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Ringing in the ears after a concert is natural and to be expected, right? Sure it’s annoying, but it only lasts a day or so, and then you just get on with things until the next time and don’t think twice about it.

But did you know that despite the fact that the ringing sound, or tinnitus, disappears after a day, the damage it causes is permanent? Any time you subject your ears to noise of a decibel level resulting in tinnitus, you have damaged the miniature hair cells inside the ear that vibrate in response to noise and then send a message to the brain. These specialized hair cells do not grow back after being destroyed. This is why you'll want to search for the best ear plugs for noise reduction.

According to scientists, we hear ringing in our ears because the loss of these cells causes confusion in our brain resulting in the brain filling in with a ringing sound until it adapts to the changes. Exposure to sounds at 85 decibels (dB) or greater can cause damage to these hair cells and result in hearing loss. Concerts are generally at significantly higher decibel levels than 85.

But any true music lover hates the idea of using foam earplugs (designed for sleeping) at a concert because, though it prevents hearing loss, the quality of the music is sacrificed. The concert you paid good money to hear ends up sounding muffled and indistinct. Often this causes people to remove the ear plugs and risk the damage. So what is the solution? Is there a safe compromise?

There is indeed. We've rounded up our picks of the best ear plugs for noise reduction. Take a look at our choices — your ears will surely thank you.


Editors choice

1. Loop Fashionable Earplugs

9.99 / 10

Finally, earplugs that don’t have to try to be invisible. Why? Because they look like a fashion statement. Loop Earplugs have a unique loop design that fits neatly and securely in your ear and look like jewelry. Choose from colors like gold, rose gold, black and red. The loop design mimics the shape of your ear canal to allow for clear sound fidelity.

Besides looking attractive, Loop earplugs has a round channel designed for optimal acoustics, while the technologically advanced filter lowers sound decibels by 20 NRR. (Noise Reduction Rate.) Protect your ears from damage while still being able to enjoy sound quality at concerts and the conversation of your friends. And they do it all while looking cool.

The good-looking loop design mimics the shape of the ear for a snug and secure fit. Choose between silicone or heat shaping foam for your preferred insert. Silicone inserts come in small, medium, and large, or choose to mold the foam tip for a custom fit.

Wear these to a concert, and you’ll look great while you protect your ears and enjoy great sound quality.

Loop Fashionable Earplugs are effective not only for concerts and music festivals, they are also both attractive and effective for use in air travel, loud traffic, motorcycle riding, sports events and to enhance focus at work or school.

Loops are also a fantastic gift for the appearance-conscious music lover in your life. They come with a leather-look zippered pouch for easy transportability.

Key Features
  • Lowers sound decibels without sacrificing clarity of sound
  • Both silicone and heat activated foam included for choice
  • Round acoustic channel
  • Advanced filter
  • 20dB NRR
  • Attractive loop design in five colors
  • Material: Silicone and foam
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 20 NRR
  • Brand: Loop
  • Looks like a fashionable piece of jewelry
  • Choose silicone or heat-activated foam
  • Includes two loops, foam in three sizes, silicone in three sizes
  • Noise reduction without sacrificing clarity of sound
  • Zippered carrying pouch included
  • Ring design fits securely
  • Only for ages 16 years and up
Best value

2. Wellmarr High Fidelity Earplugs

9.00 / 10

Enjoy the nuances of your favorite band at concerts and music events while still protecting your ears from damaging decibels. The Wellmarr High Fidelity Earplugs are made with soft, hypoallergenic silicone designed for comfortable wearing. A double layer design allows for dual action filtering to protect ears up to 22 NRR (Noise Reduction Rate) while still offering optimal sound quality. Enjoy the music while still protecting your hearing. The dual action construction and patented attenuation filter reduces even the loudest sound to normal decimal levels while not sacrificing sound fidelity. You can enjoy the sound and still engage in conversation with friends, while not sacrificing your hearing. Leave the concert, Nascar, or sporting event with no ringing in the ears!

Wellmarr High Fidelity Earplugs are designed for superior ear protection at concerts and sporting events. They are also useful for promoting focus and attention in noisy office or study environments. These plugs are approved for use for protection from damaging noise such as gunfire for police and military personnel. They are also great for air travel for pressure equalization, or for ear protection during motorcycle riding.

Wellmarr earplugs are durable and washable for reuse. They are designed to be slim fitting and nearly invisible. Earplugs come with a handy aluminum carrying case designed to attach to a keychain, bag, or belt loop.

Wellmarr High Fidelity Earplugs are easy to use, store and wash for reuse, for durability. The Wellmarr company backs this product with a thirty day return service for a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.

Key Features
  • Filters noise to 22 dB NRR
  • Preserves sound fidelity
  • Hypoallergenic silicone construction
  • Low profile for near invisibility
  • Double layer construction
  • Material: Silcone
  • Warranty: 30 day
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 22 NRR
  • Hypoallergenic silicone
  • Retains full sound quality
  • Comfortable fit
  • Washable and resuable
  • Filters sound to 22 NRR
  • Dual action filter
  • May slip or move during use
Premium pick

3. Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

9.00 / 10

Whether you are going to a concert or noisy sporting event, have a child in your home learning to play the trumpet, or plan to ride your motorcycle, Eargasm Earplugs are designed to protect your hearing from noise decibel damage. They reduce noise up to 21db, with an NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 16 decibels.

Eargasm Earplugs are made with soft, hypoallergenic silicone with filters that bring noise down to a safe level without sacrificing speech clarity and sound quality, as it still allows the full sound spectrum to penetrate.

Eargasm ear plugs not only turn down the volume on concerts while still allowing you to enjoy sound fidelity and voices, they are also perfect for use in noisy office environments to improve focus, or for noisy construction work or industrial settings.

Each package includes two shell sizes, to fit any ear shape, and come in a gift box type package that makes Eargasm ear plugs an ideal gift for your favorite concert-lover. Included is a complimentary carrying case with a waterproof rubber seal to protect them from damage, dust, and moisture. The case is ergonomically designed so ear plugs never get stuck inside. The case is designed to attach to your keychain, or fit into a pocket.

Eargasm plugs are discreetly designed to be low-profile so you can wear them freely without notice, and easily remove them with a simple pull-tab.

You can protect your ears from damaging decibels while still enjoying your favorite noisy activities with Eargasm Earplugs. Plus … the name is irresistible.

Key Features
  • Protects ears from harmful noise levels
  • NRR 16 and 21 dB noise reduction
  • Reduces noise evenly
  • Does not distort sound during noise reduction
  • Hypoallergenic silicone
  • Material: Silicone
  • Warranty: 30 day warranty only if sold through authorized distributors
  • Noise Reduction Rating: NRR 16
  • Two shell sizes in each package
  • Discreet design
  • Pull tabs for easy removal
  • Carrier case included
  • Reduces decibels and preserves sound quality
  • Tend to work their way out of ear over time

The EarTekPro Noise Reducing Ear Plugs effectively reduce damaging noise decibels to a NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of19dB. The noise level is dramatically reduced, without sacrificing sound quality for complete enjoyment of concerts, sporting events, motorcycle travel, or any noisy event. They are also effective for office or study environments, to promote focus and concentration.

While they reduce noise level to an ear-saving level, you are still able to hear conversation and enjoy the sound fidelity of your favorite band.

The EarTekPro Noise Reducing Ear Plugs are ergonomically designed silicone, made to fit comfortably and snugly inside the ear canal. Choose from two sizes in each packet. Clear silicone makes these ear plugs particularly discreet, so no one will notice you are wearing ear protection.

The EarTekPro is also a great choice for those individuals with noise sensitivity, ADHD, or autism. It provides further protection from those already suffering with tinnitus or hearing loss.

The EarTekPro ear plugs come with a light-weight aluminum carrying case that fits neatly into a pocket or attaches to a keychain for convenient portability.

If you want a convenient and nearly invisible form of ear protection that will allow you to enjoy music events without going home with ringing ears, EarTekPro are a good choice. They also make a great gift for loved ones who enjoy musical or sporting activities.

Key Features
  • Reduces noise by 19 dB NRR
  • Retains sound quality
  • Comfortable design
  • Two sizes per set
  • Material: Silicone
  • Warranty: None
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 19 NRR
  • Noise reduction by 19 NRR
  • Retains sound fidelity
  • Comfortable silicone design
  • Two pairs in each package for sizing
  • Carrying case included
  • No pull tabs for removal

Designed mainly with concert use in mind, Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs effectively reduce dangerous decibel levels by 22db, or 15 NRR (Noise Reduction Rating). Vibes ear plugs have a sound-discerning filter that reduces sound level without distorting sound quality. Vibes are designed to eliminate only specific frequencies, for safer sound levels without sacrificing sound fidelity, and concert enjoyment.

Vibes Earplugs are discreet enough for near invisibility. The low-profile design includes a clear outer shell and soft, hypoallergenic earbuds that are designed for comfort in small, medium, and large sizes so you can find the fit that is most comfortable for your specific ear-type. However, you may want to size up for a more snug fit, as these tend to run a bit small. Loose-fitting earplugs will compromise the decibel reduction quality of Vibes Earplugs.

Vibes are also recommended for use for those with sound sensitivities, such as people with autism, tinnitus, ADHD, and those with recent concussions or even traumatic brain injuries. They are also recommended for sporting events, festivals, or any loud event, for ear protection from damaging sound levels without completely sacrificing sound quality.

Vibes earplugs come with a convenient, pocket-sized carrying case for easy transportability. They are washable and reusable, designed for durability for repeated use.

If you want to enjoy the sound quality of a concert event, without going home with ringing ears, which is a sign of hearing damage, Vibes Earplugs are a great choice to block damaging decibels while still allowing for enjoyment of sound fidelity.

Key Features
  • 22db decibel reduction
  • 15 NRR
  • Discreet design
  • Snug, comfortable fit
  • Pocket-sized case included
  • Hypoallergenic silicone ear buds
  • Filter lowers volume without changing sound quality
  • Clear as glass outer sound tube
  • Material: Silicone
  • Warranty: 30 day return policy
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 15 NRR
  • Hypoallergenic silicone
  • Comfortable soft ear tips designed for ear canal
  • Pocket-sized case for portability
  • Reduces volume but allows sound quality
  • Invisible design
  • Reusable and washable
  • Not suitable for sleep use
  • Size-up when purchasing because they run small

Xtreme Plugz High Fidelity Noise Reduction Earplugs offer extreme noise decibel reduction at 27 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rate). This protects ears from hearing damage at concerts, noisy sporting events, band practice, motorcycle riding, construction work, and industrial occupations. Xtreme Plugz block both bass and high frequency sound to prevent damaging decibel levels. They are also highly effective to promote focus and concentration in office work or study. Xtreme Plugz are also helpful to promote deep sleep.

Use Xtreme Plugz for shooting at the range, or for hunting. They are also effective to ensure comfortable air travel.

Xtreme Plugz have a moldable, flexible design to conform easily to the shape of each individual’s inner ear canal, allowing maximum protection. They are constructed of soft, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone that are comfortable even for extended use. They are durable and washable for reuse.

Xtreme Plugz come with two extra pairs of shells in large and small sizes for a comfortable fit for any user. Also included is an attractive aluminum tube carrier that fits neatly in a pocket or purse, or attaches to keychain, belt loop or bag.

With a money-back guarantee and lifetime replacement warranty, this company stands by their product and is known for excellent customer service.

These are a great gift for the concert lover or motorcycle rider in your life.

Key Features
  • Noise reduction up to 27 dB
  • Allows good sound quality retention
  • Flexible for comfort
  • Medical grade silicone construction
  • Material: Silicone
  • Warranty: Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 27 NRR
  • Flexible silicone for comfort
  • Damaging decibels are reduced while sound quality is retained
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Includes aluminum carrying tube
  • Comes with two pairs of shells in large and small
  • Sweat resistant to prevent slippage
  • No instructions included
  • Black silicone makes them visible

Do you want to hear the music and still protect your ears? Do you want to block out the wind and loud engine of your motorcycle and still hear conversation with the person riding pillion? EarDial HiFi Earplugs are excellent for reducing decibels without lowering sound quality, thanks to a unique noise precision filter. Enjoy the music without the pain of excessive volume and the ringing ears afterwards. Ringing ears are a sign of damage to your hearing.

EarDial Earplugs are constructed with soft, hypoallergenic silicone with an earwax protection feature. They are designed to function effectively not only for concerts, but for motorcyclists, musicians, nightclubs, sporting events, and for work or study.

Eardials are discreet and low profile enough for near invisibility, so no embarrassing foam sticking out of your ears. The soft silicone reflects your own skin color to blend seamlessly with your own ears. They’re constructed for durability and are designed to be washable to allow many years of use. In fact, EaeDials come with a five year warranty. This company stands behind their product.

EarDial HiFi Earplugs come with a companion mobile App you can use to measure the decibel levels you are being exposed to in any environment, and inform you as to how long you can remain in the environment without ear damage. Then you can activate it for EarDial use and see for yourself the difference. Search “EarDial” in your App store.

Extensively tested under EN and ANSI standards to ensure attenuation that does not distort sound, yet protects from damaging decibel levels.

EarDial HiFi Earplugs come with a slim aluminum carrying case that is easily attachable to purse, belt loop or keychain. They make a great gift for your concert-loving friends and family members!

Key Features
  • Lowers decibels and preserves sound quality. NRR 11
  • Nearly invisible, low-profile design
  • Soft silicone contruction
  • Companion mobile App available
  • Material: Silicone
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 11 NRR
  • Carrying case included
  • Preserves sound fidelity
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Transparent design
  • Mobile App available
  • May work their way out over hours
  • Designed small to be discreet so it's helpful to size up

Decibullz Earplugs are always custom molded for an ideal fit. You merely heat them in boiling water, allow them to cool for thirty seconds and then shape them into your ears for perfectly fitted ear plugs that protect your ears from damaging noise up to 31 dB NRR. (Noise Reduction Rate) If you miss the perfect fit the first time, they are easily remoldable, which is unique to moldable ear protection. Decibullz were designed with the help of audio engineers and athletes, and were developed after testing hundreds of designs and prototypes.

Once fitted, Decibullz earplugs provide superior noise protection for your ears that is ideal for air travel, concerts, operation of loud machinery, construction work, target shooting and hunting. Enjoy the freedom of shooting sports without the pressure headache often caused by outer ear protection. Instead, enjoy a low-profile hearing protection that is your perfect fit every time.

Decibullz Earplugs come in a variety of colors including black for a tactical look, or blue, red, pink or orange. You can choose your favorite or enjoy multiple color selections.

Decibullz are also perfect for motorcycle riders for the ultimate in both sound and wind reduction.

Each kit includes two Decibulz thermoplastic molds and three sets of triple flange tips in small, medium, and large. Also included is a handy carrying pouch. Lanyard plugs are also available.

Decibullz Earplugs make a wonderful gift for those who spend time on the gun range or hunting. They are also great for loved ones who enjoy concerts but require superior ear protection.

Key Features
  • Custom molds by heating
  • Always a perfect fit
  • Ideal noise reduction to 31 NRR
  • Noise isolating design
  • Material: Thermoplastic foam
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 31 NRR
  • Molds for perfect fit
  • Remolds as often as necessary
  • Two molds and three sets of triple flange tips included
  • Noise isolating design
  • Stays in place
  • May be uncomfortable while side sleeping
  • May muffle sound as well as lower decibels
  • Easily visible

LaloLab Sound Blocking Earplugs are unique in that each package includes two options. Choose from a vented pair which lowers decibel levels to 24 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rate) and allows some sound penetration. These are ideal during air travel to equalize pressure or to prevent wind sound while riding a motorcycle. A second pair is non-vented for more complete sound elimination with decibel reduction to 28 dB NRR. This is perfect for loud sound blocking at noisy concerts or sporting events, and work well for noise-free sleeping.

LaloLab earplugs are designed for comfortable use with an ear-friendly German made thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material with a two flange tip that is specially designed to adapt to the shape of the inner ear canal. They have a curved shape and three size options with elongated tabs for easy insertion and removal. Made to be invisible, the LaloLab earplugs are uniquely discreet.

LaloLab earplugs are washable, durable, and engineered to be heat and moisture-resistant, as well as waterproof, making them safe even for swimming or scuba diving. A specially designed tip is made to resist ear wax for a less embarrassing removal.

LaloLab earplugs also come with an attractive storage box and portable bottle that is easily attachable to a keychain. Also included is a small, cleansing towel to wipe ear plugs between uses. These are a great present for any active loved one.

LaloLab earplugs cover all bases, with two options that together will provide protection for your ears during concerts, motorcycles, air-travel, work, study, swimming, and even sleep. All while being nearly invisible!

Key Features
  • Each kit has two earplug options, vented/unvented
  • 24 dB NRR vented and 28dB NRR non-vented
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Invisible look
  • Tab removal feature
  • Waterproof and heat resistant
  • Anti-wax ear tips
  • Designer box and travel bottle
  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 24 NRR vented/ 28 NRR non-vented
  • Vented or non-vented option
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable design
  • Elongated tabs for easy removable
  • Handy carrying case
  • Waterproof and moisture resistant
  • Long tabs may cause discomfort if worn during side sleeping
  • Tabs make noise during movement when used for sleeping

EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs are designed specifically for use for the serious musician or concert-goer. Used by the band, Metallica, EarPeace are industry-leading, professional grade ear plugs that give you three levels of ear protection, all while allowing premium sound quality for full enjoyment. Choose from three levels of protection, medium, high, and max, depending on your needs for a particular event. Medium offers NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 11, high offers NRR 14, and Max offers NRR 19, for the most serious noise reduction.

EarPeace HD Earplugs are tested at Michael Associates, at Penn State, where the protection levels were calculated for quality levels of protection without muffling sound. Filters go through four manufacturing steps to ensure the perfect amount of unobstructed sound fidelity and even attenuation of frequencies.

EarPeace Ear plugs are made of soft, flexible hypoallergenic silicone with a dual flange design to seal around the ear canal for optimal protection in an ear plug that stays put. Designed to be small and nearly invisible, these are discreet earplugs that you won’t hesitate to wear in public venues.

EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs come in a milled aluminum case that can be clipped onto belt loops, bags, or keychains, and has a double chambered design with three earplugs and three filter sets so you can choose the protection level you need.

Improve your live music experience! Foam earplugs simply muffle sound, but EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs actually enhance your listening pleasure by taking away the pain, and worry about ringing ears and hearing loss, while allowing you to enjoy the full effect of your favorite music.

Key Features
  • Professional-grade protection
  • Lowers volume but preserves sound quality
  • Offers three levels of protection
  • Dual flange construction
  • Low profile discretion
  • Industry leading
  • Precision engineered
  • Three filters for medium, high and max coverage
  • Material: Silicone
  • Warranty: None
  • Noise Reduction Rating: NRR 19 Max/ NRR 14/High NRR 11 Med
  • Medium, High and Max protection levels
  • Hypoallergenic and reusable
  • Near invisible design
  • Dual chambered aluminum case
  • Run on the large side
  • Max level earplugs cause some sound muffling

Development of Earplugs

While humans have a long history of plugging their ears for sound protection, starting with using our own fingers, the first plugs developed for hands-free ear protection were used in World War I as part of a military initiative. However, standard ear plugs muffle and distort sound quality. And while this is fine for shooting ranges, and to promote sleep, musicians and music lovers need ear protection that also allows for the full scope of sound frequencies to be heard.

In 1988 the first high fidelity ear plugs were introduced for use by musicians. By 1990 these were being marketed to the general public, and concert goers began to have the option of protecting their hearing, while still enjoying the nuances of the music they enjoy.

Innovations in Ear Plug Quality

Since that time, industries have competed to produce the best quality ear protection with the least amount of frequency loss, resulting in some really great options. If you are thinking you’d be embarrassed to be seen by your friends with big foam plugs sticking out of your ears, then you aren’t up to date on the innovative technology now available. You can choose from many varieties of nearly invisible silicone earplugs, with or without tabs for easy removal. Or you can choose a set that’s designed to look like unique ear jewelry, while it protects your ears and allows for optimal sound quality enjoyment.

Most manufacturers offer small, discreet carrying cases that can be clipped to a purse, key chain, or belt loop. You can go high-tech and purchase a pair that comes with a companion App for your phone which measures the decibel level of your current environment. Or you can stay low-tech with simple silicone inserts with high quality filters.

With today’s high-quality options in hearing protection, you can enjoy favorite activities like concerts, music festivals, sporting events, and even motorcycling and air travel, while protecting your ears, and still being able to converse with a friend standing next to you. Today’s ear plugs offer discreet, guilt-free enjoyment!

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