The Benefits of Cooking With a Pellet Smoker

What's so great about cooking with a pellet smoker. The flavor! Learn how to use pellet smokers to create delicious meals.

Why Pellet Smokers Are Best for Outdoor Cooking

Summer is the time for fun family get-togethers in backyards across America. Nothing says summer like enjoying outdoor time with your family around a picnic table while you eat summer corn and salads, and of course … some deliciously cooked chicken, ribs, or burgers. But what are your choices? As the host, you can spend most of the party standing over a hot grill monitoring meat, or you can choose the “set it and forget it” cooking method of a pellet smoker and go join the fun and games before returning to smoky, deliciously cooked meat and vegetables.

With the versatility of a pellet smoker, you can do far more than just smoking meat. Pellet smokers grill, roast, smoke, braise, bake, and barbecue. You can grill a simple burger, or slow-roast a Thanksgiving turkey, all with an unbeatable rich, smoky flavor.

How a Pellet Smoker Does the Work for You

With a pellet smoker, you get the smoky flavor of flame-kissed meat. A taste that has been loved by humans since we first discovered fire. And all without having to stand over the flames. A pellet smoker allows for searing meat at high temperatures, as well as all-day meat smoking, with tender, juicy results.

Unlike gas or charcoal options, a pellet smoker uses pellets of real wood to impart a true smoky flavor that comes from the real thing. A pellet smoker uses food-grade pellets with no additives. Pellets are authentic pressed-hardwoods that generate copious amounts of smoke to flavor your meat. They come in a variety of woods such as mesquite, hickory, cherry, maple, applewood, and pecan, all of which will add a different, rich smoky flavor. You can experiment with different wood pellet and meat combinations until you discover which wood imparts the best flavor for your favorite cuts of meat.

Foods cooked in a pellet smoker are believed to be healthier than those cooked on grills using charcoal fuels which contain additives that are possible carcinogens. Pellets are 100 percent natural.

Inside the smoker is a highly effective electrical monitoring system that consistently maintains the ideal temperature and smoke levels by mechanically adding more wood pellets as directed by the inner thermostat. The fire is separated from the elements by a metal plate to provide perfect indirect cooking. A drip tray collects melting fats and transports it to a special bucket.

As the grill master of the day, all you have to do is fill the pellet bin with your desired wood pellets, place the meat on the grill and set the temperature. Your pellet smoker does the rest of the work for you. It’s unbeatable for simplicity in outdoor cooking.

How to enjoy Versatile Cooking With a Pellet Smoker

While long, slow cooking and smoking are the main uses of a pellet smoker, they also have a searing feature you can use if you want a good sear on the outside of your burger, chicken or even steak. If you don’t have time for all-day cooking, you can simply turn on your smoker to the desired temperature and use it the same way you’d use a charcoal grill, only there is no bothersome charcoal briquettes or lighter fluid, and no struggle to get a flame started. It’s perfect for fast outdoor cooking after work.

Pellet smokers are versatile enough to be used for baking. You can bake biscuits or even pizza in your smoker. You can roast vegetables in a pellet smoker, and even the most dedicated meat-eater will appreciate the new level of flavor in vegetables cooked or slow-roasted inside a smoker.

Why Choose Pellet Smokers: Easy Cooking, Easy Cleaning

Once you’ve cooked and enjoyed eating your smoky, savory, slow-cooked meat, clean up is also easier with a pellet smoker. All you need to do is empty the ash bin. The drippings tray drains directly into an attached bucket for easy cleaning. Clean off the grill grates as you would with any grill and you’re done.

With a wood pellet smoker, you can enjoy your own party or barbecue by hanging out with your guests instead of the grill, and still be applauded at the end of the day for being the grill master who turned out the unbeatable, delicious main course.

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