BB Cream vs. CC Cream vs. Tinted Moisturizers

BB Cream vs. CC Cream vs. Tinted Moisturizers

BB creams, CC creams, and tinted moisturizers have proved themselves to be the perfect alternative to makeup products like foundation and concealers. Not only are they easy to apply, but they are quite effective as well. They are the perfect solution for days when you want to wear minimal makeup yet look flawless and hide any imperfections such as blemishes.

A lot of people mistake these three products to be the same when in reality, they’re quite different from one another. Read on as we discuss the main differences between the BB cream, the CC cream, and the tinted moisturizer.

BB Cream

Standing for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm, BB creams are actually a product given to us by the Koreans. They help to clear our skin while providing the perfect coverage to give you an even-looking complexion. In addition to these, you can avail of other benefits such as anti-aging, hydration, oil elimination, and SPF control.

When compared to the foundation, the coverage is more on the sheer side helping you achieve that soft and natural-looking face. This makes this product great for people who don't like wearing heavy makeup. The entire purpose of a BB cream is to heal the skin. Beauty companies add various antioxidant-rich ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, niacin and so on, to help the user get healthier and nourished skin.

BB cream is perfect for those whose main priority is skincare. Having balm-like properties, it can help improve skin texture while providing medium coverage to give you an overall natural finish. In addition to this, BB creams can also help to fight the signs of aging.

CC Cream

The word CC in CC cream stands for Complexion Corrector or Color Corrector, and as you might have guessed, it helps to give the user a more even-looking skin tone.

In comparison to the BB cream, CC cream provides more coverage to help hide stubborn imperfections such as blemishes and acne spots. As a result of this, the consistency of the CC cream is thicker and cream-based.

You must already be aware of how colors opposite to one another on the color wheel helps to neutralize their appearance. For example, green cancels out red, and orange cancel out blue. With the help of CC creams, you won’t need a separate color correcting concealer as all your coverage needs will be sorted with only one product. It can also help to brighten your skin texture while providing protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

You should buy a CC cream if you want more coverage to hide uneven spots, pigmentation, and blemishes. There might be a few products that contain beneficial ingredients but it'll be less effective in front of BB creams. This type of cream is also great for oily skin owners.

Tinted Moisturizers

In this case, you only need to imagine a moisturizer that has a hint of color and you’ll know exactly what tinted moisturizers are. This particular product also helps to hydrate your skin by providing sheer coverage. It should be noted that in comparison to BB creams and CC creams, the coverage provided by tinted moisturizers is the lightest.

Tinted moisturizers also do not contain any ingredients that can help nourish or heal the skin. However, there might be a few products available that provide SPF protection. Go for this type of product when you’re looking for a slightly tinted formula to give you a bit of color and tiny coverage. This can give you a light makeup look while making your face hydrated and glowing.

The Final Verdict

So this is the difference between the three products that have taken over the beauty industry by storm. They help to make your skin look even and hide imperfections while having a healthy glow. As you can see there's only a slight difference between them.

So yes, BB creams, CC creams, and tinted moisturizers can help you bid farewell to your foundation and concealers. If you're wondering which product should you opt for, that depends on your preference entirely. Try out the different formulas and place your order for one that you feel suits you the best.

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