How to Bake Your Face With A Setting Powder

Baking your face? We can explain. Here's what baking is and how to do it for setting powder

Learn about baking and why you should do it after applying setting powder

We all know how dynamic the beauty industry can be. Every day, new makeup techniques crop up. We had just familiarized ourselves with the concept of contouring when strobing came up. While we are still wrapping our heads around this, a phenomenon called “baking“ is quickly taking the beauty industry by storm.

Originally used in the drag community, baking is a technique that can help to make your makeup last long, look poreless, and be free of any creases. So basically, a flawless, flawless finish. Many people automatically assume that baking is an elaborate process when it takes only a minute or two. While it is true that a few beauty enthusiasts leave the setting powder on for 30 minutes but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t improvise as per your schedule. You can do your eyeliner or your hair and before you know it, you can dust it away.

Read on to know exactly how you can bake your face like a pro with the help of a setting powder.

Buying the Correct Setting Powder

Setting powders are a magical product that helps to lock in your foundation and concealer. They are perfect for preventing excess oil production leading to a mattifying effect. A good setting powder should be able to melt and blend easily into your makeup.

Buy a setting powder that is finely milled and doesn’t contain ingredients such as silica, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. This is especially important if you love getting your photos clicked since these ingredients can give an unflattering look in your photos due to flashback. Flashback is a pale white cast that appears due to light reflecting ingredients added to makeup and skincare products. The intense flashlight from cameras gets deflected off the skin into the camera lens here.

Also, pay attention to the setting powder shade you opt for. You can also buy color-correcting, illuminating, and shine control formulas.

Get the Correct Tools to Start Baking, Good Lookin’

You’ll need a makeup tool that can help grip and pack on the powder. A makeup sponge, in my opinion, works best. Just dampen the sponge before you dip it into the setting powder. You can also opt for a thick, dense foundation brush as an alternative. You will need a fluffy brush to dust off the excess powder at the end of the baking technique.

Use Liquid-based Foundations and Concealers

Baking works best with liquid formulas. This gives the setting powder a base to hold onto.

Using powder foundation and concealer may increase the chances of you looking like a powdery mess. People who prefer using powder-based foundations and concealers can opt for setting sprays instead.

Following the Baking Technique Step by Step

With your setting powder, tools and initiative in place, you can start with the baking process.

Dip your beauty blender or makeup brush into the setting powder, taking care to pick up a larger amount of product. Then using a dabbing motion, apply the setting powder on the facial areas you want to brighten and set. Under the eyes, forehead, along the jawline, and the bridge of the nose are suggested places to take your makeup game notches higher.

Lastly, after leaving the product on for some time, you can dust off any excess using the fluffy brush.

Understanding the Role Time Plays in Baking

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to determining the correct time span your setting powder should be left to sit on your face. You can increase or decrease the setting time as per your schedule.

But yes, the longer you let the setting powder sit, the better will be the results. While 3 to 4 minutes works fine, it is recommended to let the setting powder sit for at least ten minutes or so.

To master the art of baking, you need to keep practicing, and once you do, you'll realize just how better it makes your makeup look. Just keep these pointers in mind and you'll be baking like the beauty bloggers you've been following on YouTube in no time. So, prepare to bid farewell to foundation touchups, liner blotching, and creasing issues. They'll soon be a thing of the past in your life.

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