Are Blackheads Natural, and Should We Leave Them Alone?

Is it okay to try to remove blackheads, or is it best to leave them alone? We explain. Learn how to best treat blackheads safely and get better skin.

Blackheads: Should You Leave Them Alone or Remove Them?

Whether we like it or not, daily tasks, times when we are awake, times when we are asleep, times when we are cleaning, when we are inside, outside, streaming a video, texting a friend, and just the sheer act of being can mean your skin will get blackheads. As it turns out, blackheads are only part of being human.

Cleaning our faces with soaps, cleansers, scrubs, strips, and more can get rid of these blackheads, but if they are part of being a human, should we get rid of them at all?The answer isn’t as easy as a “Yes” or “No,” and it doesn’t really depend on your personality either (such as if you are a clean freak or a person who lives in organized chaos), it really is about your skin, what is natural, and how patient you are.

Will blackheads go away on their own without removal?

Cleaning out blackheads won’t make or break your skin, but according to an article on ABC.ne.au in 2017, your skin is set to take away your blackheads naturally, and without any washing.

It does take longer for your skin to expel the dirt on its own; however, leaving blackheads alone can be healthier for your skin in the long run. An article in Marie Clare states: While your skin naturally pushes out dirt and oil stuck in your skin, there are some blackheads, only a dermatologist can clean.

Does acne get worse if you don't remove blackheads?

Some of the problems coming from allowing your blackheads to sit and work through their nature-made design are that the pores with the blackheads will become backed up, again by merely just being — as the air that surrounds us carries all sorts of nearly invisible things that will help clog the pores in our faces. When pores back up, they create acne, pustules, bumps, lumps, and other icky filled hills that allow our self-conscious thoughts to turn on us, and eventually, these thoughts become our worst enemies.

Who should leave blackheads and who should remove them?

If you have skin that is even and rarely soiled by acne, chances are leaving the blackhead be and only using a soap that is gentle on your skin to wash your face will be a great hygienical practice.

Most of us aren’t so lucky in that arena.

Why do some people get blackheads?

While it is essential to pick cleansers and skin-agents that work with your skin, not against it, it is also important to be kind to your skin too. Chances are the environment you live in, the food you eat, and activities you do also have a role in how your skin collects dirt. Sometimes it is none of those items, and it is sheer genetics that dictates how your skin will react.

How can you prevent acne from getting worse?

The point of all this?

If you have blackheads and want to prevent them from turning into acne, trying out different methods of cleaning, until you find the right one for your skin, will be your best bet.

Some things to try are strips, blackhead remover masks, cleansers, toners, soaps, dry brushes, and probably more that haven’t been thought of yet.

While using your fingers is the quickest way to get rid of blackheads it is frowned upon only because of the chances of squeezing a blackhead out without damaging the skin under, around, or near the blackhead is slim to none.

How can you prevent blackheads?

A blackhead develops from coming in contact with dirt and oil.

Pores are extremely sensitive. When a pore blocks, there is backpressure — when you squeeze a pore, the oil gland can rupture and release even more oil into your already clogged, dirty, oil-filled pore. And then it creates a vicious cycle of dirt and oil chasing around your face to get rid of the next oil-rupture...

Are blackheads natural?

To sum up all of this information on blackheads, know that they are natural. There is nothing that can prevent it because you are alive, breathing, human in the world.

You can leave blackheads alone, and eventually; they will clean themselves out. But, even some pores are too large or deeply blocked for the skin to take care of it, and a dermatologist would need to intervene.

What's the best way to treat blackheads?

Using cleansers, strips, soaps, and more, forms of gentle hygiene practices are right for your skin. They won’t rupture any backed-up oil glands, nor will they cause external bruising from pressure.

Of course, the added uncertainty of washing your face too often will also cause damage to your skin.

Clean in moderation, and be kind to yourself, and that is your best bet in getting rid of the dirt in your pores.

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