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If all of these comforters seem too warm for you, then the Pacific Coast Feather Company's light warmth down comforter may be the best option for you. This particular comforter pulls back on the fill power to provide a comforter experience ideal for any climate.

Its 550 fill power is great for summers or people living in warmer climates. But if you live in a colder area, or just want a warmer blanket, many of the other options on this list may be better.

The Pacific Coast's comforter also boasts a smaller thread count of 300. It's not necessarily a big deal, but it does make it more likely for the down to bust through the cotton shell.

All of their comforters also run a little shorter than average. For example, Pacific Coast's king comforter measures at 104" x 89" compared to the average of 106" x 90". That may not seem like a lot, but it could mean you'll struggle tucking the comforter under the bed, particularly around the corners.

However, for a light warmth comforter that you can use year-round, this is an ideal option.

Key Features
  • Lightweight for all-season use
  • 300 thread count, 100 percent cotton down-proof shell
  • Allergen-free guarantee
  • Design concentrates more down in the center of comforter
  • White with blue cording
  • Size: 104" x 89"
  • Materials: 100 percent cotton, down
  • Fill Weight: N/A
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Brand: Pacific Coast Feather Company
  • Lightweight and fluffy
  • Company promises a 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Measures Small
  • Lighter fill power means it's not as good for cold winter nights

The Egyptian Bedding goose down comforter is one of Amazon's most popular down comforters for a reason. With a 1200 thread count, luxurious Egyptian cotton shell, and goose down distributed in a baffle box design, this comforter provides luxurious comfort for an accessible price.

The cotton itself comes from the Long Staple Giza found in the Nile River Valley. Egyptian cotton is really desired for its long fibers and superior softness. The long fibers improve the cotton's durability and allow for higher thread counts.

The Egyptian Bedding comforter is also made with goose down, another premium selection. In layman's terms, goose down is larger, which means it contributes to a higher fill power, like Egyptian Bedding's 750+ fill power. This means the comforter is puffier and warmer, making it ideal for cold weather or sleepers who prefer being really warm.

The Egyptian Bedding's baffle box design spreads the down evenly, allowing it to lift and eliminate any cold spots.

The Egyptian Bedding does have one drawback, though, and that is how loud and rustling it is. That's not uncommon in some comforters, but it is something to consider if you don't want a lot of noise. 

Key Features
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Goose Down
  • Shell is 1200 thread count to perfectly contain down
  • Size: 106" x 90"
  • Materials: Egyptian Cotton, Goose Down
  • Fill Weight: 50 oz.
  • Warranty: None
  • Brand: Egyptian Bedding
  • Premium Materials
  • 1200 thread count
  • Customers complain that it rustles loudly
  • Some users reported it leaks feathers

Here's another great option for Egyptian cotton at an affordable price. Cocoon Premium is a family-run company, and they try to pass that sentiment on their customers with their line of products. The Cocoon Premium is similar to the Egyptian Bedding with its Egyptian cotton and Siberian goose down.

Cocoon Premium, like most other down comforters, has duvet loops and corner tabs to keep the comforter secure and in place. It also has a similar Baffle Box design to evenly distribute the down.

Cocoon Premium is also noticeably cheaper than some other similar comforters, which is appealing for shoppers on a budget. That lower price doesn't come without a few caveats, though.

Some users said that this comforter is heavier in weight than they expected, and that it wasn't as lofty as they expected. Others said the shell rustled loudly when they moved in their sleep.

Key Features
  • Filled with Siberian Goose Down
  • 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton shell
  • Corner Tabs/Duvet Loops to keep duvet cover in place
  • Innovative baffle design to prevent feathers from shifting
  • Size: 90" x90"
  • Materials: Egyptian Cotton, Goose Down
  • Fill Weight: 50 oz
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Brand: Cocoon Comfort
  • Affordable
  • Premium Material
  • Some users complained of a slight chemical odor
  • Heavy; might be better for colder climates

The Brooklinen all-season is near the top of our list for a lot of reasons. For one, it is consistently one of the highest-rated comforters around, with almost 4,000 reviews averaging 4.8/5 on their website. You can also couple the Brooklinen down comforter with some of Brooklinen's other top-rated products, like their sheets and pillow cases.

Brooklinen also offers down-alternative comforters. This is ideal for people who have any allergies to down, and it is something a lot of the competition doesn't offer. Brooklinen also offers a lightweight option, which is perfect for use any time of the year (hence the "all-season" moniker).

There are a few drawbacks, though. For one, the Brooklinen comforter is noticeably more expensive than the competition. The California king is priced at $399, that's over double the price of the Egyptian Bedding option.

Brooklinen's comforters also have the same problem as the competition: there is no color variety. They offer different colors for their sheets and other products, but for some reason the down comforters are only offered in white.

However, all of these are minor complaints. The simple fact is, Brooklinen's all-sesason down comforter is hands down one of the best in the game.

Key Features
  • 700 fill count
  • 400 thread count cotton sateen shell
  • Feathers are ethically sourced
  • Size: 106" x 90"
  • Materials: cotton sateen, down
  • Fill Weight: 53 oz.
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Brand: Brooklinen
  • Down alternative option
  • Lightweight
  • Corners of comforters have loops to tie onto the duvet cover, decreasing shifting
  • Dry clean only

Many down comforters are designed to be reminiscent of a luxury hotel's down comforters. Nowhere is that more evident than in Royal Hotel's down comforter line, because it is quite literally in the name.

Initially, there isn't much to make the Royal Hotel comforters stand out. They use the same baffle box design, have the same white color, and promote having premium goose down.

However, there are a few things to note that make Royal Hotel unique. For one, their comforters are 500 thread count, which makes them a little more durable and softer, and eliminate the stiff rustling texture that higher-thread-count comforters have received complaints about. Combined with 750+ fill power and you have a very soft and warm comforter.

Royal Hotel also offers an "over-sized" version of their comforter, which basically adds to the fill size. This makes their comforters super fluffy for those who want that cloud-like experience.

Key Features
  • Comes in four different sizes
  • Shell is 500 thread count cotton
  • Baffle box construction and side gussets
  • Materials: Goose down, cotton
  • Fill Weight: 56-61oz.
  • Warranty: None
  • Brand: Royal Bedding
  • Side gusset design makes comforter puffier and traps air to keep warmth in
  • Plenty of size options
  • Cover has a satiny-smooth texture
  • Some complain that feathers leak out

Basic Beyond is another great goose down comforter for those on a budget. It offers a lot of the same benefits as the other top comforters, like the box design and 100 percent cotton shell. It also stands out with its signature navy satin hemming. At $119, it's certainly one of the more affordable options for down comforters.

The lower price does come with some drawbacks, though. For one, the comforter has a lower 650+ fill power, which means it is not as fluffy as some of the other comforters. It's also made with a lower-thread-count shell, but users didn't complain about it not being soft enough. These might not be a dealbreaker for some, but for those looking for something puffy can find something else in a similar price range.

The company touts this comforter as an all-season option, meaning that it won't be too warm to use in the spring or summer, and it'll keep you cozy when the temperature plummets come fall and winter. Pair it with a duvet cover that you can change by the season, and you'll be set all year long.

Key Features
  • Lightweight, all-season option can be used year round
  • Distinctive navy piped edges with needle stitching to prevent feather leaks
  • Size: 106" x 90"
  • Materials: Goose down, cotton
  • Fill Weight: N/A
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Brand: Basic Beyond
  • Affordable
  • Can be used year-round
  • Some reports that the measurements are smaller than advertised

ROYALAY's lightweight down comforter is a great option for those looking for lightweight down comforter for a decent price. It has a lot of the standard looks from other comforters on this list: white cotton shell, natural down filling, and the duvet loops and corner tabs.

Like the Pacific Coast down comforter, it also has a smaller fill weight and fill power, which makes it ideal for summer or warm climates. It is also noticeably cheaper than the Pacific Coast option at $100. No wonder it's an Amazon Choice product.

Keep in mind it is thinner than a lot of the other options on this list, so if you are looking for something with a little more fluff, you would be wise to consider another comforter, or to pair this one with a blanket or a heavier duvet cover.

Key Features
  • Lightweight
  • 233 thread count cotton shell
  • 600 fill power
  • Size: 106" x 90"
  • Materials: cotton, goose down
  • Fill Weight: 37 oz
  • Warranty: None
  • Brand: ROYALAY
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Too thin for some

The SNOWMAN line of down comforters stands out in a big way from some of the other top choices on this list. It is similar in a lot of ways, with its baffle box design and cotton shell. It also has the same loops and corner tabs to keep the comforter in place. What it has in spades versus the competition, though, is color variety.

You can get the SNOWMAN down comforter in the classic white, as well as khaki, coffee, blue, and purple. That makes it a lot more appealing to people who want more options for their comforters, especially if don't want to also have to invest in a duvet cover.

The SNOWMAN is also similarly priced to the Egyptian Bedding, making it more affordable than the Brooklinen comforters.

SNOWMAN is also a unique brand because of they operate their own farm and down facility. This is likely what allows them to keep prices so low while keeping the quality high.

With 550z. of goose down fill in the King size, the SNOWMAN down comforters are also soft and very fluffy, though some customers have reported that the comforter can be pretty loud.

Key Features
  • Eight corner loops
  • Filled with white goose down that's been sterilized and heat treated
  • Silver-gray corded piping and double-stitched edges
  • Size: 106" x 90"
  • Materials: White goose down, cotton
  • Fill Weight: 55 oz.
  • Warranty: 30-day guarantee
  • Brand: snowman bedding
  • Comes in several colors
  • Big and puffy
  • Customers complain it rustles too loudly

Puredown is perfect for those who need a little more variety in their shopping experience. While many of the brands on this list have several varieties for their down comforters, Puredown by far has the widest selection. Shoppers can browse products with higher thread counts, greater fill powers, and even the percentage of down to feathers. This provides a lot of flexibility for the consumer.

Our pick for this list is the 500 fill power, 600 thread count king size down comforter. It is one of the most versatile selections, ideal for any season or climate. It is also one of their 75 percent goose down comforters, so it provides plenty of warmth and that soft down experience. 

Customers particularly liked this comforter for its elegant look: the white shell has a subtle stripe pattern on it, and the edge is bordered with gold piping and an elegant gold tag in the corner. It's a such a nice look that one might want to forego the duvet cover! 

Key Features
  • 600 Fill Power
  • Filling is a combination of white goose down and white goose feather
  • Down is procured using the Responsible Down Standard
  • Elegant gold piping along edges
  • Size: 106x90 inches
  • Materials: cotton, goose down, goose feathers
  • Fill Weight: 37 oz.
  • Warranty: None
  • Brand: Puredown
  • High thread count
  • Good-looking, with gold piped edges and striped-texture shell
  • Too hot for some
  • Not made of 100 percent down; fill has feathers as well

There are a few key things one needs to consider when shopping for down comforters. A quality down comforter comes down to:

Goose Down vs. Duck Down vs. Down Alternative

Goose down is considered the superior form of natural down because of its larger clusters, thus making it more ideal for insulation. Duck down is more accessible than goose down, which makes it more affordable and more ideal for smaller fill power comforters. Down alternatives are synthetically made, and are by far the most affordable option. They are also ideal for anyone with an allergy to down but still want a down-like comforter.

Fill Weight and Fill Power

Fill weight is the actual amount of down put inside a comforter. The more down there is, the more it adds to the fill power. Fill power determines how fluffy the comforter is, which directly correlates to the insulation and warmth of the comforter. Comforters with 500-600 fill power are ideal for any season. 600-700 fill power is best for winter and colder climates, and 750+ are the most premium down comforters, and are meant for the coldest conditions.


Duvets are comforters without covers. Most comforters are sold as duvets, hence the lack of color variety you will see while shopping. Most people will want to get a duvet cover to protect the comforter, as well as add some personality to the room.

White vs. Grey Down

White down is naturally more premium than grey down. Since most comforters are sold as duvets (with white cotton shells), white down is desired to match the outer fabric. Grey down is more visible through the shell, and reduces the overall quality of the comforter.

Thread Count

Thread count is important to consider when shopping for a down comforter. Down quills will naturally pierce any fabric that is containing it. A fabric with a higher thread count will better contain the down, as well as contribute to the overall softness of the comforter. Egyptian cotton is frequently desired because of its higher thread count.

Baffle Box Design

Most comforters use a baffle box design. While most quilts simply contain the filler between two layers of fabric, down comforters require a sewn-in box design to help distribute the down and keep it in place. This ensures there are no cold spots and improves the insulation.


How warm are down comforters?

If you invest in a quality, heavyweight down comforter, it’ll keep you warm below 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Most down comforters are filled with 700-1000 fill power down. This essentially means that it traps body heat like an adventure sleeping bag does. The higher your fill power, the warmer your comforter. So if you opt for a 1000 fill power comforter, you’re likely to be sweating. Contrastly, synthetic comforters aren’t typically as warm as down, and they’re much less breathable. Opting for a warm down comforter will allow you to stay toasty. But the down is breathable, which makes you less likely to wake up in a puddle of sweat.

Can you wash a down comforter?

Yes! And it’s not terribly difficult. Most down comforters can be machine washed with warm water. Many people will run their comforters through two rinse cycles to make sure that the soap is entirely expelled from the down. And if you throw a few tennis balls into the dryer with your comforter, the tennis balls will help to fluff your comforter back up. However, do not wash your comforter in a top-loading machine because they can easily be torn by the propeller. It’s best to wash on a delicate cycle in a washing machine that won’t be able to tare the fabrics.

How do you care for a down comforter?

You can care for your down comforter in a number of ways. But start by purchasing a duvet cover. The cover will help you clean dead skin cells and oils with ease. Oils and skin can break your comforter down quickly, causing a short lifespan. But a duvet cover will assist in managing this decay. Additionally, by washing your comforter two to three times per year, you’ll ensure that buildup that passes through your duvet cover will be eliminated from the down. Buildup is also allergenic. This means that keeping your comforter clean will also keep you healthy.

What are baffles and how do they relate to my comforter?

Baffles are like veins in your comforter. They help arrange the down in a certain way, which typically distributes warmth equally across your comforter. They’re an essential part of down blankets because they help to maximize heat retention. Sometimes they’re horizontal, and sometimes they’re vertical. But they exist to eliminate cold spots. You might find it helpful to move the down around your baffles on occasion since it’ll make your comforter most efficient when the down is spread evenly throughout. Baffles can also be found in camping sleeping bags, distributing down across the bag in a heat-retentive way.

How do you store a down comforter?

Compressing down makes it less effective and reduces the lifespan of your comforter. If you need to store your comforter, consider taking the following steps: Clean your comforter to make sure that the natural build-up won’t eat away at the comforter. Once it’s clean and dry, you can either wrap your comforter in a cotton sheet and store it in a cool place. Or you can stuff it in a big, loose bag. The cotton will help protect your comforter from any intruding substances or critters. And a loose bag will do the same without compressing any of the down.

How often should you replace your down comforter?

Unlike your pillow, down comforters have a lifespan of 15-25 years. Since you sleep with your comforter on top of you, you’re not compressing the down. This keeps the down alive for much longer than it would in a pillow. Duvet covers, however, should be replaced much more frequently. Since duvet covers handle so much buildup, you can expect to replace them about every five years. And most people push those limits by keeping them for 7 or 8 years. Replacing your duvet covers will help you to manage allergens and to lengthen the life-span of your comforter.

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