The 10 Best Drugstore Mascaras of 2019

Drugstore Mascaras: The Best of 2019

Anyone who desires to have bat-worthy lashes, need to turn to one of the most essential makeup tools: best drugstore mascara. This would be the case even when born with full lashes, as a coat of this miracle beauty product can mean the difference between looking undesirable and appearing wide-eyed, fresh-faced, and gorgeous.

Stubby and short lashes require the use of unique formulas and wands that differ from the regular thin and long ones. Even though there is no shortage of options with the best drugstore mascara selections, it still proves to be a challenge to find mascara that is perfect for you.

As privileged as we are to have access to literally any mascara brand we can lay our hands on, many of us opt for the best drugstore mascara brands. One of the main reasons we do this is that they perform just as well as, if not better than, the specialty brands out there. The thing is that many of the drugstore mascaras have large development teams to back them up. The researchers and developers go to great lengths to perfect their wands and formulations.

The best drugstore mascara brands are designed to curl, lengthen, and volumize your eyelashes. The best part is that these are smudge-proof and flake-free. Plus, they come equipped with brushes that do not leave a single eyelash out of place, and you will not struggle to remove the mascara before bedtime, even with waterproof varieties.

They refer to drugstore mascara as the Little Black Dress of makeup. Whether you favor a more natural look or something more dramatic, the best drugstore mascara brands ensure your lashes turn into flirt-worthy lashes that will turn heads no matter where you go.

As the name states, this is a double-sided best drugstore mascara where you require two swipes. However, it is powerful enough, that you do not need more than that. The bristled wands are easy to wield as they are skinny and long. Further to this, they possess sufficient volume to help you get the job done right, with no clumping issues.

While adopting the two-step process will add the desired length to your eyelashes, it might make your lashes feel a little crunchy once they have dried. On the upside, your mascara will hold up all day long, with no flaking on the horizon.

Let's break it down with regard to the functionality of the two coats. The base coat is in place to help protect and strengthen your lashes. The top coat would cover your lashes in a lovely inky pigment. All you need to do is comb the wands from root to tip to ensure your lashes look defined and long enough.

The formula of the L'Oréal Paris Makeup Double Extend doesn’t flake, smudge or clump. You do not need makeup remover as it comes of using clean, warm water.

If it's length you’re after, then you need to make L'Oréal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Lengthening a part of your makeup accessories. The most talked about feature is the double-sided functionality where you have regular black mascara on the one hand and a primer on the other side.

Many women give this best drugstore mascara brand a lot of credit as it does a fantastic job of darkening and lengthening your eyelashes.

Key Features
  • Two step ultra lengthening mascara
  • Achieve sleek lines with this smudge-proof eyeliner
  • 80 percent longer-looking and nourished eyelashes
  • Smudge-free removal
  • Waterproof: No
  • Wear Time: All day
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Product Weight: 0.33 ounces
  • Brand: L'Oréal
  • Perfect to pair with infallible smoldering eyeliner
  • Will protect, strengthen and nourish lashes as infused with D-Panthenol and Ceramide R
  • As your mascara sets, it turns into tubes that act like lash-lengthening extensions
  • Mascara tubes can last up to 3 months
  • Do not give much volume but enough length

Experience something different with Milani’s Dangerous Lengths best drugstore mascara. Even the sparsest and smallest of lashes will benefit and you will notice a dramatic lift that produces a lovely black carbon pigment.

The multi-edged 3D brush ensures that users can look forward to instant definition, curl, separation, and lift. A blend of spherical shaping polymers and natural waxes will protect each eyelash using an ultra definition effect.

This iconic formula is well received by its many users. The mascara builds, dramatizes and lifts your lashes within one stroke. The brush is made to coat your lashes from root to tip and deliver sleek saturation. The mascara does a fantastic job of organizing and separating each and every lash.

The plant-based formulation protects and conditions your lashes with no clumping, flaking, or smudging issues.

Essentially, what you want is a brand of mascara that is not necessarily inspired by top models, but favored by all. Beautiful eyelashes says it all to the beholder. Besides, to live is for real people and why shouldn’t eye makeup be the fuel, you need to express yourself like no other. Mascara from brands like this one will ensure you get all the attention you need and deserve.

Milani Dangerous Lengths seems to be the best way to replace flashy extensions because it is jet black and offers a dramatic look that is infused with fiber polymers and flexible waves so you do not have to leave your home sporting clumps.

Key Features
  • Experience a dramatic lift for smaller and sparsh lashes
  • 3D, multi-edged brush to ensure an audacious length with instant lift and curl
  • Pull together your entire look using only a few strokes
  • Certified cruelty free mascara
  • Waterproof: No
  • Wear Time: 12 hours
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes - Paraben free
  • Product Weight: 0.28 ounces
  • 12-hour smudge free wear
  • This layered product ensures you reach the desired effect
  • Easily zig zag your wand through lashes from root to tip
  • At times it takes longer to dry than expected

If you want the perfect mascara to match an active lifestyle, then the Lash Princess Lass Effect is ideal. Regardless of which sport or activity you love taking part in, this mascara will handle it and ensure you look flawless any time of the day or night.

While there are many brands out there that make many claims to do with creating the perfect falsie-like lashes, the Essence brand is the type of mascara that lives up to its promise.

For one, the formula effortlessly glides onto your lashes to create the right amount of volume and length. Your lashes will also maintain its curl. Plus, the applicator is very easy to maneuver where you want it to go, whether it be your bottom lashes or the inner corners.

The brush is slightly tapered and quite long, which makes it easy to apply a coat to everyone of your lashes. The formula itself is not too dry or too wet to ensure perfect lashes every time.

You do not need a primer or lash curler, only the mascara. All you need to do is draw the skinny wand through your lashes to evenly distribute your first layer. Your eyelashes will extend and separate magically right before your eyes without too much clumping.

The mascara boasts superior lasting power. You will be pleased with the end result as there will be no residue left below or above your eyes after extended periods of wear.

Experience the perfect false-lash effect thanks to the conical shape of the Lash Princess fiber brush that helps you to create the desired dramatic volume and length.

Key Features
  • The conical shaped fiber brush lets users experience dramatic volume
  • Long-lasting mascara that lasts all day without any flaking and fading issues
  • Separate lashes allow users to achieve a bold look
  • 100 percent cruelty-free
  • Gluten free
  • Waterproof: Not Waterproof
  • Wear Time: 3 to 4 times
  • Hypoallergenic: Gluten-free hypoallergenic
  • Product Weight: 0.32 ounces
  • This mascara is gluten-free to allow anyone to enjoy its volumizing effects
  • Ideal for any setting as it lasts the whole day
  • Experience eye-popping results at nighttime when applying 3 to 4 coats
  • Provides dramatic length and excellent volume
  • Limited color options as only available in black

The pink and green colors on the packaging and contents are a sure sign that you have the fantastic Maybelline New York Great Lash Waterproof best drugstore mascara in front of you. The packaging is not about to change anytime soon and neither will the outstanding quality mascara wand. The formula will make your lashes more curly without needing an eyelash curler.

The mascara proves itself to be a strong contender in the world of waterproof mascara as it is impervious to tears and any weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if you find yourself at the beach, walking through the rain, sweating while at the gym or even when you’re getting all emotional during one or the other show, Maybelline will stay on.

The slim wand works wonders for both lower and upper lashes. Furthermore, it layers quite well when used with other mascara brands.

This mascara is ideal for beginners and young girls who want to wear makeup. it will not make your eyes tear like other mascaras do, and can easily be removed when showering.

The small brush it is equipped with ensures that application is a breeze. With just one swipe, your mascara will separate and lift your eyelashes. However, be careful that you do not swipe more than once as you may experience clumping issues.

It is an excellent choice for women everywhere who are used to multi-tasking. You can use this mascara to upstage your black liner, groom or set your eyebrows, and get your eyeliner to look great.

A great tip is to dip a cotton swab right into the tube of your mascara and dot it over your eyeliner, should you experience any smearing difficulties during the day. Overall, we find it to be a great choice.

Key Features
  • Conditions your eyelashes as it thickens
  • No globs or clumps
  • Glides on smoothly to build great looking lashes
  • Available in Curve Brush and Waterproof
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Wear Time: 4 hours
  • Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic tested
  • Product Weight: 2.2 ounces
  • Achieve a full lash look as lash building brush is included
  • Excellent choice for contact lens wearers
  • Great for setting eyebrows
  • Curl in your lashes may not last long enough

The L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly best drugstore mascara will extend and lift the outer corners of your lashes to provide you with a winged-out effect. It does a fantastic job of extending lashes outward and volumizing the roots of your lashes. Plus, the cocoon-like fibers will immediately wrap your lashes in a delicate and soft veil and bring about spectacular lashes.

Add some drama to your looks with thicker and longer lashes that will appear more lifted. This mascara is best for ladies who try to keep their makeup minimal.

The wand is a perfect fit for any shape eyelashes as the tip is smaller and fans out more compared to most mascara wands. It is a real dream to put on mascara and the bonus part is that your lashes will reach crazy lengths with no clumping.

The Butterfly Waterproof drugstore mascara is excellent for any occasion and the natural curl gives a lovely effect. The way the wand is designed makes it super easy to get closer to your lash line so you may experience maximum volume. This mascara is also an excellent choice if you have falsies.

Women everywhere will be amazed by this drugstore brand as it lives up to its name. It fluffs out your lashes, lengthens, plumps, and darkens them with no flaking issues. The mascara wand will separate your eyelashes the way it's meant to be and the formula is long lasting. Who knows, this mascara might end up being your favorite drugstore mascara yet.

Key Features
  • Delivers up to 6 times the volume
  • Stretches your lashes with ease from corner to corner
  • Include wingtip elastomizer brush
  • Creates a fanned out appearance
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Wear Time: All day
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Product Weight: 0.21 ounces
  • Smudge proof and waterproof
  • Perfect for pairing with infalible Pro-Last eyeliner
  • The unique cocoon fibers wrap your lashes in a delicate and soft veil
  • Makes your lashes look longer and fuller
  • May struggle with the butterfly applicator

Maybelline New York Lash Discovery best drugstore mascara features a mini brush that enables users to coat the tiniest of lashes in the inner corners, lower bottom and upper top areas of their lashes. The mere fact that this mascara is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and do not glob or clump your lashes, makes it a sure winner.

The Lash Discovery brand boasts a cylindrical silver tube that is portable and lightweight for easy traveling. This feature makes it super easy to apply your mascara to every lash.

The formula might be a lot drier than other mascaras. However, it ensures that straight eyelashes can be held in place rather well. The only downside to this mascara is the slight smudge you may experience on your lower lashes during hot weather.

Otherwise, the mascara blends in effortlessly with both lash extensions and real lashes. You will love this mascara for applying makeup to your bottom lashes. The enclosed brush lets you apply an even coat to lower lashes. Larger brushes are not that easy to work with in coating lower lashes. The Lash Discovery brand doesn’t flake or smudge either. A total win-win.

The shortest of lashes are very easy to catch and elongate thanks to the tiny brush of this mascara brand. The best part is that your makeup will last the entire day without running. It is suggested that you make use of a good quality waterproof eye makeup remover to get rid of your mascara before bedtime.

Key Features
  • Features a lash catching mini brush for reaching all the hard-to-get eyelashes
  • Safe to wear with contact lenses
  • Fiber fix brush lets you extend the lashes from root to tip
  • Conditions your lashes as it thickens
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Wear Time: All day
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes - Ophthalmologist tested
  • Product Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Defines and lengthens lashes
  • No globs and clumps
  • Hypoallergenic safe
  • May take a bit longer to dry on your lashes

The spiky and plastic mascara wand may be stubbier and shorter to what you’re used to, but a lot easier to maneuver. You will find it delivers a clump-free and smoother application. The hypoallergenic formula offers up to ten times the volume one would expect. The best part is that users only need to apply one coat to realize visible results.

Even though it is quite easy to remove, the mascara boasts some serious staying power. You can rub your eyes all you want, this brand will not smudge or flake in the least.

Thanks to the cleverly designed ultrafine bristles of this best drugstore mascara wand, it defines and separates each and every stroke without too much effort. It glides along your lashes without catching and combs through it to avoid any issues with clumping.

All you need is a couple of coats of the Clump Crusher mascara to deliver enough volume as the short bristles lets you get to hard-to-reach areas such as the inner corners of your lashes. You lash will look longer once you apply this mascara.

This mascara is well-suited to women who love to make a bold statement. This is because of the fiber stretch capabilities of the brush. You can be assured of fuller and longer looking lashes after only a few coats.

You may notice that this mascara is not hypoallergenic. But the good news is that it is definitely cruelty-free and will smudge less during hot days.

Key Features
  • Experience 200 percent more volume and zero clumps for separated lashes
  • Enhance your natural radiance using COVERGIRL best drugstore mascara
  • Incredible no-clump mascara
  • Innovative double-sided brush to deliver clump-combing zone
  • Waterproof: No
  • Wear Time: All day
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Product Weight: 0.44 ounces
  • Ideal for lashes if you are after a more neutral look and just want your eyes to pop
  • Defines and darkens your lashes so it will look very natural
  • No need to use oil-based makeup remover as you can easily wash it off using soap and water
  • Takes a bit of time to get used to the mascara wand

Welcome to Maybelline Snapscara best drugstore mascara as the first pigmented wax-free product that has zero hassles thanks to the clump-free formula that easily glides on to ensure a clean volume all day. The effect you will experience is pure color intensity and super-saturated lashes.

To remove the mascara at the end of the day, you only need some warm water and a cotton pad as it's not tough to get rid of.

You may have already tried every mascara you can find, luxury or drugstore brands and came across some smudging issues. If this is the case, then you are in luck as Snapscara will not break down or give you raccoon eyes. Plus, you can look forward to elongated, smooth lashes that will hold their curl.

The gentle ingredients you’ll find in Snapscara make the formula very user-friendly for individuals with eyes that tend to react to just about anything. The mere fact that this mascara is wax-free ensure it is ideal for somebody who is on the lookout for an everyday brand that is safe to use.

You will experience a lovely shine and beautiful lashes from applying Maybelline Snapscara Washable best drugstore mascara. 

Users will not experience any eyelash loss or find that their eyes itch from using Snapscara. How wonderful to realize that you will immediately notice longer, feathery and lightweight lashes from applying this brand of mascara. It sure is a worthwhile buy.

Key Features
  • Achieves clump-free volume in an instant thanks to the wax-free formula
  • Easy to clean off colored mascara using only warm water or makeup cleanser
  • Effortless application
  • Four vibrant shades
  • Waterproof: No
  • Wear Time: 12 hours
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes - Ophthalmologist tested
  • Product Weight: 0.34 ounces
  • it requires minimal effort to take it off, or put it on
  • No clumping difficulties when applying the mascara
  • You eyelashes will keep their shape and not droop in any way
  • No flaking problems during the day
  • It can be a bit messy to apply to your bottom lashes

Anyone who desires longer and more natural-looking eyelashes will enjoy using L’Oreal Paris Makeup Telescopic best drugstore mascara. The skinny wand lets you extend and darken your lashes without too much difficulty. It proves to be an effortless endeavor to brush out your lashes evenly.

Furthermore, the mascara wand offers lengthening and precision benefits as it allows the user to get a lot closer to their eyes than normal. This way, you will notice a tight lined effect without the need of an eyeliner. It is the type of mascara that is particularly beneficial to individuals with textured hair as the skinny wand gets a firm hold of the hair.

Lashes can be compared to the hair on your head. Everyone’s lashes have different textures. The elastomeric brush of this brand is molded, which lets the bristles hug your lashes much like a comb would do with your hair. One can easily get through to the root of your lashes to deposit an even coat of mascara.

Another huge benefit offered by the telescopic wand of the L’Oreal Paris Makeup brand is the wiper which takes the form of a circular and hollowed stopper that only allows a certain dose of the mascara to apply to your lashes. That is a massive change to most mascaras where you may make use of too much mascara initially only to find you have nothing left after using it for a while. The wiper doesn’t let this happen due to the precision wand that guarantees its user with a consistent dosage of formula.

Key Features
  • Instantly add drama to your look
  • Enhances your eyelashes with intense length while delivering lash by lash separation
  • Flexible Dual Precision Brush lengthens your lashes up to 60 percent
  • This drugstore mascara can be applied easily to each lash without clumping
  • Waterproof: Not Waterproof
  • Wear Time: Lasts all day
  • Hypoallergenic: Allergy tested
  • Product Weight: 0.27 ounces
  • Smooth formula that allows an easier application to even out each eyelash without any clumping
  • Thin and sleek mascara wand is easy to work with
  • Defines and separates your lashes without flaking
  • Formula won’t weigh down your lashes as it is not super heavy
  • Not easy to put the mascara wand back in its holder

Most times, mascara is not user-friendly to individuals with sensitive eyes. Neutrogena Healthy Lengths, one of the best drugstore mascaras, does not disappoint. This mascara has lash conditioning ingredients in place to help lengthen and define your lashes to bring about a fuss-free and natural look.

Users will notice a softer and prettier fringe rather than dramatic lashes as the Neutrogena brand does not irritate your eyes. It is a real bonus that you can apply your mascara the way you like it as the wand is small enough to take care of inner corner or bottom lashes.

Also, your lashes will stay strong every day from applying this mascara because of the olive oil and Vitamin E formula that strengthens and nourishes your lashes. No concerns over smudging, flaking or clumps in your lashes as the bristle brush combs through every lash and ensure a deep, antioxidant-rich coloring that intensifies their look.

No doubt, the Neutrogena best drugstore mascara makes a huge difference to the health of your lashes. People may stop and ask you whether you made use of lash growth serum. They will be surprised to hear that it is only mascara. You lash will not feel brittle or hard.

The most talked-about feature of this mascara is the length it gives. Many women will be sad should this product be discontinued in the future. Furthermore, it delivers on its claim that it builds coverage and doing so gently without flaking, smearing, or resulting in any clumps.

Key Features
  • Strengthens and extends your lashes from the inside out
  • The mascara won’t flake, clump, or smudge
  • Extend your lashes to twice its length
  • Olive oil and Vitamin E enriched to ensure deep nourishment of your lashes
  • Waterproof: No
  • Wear Time: All day
  • Hypoallergenic: Dermatologist tested
  • Product Weight: 0.21 ounces
  • Lengthens lashes to look 100 percent longer
  • Bristle brush makes combing through individual lashes an effortless exercise
  • Dermatologist recommended brand
  • Experience outstanding definition and intensity
  • May not notice a huge difference in the thickness of your lashes

Like so many beauty products on the market, what makes a good drugstore mascara stand out would depend on what you aim to achieve. Are you after a smooth application, a dramatic look, or would you favor something that has more staying power?

To source the best drugstore mascara, you need to find answers to questions like:

  • Wear - Will the mascara you want to live up to its claim? What if the mascara smudges or flakes? What will the mascara look like once the day ends: Will it still be fresh?
  • Application criteria - Can you easily apply your mascara in one stroke with the wand? You want the mascara to go on smoothly. Does the drugstore mascara you have your eye on separate your lashes like it should? How many coats would you have to apply before you will be happy with the look it promises you?
  • More importantly, has the mascara brand you like been tested and did it come out as a winner against all odds?

What Is All Involved in Choosing a Drugstore Mascara?

One cannot go wrong with top-rated drugstore mascara products, and with the affordable prices, you'll be more willing to replace your mascara when it gets old. However, there are a couple of things you should know before making your purchase decision. Let’s take a look:

  1. The shape of the mascara wand: One does not require a fancy wand to ensure a flawless finish. On the contrary, the gimmicky wands are often more difficult to use and may result in smudging issues during application. Rather stick with something more basic.
  2. How well the mascara performs: Even though every tube of mascara out there seem to claim they are the best in terms of producing better volume and longer lashes, they are not all that different from each other. It is a case of opting for a wand that is easy to maneuver while it looks familiar.
  3. Choosing the right formula: It comes down to going with a formula that is not too thick or where it crumbles away once you apply a second coat.
  4. How easy the mascara can be removed: Do not stare yourself blind against the waterproof brands and think they are the holy grail. Some brands resisted water quite well even though they were not labeled waterproof.

Out of all the points mentioned over here, the last thing you want to struggle with is finding it hard to remove your mascara. That in itself is a major deciding factor for many when making a purchasing decision.

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