How to Apply Eyebrow Makeup

Newbie to brow styling? We can help. Use our guide on how to apply eyebrow makeup

Learn our best tricks for applying eyebrow makeup

There is no such thing as a perfect set of eyebrows. However, there is such a thing as an expert eyebrow groomer. For those of you that don’t have a natural shape to their brows, don’t you fret. It is still possible to design your eyebrows to your liking. Getting your brows to look like Cara Delevingne's is an art, so that may take quite a bit of practice. Let’s up our “brow game” by starting with some basics.

Make sure you have the right tools

If you are committed to your eyebrow makeover, then it is worth it to invest in basic brow equipment. The better the quality, the better the result. The basics that you will need are tweezers, small angled scissors, a spoolie brush, and an angled brow brush.

Once you have these tools, then you have to decide which product you like the most, pencils, powders or another type of eyebrow makeup. If you have very sparse eyebrows or gaps, you should consider a full coverage option like powder or pomade to create hairs that aren’t actually there. If you have generally full eyebrows then you are probably okay touching them up with a pencil. Brow gel is also great for thick brows, helping to keep them locked in place. Always make sure you are buying the right shade in your product. Test them out and see what your brows look like in that color.

To keep it simple, I will break it down step by step. Make sure you are starting with clean, dry brows. Use your spoolie brush to brush the browse upwards and out so you can see any sparse areas and the shape that they take on naturally.

Step 1

Take a long makeup brush and line it up along the side of your nose. Your eyebrows should begin on your brow bone, in line with the outside of your nostril. Draw a very small dot at this point to mark the beginning.

The, take the brush and angle it from the outside of your nose to the outside corner of your eye, creating a 45 degree angle. Draw a small dot where your brow bone meets the end of the brush. This marks where you brow should end.

Lastly, angle the brush from the same part of your nose to the outside rim of your pupil. Where the brush meets your bone marks the highest point of your eye brow, the arch.

Now you should have a starting point, middle, and an ending point and can visualize the shape of your eyebrows.

TIP: Don’t create a whole new shape, just outline the shape that your brows take on naturally.


Step 2

Using a pencil or an angled brow brush lightly dipped in powder, connect your dots.

Start with the arch, stroking the brush or pencil in small thin strokes in the direction of your hair, creating a thin line from the arch to the tail.

TIP: When using a brush, don’t put too much product on your brush. Tap your brush to get off excess powder.

Draw the same thin strokes at the bottom of your brow from the beginning to the arch. Continue adding light, feathery strokes throughout your eyebrow, blending the line you just created upwards into the rest of the eyebrow.

Step 3

Brush out the brows with your spoolie in the same upward and outward motion, continuing to blend the color throughout and soften sharp lines. Use a brow gel to set the hairs in place.

Step 4

Use a thin brush to apply a thin amount of concealer underneath the eyebrow, and just over the top of the eyebrow. You want to outline the brow, correct any errors and create a sharp clean look. Then trace the brow with a dusting of translucent powder to soften the look.

TIP: Don’t overdo the concealer or highlighter. You are going for a natural look.

Now that you’re done, don’t touch your eyebrows. In the wise words of the Beatles, “Let it be!” Having defined eyebrows will help frame your face and bring out your eyes. They will not be perfect every time, so give yourself a break. And don’t feel like you have to apply your brow makeup by the book. Once you get comfortable, create your own technique that works for you.

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