise, stretching out your entire foot area is a nice way to evenly provide support to your toes, arches, and heels.

Flexing and pointing your toes is one simple foot stretch that beginners can start with. Moving your ankles in circles, both clockwise and counterclockwise, is another great stretch. Finally, by standing up and shifting your weight between your heels and your toes, you can also help stretch out some of the smaller muscles within your feet.

Use Arch Supports to Properly Balance Weight on Your Feet

While it’s great to work on your feet at the end of the day, you can also take care of them throughout the day by purchasing arch supports for your shoes. Arch supports work by keeping your feet stable while standing and walking, helping to eliminate foot pain.

Arch supports can be purchased at the store or online. They can also be custom made for you by a doctor if you feel that they could be a huge benefit for your feet.

Ice Your Feet to Reduce Inflammation

If your feet are in pain from swelling and inflammation, then icing them can help reduce this. You don’t have to make an entire ice bath to get the benefits that come along with icing your feet. Rather, fill a plastic bag with ice cubes or freeze a water bottle. Once your bag or bottle is ready, ice the swollen areas of your feet for five to 15 minutes to reduce swelling. If your inflammation is particularly bad, don’t hesitate to ice your feet several times a day.

Take a Pain Reliever if the Soreness is Too Much

While you don’t want to jump to pain relievers immediately any time your feet experience pain, if the soreness gets to be too much, sometimes taking a pain reliever can be a useful solution.

Hopefully these tips can help you alleviate pain in your feet. However, it’s important to always consult a doctor if you find that your foot pain isn’t going away.

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