Types and Benefits of Lumbar Support Pillows

Lumbar support pillows can help reduce back pain. Comfortable pillows can offer ergonomic support. Learn more about products that help your posture.

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Types and Benefits of Lumbar Support Pillows

If you spend a vast amount of time sitting at your desk, whether you are doing so at home or at an office, your back will thank you if you investigate the benefits of a lumbar support pillow.

Surely you do not want to experience unnecessary back pain from sitting down for extended periods, do you?

Healthcare professionals know all too well that if one sits too long, it creates excessive strain by compressing discs, distorts the spinal curves and pushes down on your spine.

No doubt, working in a sitting position can result in pinched nerves in the lower back region, numbness in your hip area, or an unwelcome tingling sensation down your leg. All  of these can eventually lead to severe back pain issues.

What is the best way to prevent lower back pain?

We all know the saying too well that prevention is better than the cure. Why not get yourself a stylish, good-quality lumbar support pillow to avoid having to deal with back pain?

How you can benefit from lumbar support pillows

Nothing beats the firmness provided by these pillows as they offer complete support to your lower back. Especially those with a crooked spine will benefit a great deal from using support pillows. All you need is to place the pillow between your neck or backrest to fill the gap between yourself and the chair.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Most of these pillows are incredibly flexible and will easily mold to suit your individual requirements.
  • Once your spine experiences less strain, your health will improve.
  • Regular travelers will also benefit from using lumbar support pillows. Just carry it with you whether you are about to take a bus ride, fly, or use your own transport on an extended trip.
  • Even backpackers will experience great comfort on any given day when taking these with them on their trek.
  • Making use of a support pillow that is designed to align with the contours of your spine is the best way to avoid the occurrence of any back pain in the first place.

How do lumbar support pillows ease back pain?

For one, the materials are designed in such a way that they immediately relieve muscle tiredness. Besides, excess muscular tension is a leading cause of back pain.

Our work habits often cause us to sit in less-than-ideal positions, which in turn contributes to back pain issues. Lumbar support pillows are regarded as the best solution to help correct posture, ease discomfort and alleviate unnecessary pain.

What makes these so unique is that you can inflate the small cushions from 1.5 inches to 3 inches by using a hand pump. They come with a belt to hold the cushion in place even when you get up or move around.

Types of lumbar support cushions

It is well worth spending money on a lumbar support cushion as opposed to making use of a regular cushion. You may want to take a look at some of the following types of lumbar support pillows:

Memory Foam Back Cushion

These are reasonably priced at only around $35 and are excellent for providing support to help maintain the natural curve of your spine. Not only does it aid increased blood flow, but it also prevents back tightness and muscle fatigue. Some are crafted from 100 percent bamboo, making them a sustainable option.

Premium Support Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

This type of cushion  is great for the budget conscious individual who is looking for an inexpensive way to support their backs while working long hours in a seated position. Priced at only around $25, the cushion is made from hypo-allergenic cotton materials and lined with complimentary gray piping.

Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillows

This type of pillow features a curved structure and additional spine support to ensure a comfortable seating position. Extra features include an adjustable and removable strap that makes the whole process of securing the pillows to the backrest an easy one. You can find it for around $30.

Duro-Med Relax a Bac Lumbar Pillow

This lumbar support pillow makes provision for a wooden insert to offer added support for people who need a little bit of extra firmness in their cushion. It is designed to keep your spine properly aligned, aided by a highly resilient type of foam that will maintain its shape, and at under $20, it's an affordable option.

Self Inflating Travel Pad Lumbar Support Pillow

The name speaks for itself. One can inflate this kind of pillow very easily by simply twisting the embedded valve clockwise. You can look forward to support through foam and air. This type of cushion is favored by many people who travel as you can simply slip it into your backpack or handbag. You can usually find this kind of pillow for around $28.

It is clear that having a lumbar support cushion is the best solution to experiencing relief from imminent back pain, brought about from extended work sessions and sitting down for hours on end. Of course, a great mattress works wonders, too!

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