The Benefits of Liquid Eyeliners

Why is liquid eyeliner better for doing your eye makeup? It gives you options and control. Choose liquid eyeliner for a lasting look you'll love.

Liquid Eyeliner Benefits: Why to Use Liquid, Not Pencils

Having trouble deciding what kind of eyeliner you should be using? You’re not alone. Many makeup wearers struggle with this same question almost as soon as they are introduced into the world of eye makeup, and with good reason. When it comes to eyeliner, there are pencils, markers, gels, and liquids — so how’s a person to know which to pick?

Liquid eyeliners have an array of benefits ranging from precise application to bold color, and the best liquid eyeliners will leave you with professional looking eye makeup that all your friends will be jealous of. For those just starting to dip their toes into the makeup market, here is everything you should know about the benefits of liquid eyeliners.

Longevity: How liquid eyeliners last longer

When it comes to eyeliner types, liquid eyeliner is known for being the longest-lasting. If you’re using a top-quality liquid eyeliner that is smudge-proof and waterproof, as most liquid eyeliners are, your eyeliner won’t be disappearing any time soon. In fact, if it’s really a high-quality liquid eyeliner, you’ll likely need a makeup remover solvent to actually get it off the eyelid. Talk about staying power! Pencil eyeliners often fade, smudge, or disappear throughout the day, and even gel eyeliners don’t have as much staying power as liquid eyeliners do.

How You can get more Boldness with liquid eyeliners

Because they come with liquid liner formulas, liquid eyeliners are almost always darker and more opaque than pencil and gel eyeliners. Because of this, you’ll get strong, dark lines from even a single stroke of liquid eyeliner. With pencil and gel eyeliners, you usually have to apply multiple layers to achieve an even semi-bold color. Additionally, because of liquid eyeliner’s longevity, don’t expect that boldness to fade throughout the day. When it comes to touch-ups, you really don’t need them with liquid eyeliner.

How liquid eyeliners offer more Precision

With pencil eyeliners, you’re constantly having to sharpen dull ends. With gel eyeliners, you’re dealing with a creamy substance at the end of an angled brush. With liquid eyeliners, precision is always guaranteed because of the eyeliner’s formula and precise brush point. Liquid eyeliner is applied like a painter applies paint to a canvas, making it one of the most versatile and precise ways of putting on eyeliner.

Why there are No Clumps in liquid eyeliners

Gel eyeliner can clump, as can powder-based eyeliners. Liquid eyeliners go on smoothly and consistently, making clumping a thing of the past. The liquid eyeliner brush is to thank for this, as well as the liquid eyeliner formula, which cannot physically clump because of its liquid base.

How Liquid Eyeliner Provides More Style Options

Because of the precision liquid eyeliner allows for, it’s much easier to achieve a range of different eyeliner styles with liquid eyeliner. This is one reason that professional makeup artists often choose to work with liquid eyeliners. Whether you’re wanting to try out a cat-eye, winged tips, or a deep under-eye stroke, liquid eyeliner is ideal for playing around and experimenting.

Who Should Use Liquid Eyeliner?

When it comes to makeup, anybody can enjoy the benefits of just about any product. That being said, because liquid eyeliner tends to be a little less forgiving when a mistake is made (it can’t just be wiped away, but usually requires a solvent), liquid eyeliner may not be a great option for beginners. Similarly, it takes a steady hand to apply liquid eyeliner, also making this product more ideal for intermediate and advanced makeup wearers.

However, with practice comes perfection, and that is true of liquid eyeliner as well. If you’re willing to work around the mistakes that come with trying liquid eyeliner for the first time, there’s no saying how quickly you might become an expert at its application with a little bit of practice.

Are Felt Markers Considered Liquid Eyeliner?

One type of non-traditional liquid eyeliner is the felt tip marker eyeliner, which is exactly what it sounds like. At the end of a marker liquid eyeliner is a felt tip that allows users to draw on eyeliner exactly as they might draw with a marker.

This type of eyeliner has many of the same benefits of traditional liquid eyeliner; however, it doesn’t require you to use a brush to apply it. This can make this type of eyeliner a great choice for those transitioning into using liquid eyeliners because of the amount of control it allows.

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