BB Cream Myths and Misunderstandings

How are you supposed to use BB cream? Here's what it's for and why it's great. Use BB cream for healthy and even-looking skin.

What to Know About BB Cream and How to Use It

What is BB cream? No, it’s not a cleaning agent for Ralphie’s Red Rider BB gun, and it’s not a new Ben and Jerry’s flavor. It’s something you might have walked by in the makeup section of your local Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid, and just shrugged your shoulders, not wanting to have to learn about yet another step in the skincare process. However, the truth is that once you learn more about BB cream and what it is or isn’t, you’ll find that choosing the best BB cream for your needs can actually save you some steps in the beauty and skincare process.

What's the common BB Cream Confusion?

Maybe you’ve seen BB creams referenced on Pinterest or Youtube, but scrolled past because you didn’t want to spare the time to learn about yet another new cosmetic product.

But if you take the time to read about BB cream, you might just end up more confused. Is it a foundation? Is it a moisturizer? A tinted moisturizer? A primer?

First of all, to clear up one mystery, BB cream stands for Beauty Balm cream in the US, and Blemish Balm Cream in some other countries. BB creams are lighter than typical foundation, with the best BB cream options offering many benefits for your skin as well as light coverage.

BB creams are not the same a CC Creams. CC cream stands for Color Correcting cream and offers creamier coverage, more like a foundation with benefits.

BB Cream Myths, Fallacies, and Misunderstandings

Many people mistakenly believe that BB Cream is a simple moisturizer with tint and that you need to apply sunscreen first. In actuality, BB creams contain zinc oxide, which offers a physical barrier between your skin and the sun. Some of the best BB cream selections also offer SPF protection, so check the label before purchasing.

Another BB cream myth is that you have to add a foundation on top of BB cream because it’s sheer. While it’s true that BB cream is a sheer, tinted moisturizer, it’s also formulated to be buildable. If you want a more foundation-like coverage, simply add an additional layer to build up to medium coverage to cover discolorations, uneven skin tone, and blemishes.

Another common misunderstanding is that BB cream will clog your pores. In fact, it’s the opposite. BB creams were designed to offer your skin nourishing benefits while making it look smooth and beautiful.

Another fallacy is that BB creams are drying. In truth, unlike foundation, the best BB cream choices will offer your skin moisture-locking hyaluronic acid, so they are an excellent moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen all in one product. It contains many more beneficial skincare ingredients than typical foundation.

Another myth is that BB creams leave your face oily. This is a misunderstanding. BB creams don’t add oil to your face. They are formulated to leave your skin with a youthful, dewy, radiant finish. However, if you prefer a more matte look, you can lightly powder your face after applying your BB cream.

Another BB cream misunderstanding is the belief that it’s a brand new option in the skincare and cosmetics market. BB Cream has actually been around since the 1950’s when a German dermatologist wanted a cream that would meet all of her patient’s needs in one product. She wanted to be able to prescribe something for her patients that would offer them coverage, sun protection, and moisturizing in one easy-to-apply cream. Thirty years later, BB cream took off in the Korean market and eventually was picked up by celebrity influencers in the US, where they took to social media to praise the product and inform the public about the benefits of the best BB cream options available today.

should BB cream replace foundation?

Finally, a common misconception is that you have to choose between a BB cream and foundation. Wrong! The best option is to keep both products in your makeup drawer. While BB cream is buildable to a light coverage foundation finish, it does not offer the complete coverage, airbrushed look of a foundation. Keep both choices in your makeup drawer. Choose the best BB cream for your skin type and use it when you want a natural look with nourishing skin benefits, and keep the foundation for occasions when you want a flawless finish.

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