The 10 Best Face Masks for Acne of 2019

Face Masks for Acne: The Best of 2019

In the current era of exacerbated self-care, there’s such a wide variety of face masks that it can be difficult to find the right one for you. There are so many different types of skin and conditions — oily, combination, acne-prone, sensitive skin, and more — that it can sometimes feel overwhelming and difficult to find the appropriate type of treatment for your own skin. In particular, when searching for the best face mask for you, it’s important to be aware of a few factors. Checking for key ingredients in face masks — depending on your skin type — and determining whether clay, charcoal, or sheet masks are best for you are both important factors in choosing your ideal face mask. This buyer's guide is filled with a variety of the best face masks that you can find for acne or acne-prone skin. And hopefully, by the end of this guide, you'll either have found a face mask that's perfect for you, or be better able to search for the right face mask through understanding different skin types, ingredients, and face mask types.

Rugged & Dapper’s face mask is a product that particularly targets acne and impurities. It’s an ideal example of a face mask that’s perfect for occasional detoxification.

This face mask is a great product for a number of reasons. The ingredients are almost completely naturally based. Kaolin clay for removing toxins, excess oils, dead skin, and impurities; Aloe vera, sea kelp, and spirulina for relaxing, hydrating, and smoothing skin. All of these ingredients contain vitamins and antioxidants that not only assist skin condition while the face mask is being used, but also after its been removed. In addition, these ingredients help to reduce the production of oils (preventing excess oils from building up as easily).

There are no added fragrances, lessening the potential for irritation, and the face mask is usable by a majority of skin types — combination, sensitive, acne-prone, normal, oily, and more. This means that not only is the mask effective for countering blemishes and acne, but also is usable by most people with more sensitive or high maintenance skin types. Those with acne-prone skin will love this product because of all of these factors, and even though the product is marketed specifically towards men, it can be used by anyone regardless of gender.

Ultimately, this product is a great purchase for those with acne-prone skin or similar skin conditions. It’s affordably priced, naturally based, and effective at cleansing and detoxing. It only needs to be applied once a week for effects to be seen, and is a great place to start for those who don’t know what type of face mask would work best at getting rid of their acne.

Key Features
  • All around great product for deep cleaning skin
  • Hydrates while cleaning
  • Only needs to be used once a week
  • Developed with men's skin in mind
  • Application Time: 10-20 minutes
  • Product Form: Clay mask (Wash off)
  • Important Ingredients: Kaolin clay, Aloe vera, Sea kelp, Spirulina
  • Effectiveness Time: 1 week
  • Brand: RUGGED & DAPPER
  • Naturally based ingredients
  • Usable for all skin types
  • Effective for targeting blemishes/acne
  • Helps reduce over-production of oils
  • Product might dry out in the jar
  • Geared more to men
Premium pick

2. Pure Biology Premium Face Mask

9.90 / 10

This Premium Face Mask is a mask that was made specifically to target acne-prone skin, but that works on all skin types.

Made from a variety of different ingredients which have all been shown to be effective for skin detoxification — Vitamin B, bentonite and kaolin clay, Vitamin E, Retinol, Vitamin C, and collagen — this face mask is noticeably more effective than many others in targeting inflammation and blemishes and reducing dirtiness of pores and skin. In addition, because this mask is especially effective for acne-prone skin, it’s great for customers who have used face masks for acne before but have had difficulty with acne scarring or dark spots.

Most of the ingredients incorporated in this face mask serve particular purposes. Retinol and some other key ingredients help to smooth skin (i.e., get rid of wrinkles and stress lines) while also removing excess melanin from the skin. Vitamin B helps with inflammation and irritation while simultaneously hydrating the skin. Both vitamin C and collagen help to protect skin from sun damage. These ingredients truly form a product that helps acne-prone skin through layered rejuvenating properties and complementing protective qualities.

The Premium Face Mask overall is a great product that is perfect for those with acne, but can be used by anyone. This customer-approved product is equally effective at treating irritated or blemished skin and protecting skin and improving complexion. Though it’s priced higher than many other face masks, the price is worth the ensured effectiveness of the product!

Key Features
  • Effective at cleaning on every level
  • Hydrates while cleansing skin
  • Immediate results
  • Application Time: 20 minutes
  • Product Form: Cream
  • Important Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Collagen Peptides, Retinol
  • Effectiveness Time: 3 days
  • Mostly natural ingredients
  • Cleans and detoxifies pores
  • Clears irritation
  • Works on all skin types
  • Low potential for irritation post-application (depends on skin type)

L’Oréal’s Pure-Clay Face Mask is a great product choice for those who want a mask for relaxation, revitalization, and detoxification, but don’t know enough brands to find one they consider trustworthy.

Made from Moroccan lava clay, this mask has an interesting combination of ingredients that help to cleanse skin and maintain healthy pores. This mask is particularly effective for those with acne-prone or oily skin, working to make skin complexion more smooth and uniform. Toxins and sebum are removed without risk of drying, while pores are shrunk. While the Moroccan clay cleanses and detoxifies, the eucalyptus helps to hydrate skin and prevent drying or irritation.

One of the only issues is that although the product is priced well, a jar only provides about 10 uses. And considering the fact that you’re encouraged to use the product about three times a week, this means you’ll have to be restocking every three weeks or so. However, for those who recognize and appreciate L’Oréal as a brand, the price and necessity for consistent restocking is definitely worth it.

By simply using this face mask three times a week, you should see immediate results with your skin — especially if you’re dealing with issues involving acne or irritation. It’s a well-priced product with a lot of effective properties and ingredients, and can be easily integrated into a skincare routine without having to do much research. Overall it’s a good product, backed and made by a credible brand, and is a great place to start if you haven’t had much experience with using face masks before.

Key Features
  • Soothes skin while cleansing and detoxifying
  • Natural ingredients to ensure no irritation or inflammation
  • Application Time: 20 - 30 minutes
  • Product Form: Clay mask (wash off)
  • Important Ingredients: Moroccan lava clay, Eucalyptus
  • Effectiveness Time: 3 days
  • Particularly effective with acne
  • Clears and reduces size of pores
  • Hydrates skin during use
  • Only about 10 uses per jar, needs to be frequently reordered
  • Not ideal for those sensitive to chemicals

The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a customer-approved face mask that incorporates a surprisingly small amount of ingredients. With the only true ingredient being the 100 percent calcium bentonite clay, this mask is perfect for a customer looking for skincare products that have no additional or artificial ingredients (e.g., animal products, additives, fragrances). Additionally, the lack of additives means that this clay mask is extremely versatile — it can be used by people with almost any skin type without fear of irritation or skin damage.

The clay mask can be mixed with both water and apple cider vinegar, and can almost immediately be applied once the mixture becomes paste-like. The clay dries relatively quickly when applied to the face and can be left for varying amounts of time depending on the condition of the person’s skin; for less sensitive skin, 15-20 minutes is ideal, while for more sensitive skin, 5 minutes is sufficient. The bentonite clay helps to deeply cleanse and unclog pores — which is why there tends to be a tense sensation of pulling or stretching of the skin.

Though this mask is eco-friendly and fit for many different types of skins, for those with acne-prone skin it may be good to start off by sampling the product rather than committing and using a full mask. Because the mask is solely calcium bentonite and lacks additives and additional ingredients, the deep pore cleaning can cause temporary redness or irritation after usage. This should normally only last thirty minutes, but for more sensitive skin may last a bit longer. So for certain types of skin, everyday use of the product won’t be as much of an option.

All around this product is a well-priced, natural, and effective mask that can be used for nearly every type of skin, and can even be used on both your face and your body. It’s a reliable product, particularly for those with acne-prone skin, that can occasionally cause mild irritation, but otherwise, is fully worth the purchase and helps to clear skin, remove dirt, and unclog pores.

Key Features
  • Cleans skin without dehydrating
  • Will not cause irritation because of natural ingredients
  • Application Time: 5-10 minutes
  • Product Form: Clay Mask (Wash off)
  • Important Ingredients: Calcium Bentonite Clay
  • Effectiveness Time: 1 week
  • Naturally based ingredients
  • Deep cleans pores
  • Usable for most skin types
  • Potential for temporary irritation post-application
  • Doesn't help much with moisturizing skin
  • May clog drains

The Dead Sea Mud Mask is an amazing face and body mask that can be used for tightening skin, reducing the size of pores, and for reducing acne! The dead sea mud is made from large amounts of sodium and magnesium, and helps to remove dirt from the skin and get rid of different types of blemishes.

Mud from the dead sea is an ideal face mask for all skin types (oily, sensitive, dry, combination, etc.). This mask also contains a number of ingredients that are effective for reducing acne: Jojoba Oil, Chamomile extract, Aloe Vera, and Sunflower Seed. The mixture of the natural mud and this variety of herbal ingredients makes the mask gentle for all skin types, meaning that customers can implement this face mask into their everyday skin care routines.

This mask cleanses the skin and simultaneously exfoliates, working to remove toxins, dirt, and over-secreted sebum, while also getting rid of dead skin to reveal the smooth skin beneath it. These cleansing properties make this face mask a great choice for someone with acne-prone skin looking to reduce irritation, prevent breakouts, and remove acne and blackheads.

Ultimately, the Dead Sea Mud Mask is a great face and body mask for a person with acne-prone or sensitive skin. It’s affordably priced, has skin-rejuvenating ingredients, can be used daily without potential for drying or damage of skin, and is effective enough to produce quick results. Because it’s also been approved by the FDA, it’s free of sulfates and alcohol, and was produced cruelty-free — which is an important benefit of using this product for those who are environmentally aware or active! This is a great product in almost all regards and a must-buy for not only those with acne-prone skin, but for everyone in general.

Key Features
  • Deep scrubs pores
  • Removes oils and toxins
  • Smooths complexion
  • Application Time: 15-20 minutes
  • Product Form: Mud cream
  • Important Ingredients: Dead sea mud, Aloe Vera, Chamomile extract, Jojoba Oil
  • Effectiveness Time: 1 week
  • Deep cleans pores
  • Natural ingredients
  • Free of potentially harmful ingredients
  • Usable with all skin types
  • Must be restocked after a few weeks of use

The DERMAL 24 Combo Pack of sheet face masks is a greatly priced deal that allows you to get a surprisingly large number of face masks that all have particular purposes and properties. Though the pack does not specifically target acne or acne-prone skin, the variety of types of face masks in the pack allows for great treatment of remaining blemishes after more serious acne treatment.

The pack is set up as four groups — each group being composed of six face masks — with each group targeting different aspects of skin care. One group is for ‘moisturizing and soothing’ and is composed of a variety of face mask types (bamboo, aloe, aqua, hyaluronate, olive, cucumber). This group relaxes the skin, reduces stress lines, and fully moisturizes the skin for the entire day. Another group is for ‘firming and elasticity’ (face masks: pomegranate, wine, Q10, gold, platinum, and milk), helping to keep skin looking youthful and exuberant while also giving the skin moisture. The ‘brightening and clarifying’ group (face masks: charcoal, herb, white, green tea, pearl, and vitamin) helps with acne scars and dark spots while minimizing pores and smoothing skin complexion. The last group is ‘Nourishing & Anti-aging’ (face masks: apricot, royal jelly, rose, placenta, red ginseng, and snail), which focuses on helping rejuvenating and replenishing damaged skin to give your skin an exuberant glow.

Although some of the purposes of the groups of face masks seem to overlap a bit, this just means that there is more variety for specific skincare treatment desires.

Overall, although the DERMAL 24 combo pack isn’t particularly made for acne-prone skin, there’s enough variety in the pack to be able to target different types of blemishes and skin impurities. It’s perfect for a customer who’s looking to implement a face mask in their daily routine that helps to prevent future breakouts, rather than for someone who wants to immediately get rid of acne. It’s very well-priced, customer-approved, and definitely worth giving a try!

Key Features
  • Variety allows buyers to choose their favorite type of face mask
  • Simple, but easy to use
  • Application Time: 15-20 minutes
  • Product Form: Sheet mask
  • Important Ingredients: Collagen, Vitamin E
  • Effectiveness Time: Varies depending on mask
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Multiple options to choose between for specific issues
  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Low priced deal
  • Some overlap between mask purposes
  • Not all are effective for acne
  • Not usable on all types of skin

This black charcoal mask is an great purchase for those with acne-prone skin. It was specifically made with the intention of not only reducing and removing blemishes, but also for preventing blemishes from returning or developing.

Made with careful consideration of allergies and irritation, the mask is made from charcoal and bamboo — meaning that there’s no real potential for an allergic reaction to using the face mask. This mask is peeled off rather than washed off, but has been made in a way ensuring that peeling doesn’t cause pain or inflammation. Peeling off the mask helps ensure the removal of hair follicles and impurities!

This face mask not only leaves your skin feeling and looking cleaner afterwards, but also gives you a lingering radiance that’s hard to achieve with most face masks. This mask achieves this by removing excess oil and hydrating the skin. For those with acne-prone skin, this mask will be especially effective; through targeting toxins and reducing and relieving wrinkles, skin complexion will be significantly improved. In addition, the mask helps to minimize the size of pores, remove dead or excess skin, and to catalyze the growth of newer, healthier skin cells.

This face mask is truly an amazing purchase — with it being well-priced, effective with deep cleansing, revitalizing for skin, and usable for all skin types. In addition, it’s particularly good for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin, with the natural and sensitive ingredients ensuring no post-use irritation! Perfect for a customer who has acne-prone skin and wants immediate and effective treatment to integrate in their everyday skincare routine. The mask even comes with an instructional guide to help lead newcomers through the experience.

Key Features
  • Removes deep and pesky blackheads
  • Stimulates development of new skin cells
  • Application Time: 20 - 30 minutes
  • Product Form: Peel off mask
  • Important Ingredients: Bamboo charcoal
  • Effectiveness Time: 1 week
  • Removes accumulated dead skin
  • Minimizes pores
  • Helps to develop new skin cells
  • Deeply cleanses skin
  • Can cause irritation to more sensitive skin types
  • Not ideal for all skin types

The Vassoul Blackhead Remover Mask is a great example of a peel-off mask that works hard to removed deeply buried dirt and dead skin from pores. In particular, it’s great for people with acne-prone or sensitive skin who have blemishes or blackheads.

By digging deep into pores and clinging to toxins and bacteria, this mask effectively cleanses skin, giving it a refreshed and softer feel and look after usage. The mask works well for removing hair follicles that are clogging your pores and causing blemishes. But the advantage of this remover mask over most other blackhead remover masks is that it stimulates skin cell development (after removing dead skin), and provides a sense of vibrance with your skin that is hard to obtain with any other mask! Since the instructions for using the mask are quick and simple, it’s a great starter mask for someone who hasn’t used remover masks before.

Unlike charcoal remover masks, which bind to the skin but can potentially remove essential vitamins from the skin, kaolin clay only removes impurities and toxins from the skin, ensuring your skin will feel lighter and cleaner afterwards.

For many, one of the biggest issues with this mask will be the fact that aside from the kaolin clay used for the mask, the majority of the ingredients are synthetic and not naturally based. This means that even though the product is especially good for those with acne or blackheads, that it has potential to damage sensitive skin if moisturization isn't done properly after the mask has been washed off. Overall the product is a well-priced and effective purchase for those who have pesky blackheads, but don't know how to fully get rid of them. Acne-prone skin will flourish after use, but proper moisturizing must always be implemented.

Key Features
  • Removes dead skin and dirt with ease
  • Can be applied just a few times a week
  • Application Time: 30 minutes
  • Product Form: Peel off Mask
  • Important Ingredients: Kaolin Clay
  • Effectiveness Time: 1 week
  • Removes toxins and impurities
  • Great for removing blackheads
  • Great for acne-prone skin
  • Mostly manufactured ingredients
  • Not usable for all skin types
  • Potential for post-application irritation and inflammation

The Green Tea Matcha Mud Mask is a great purchase for those who specifically want a product that is especially strong at fighting skin impurities.

For those with blemished skin, the ingredients of this face mask are effective, soothing, and replenishing. Unlike many face masks, this mask is multifaceted in its targeting: it cleans and removes acne and blemishes, lightens dark spots, smooths rough or acne-scarred skin, and relieves wrinkles.

The vitamins and minerals from volcanic mud in the mask help to hydrate and refresh your skin. The green tea extract is truly a multipurpose ingredient, working to purge your skin of dead skin, dirt, and excess oils, while simultaneously allowing your skin to retain moisture. The green tea, when used consistently, also helps to prevent visible aging through removing wrinkles and stress line. The vitamin K in the mask helps not only with dark spots, but with removing bags beneath your eyes.

One of the main drawbacks of the product, however, is that it’s not free of potentially damaging additives like drying alcohols. Most of the ingredients that are included in this product are not naturally based, aside from the green tea extract. In addition, there’s an added fragrance, which can be harsh on more sensitive skin types.

Overall the product is a great buy for immediate treatment of skin blemishes, toxins, and impurities. But for sensitive skin, there’s potential for drying and minor damage. The product is well-priced however and has a money-back guarantee, so it’s worth giving a shot if you want to treat strong acne and have been unable to find the right product for you!

Key Features
  • Deep cleanses, leaves skin feeling purified
  • Hydrates while detoxifying; takes care of entire skin care routine
  • Application Time: 20 - 25 minutes
  • Product Form: Mud Mask (Wash off)
  • Important Ingredients: Green tea extract, Vitamin K
  • Effectiveness Time: 5 days
  • Removes wrinkles and stress lines
  • Soothes and replenishes skin
  • Removes acne scarring and dark spots
  • Has potentially drying and damaging ingredients
  • Not suitable for all skin types

Advanced Clinical’s tea tree oil mask is a low-priced, simple, and effective solution for combatting acne for those with acne prone skin.

The mask is made from a number of natural, effective ingredients; Vitamin E, tea tree oil, witch hazel, grapefruit extract, and aloe vera. All of these ingredients help with individual parts of the skin cleansing process. Aloe vera helps to hydrate and recover damaged or dry skin, while witch hazel actively removes dirt and excess oil from pores, and assists other ingredients in relieving skin irritation or inflammation.

Unlike many other types of face masks, this mask is a soft and soothing gel mask that will purely hydrate your skin without any risk of drying. In addition, the active tea tree oil will significantly increase the amount of hydration your skin receives. Since this mask can also be used as an overnight applicant, extended use can show immediate results in a short period of use. This mask’s hydrating and rejuvenating qualities also helps with acne scarring and dark spots.

Advanced Clinical’s mask is also free of damaging or questionable additives (e.g., drying alcohols, parabens, mineral oil), making it a versatile mask that is usable by people of all skin types — especially sensitive or acne-prone skin. Advanced Clinical has an 100 percent money-back guarantee if no results are seen, making it a great purchase for someone looking to try something new when other options haven't worked.

Overall, this product is a great buy — affordably priced, effective in its targeting of blemishes and irritation, rehydrating, rejuvenating, and naturally based. It’s a simple product that takes care of a lot of areas of skin care, and can be returned if it doesn't work for your skin type. However, because of its gentle and soothing properties, it should work well for every skin type!

Key Features
  • Easy to apply and can be worn overnight!
  • Healthy for skin because of natural ingredients
  • Deep cleansing and refreshes skin and complexion
  • Application Time: Overnight
  • Product Form: Gel mask (Wash off)
  • Important Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E
  • Effectiveness Time: 1 week
  • Hydrates skin
  • Works with most skin types
  • Naturally based ingredients
  • Relieves irritation and inflammation
  • Doesn't specifically target acne
  • Might cause eye irritation

There are a number of different ingredients that are important to keep an eye out for when attempting to find the best face mask for acne, or trying to relieve acne-prone skin. Retinol is an ingredient that targets excess dead skin and accumulated dirt or toxins. Salicylic acids target toxins and excess oil, making skin seem smother and more revitalized. Hyaluronic acid, tea tree oil, and aloe vera hydrate skin while the face mask is in use, making sure that no post-application irritation or drying happens.

In terms of types of masks, its important to consider which is best for your skin type. Clay masks are all-around great, being multifaceted in their targeting of toxins, oils, dirt, blemishes, acne scars, enlarged pores, and pretty much everything else. Clay masks are able to do this while also hydrating and rejuvenating the skin. Charcoal masks are particularly effective at removing blackheads and unclogging pores, but can sometimes remove essential vitamins and oils. Sheet masks are great for starters trying to get into face masks, wanting to get as much relaxation out of using masks as they do rejuvenation.

In addition, it’s important to understand your own skin type, and to understand how that will be affected by the type of mask and ingredients that you use. For more reactive skin, such as acne-prone, oily, or just sensitive, non-natural ingredients are much more likely to cause irritation and inflammation. Some of the more intense deep-cleaning masks will also cause temporary inflammation, such as charcoal remover masks. This is why it’s important to find out whether a face mask is usable for most skin types — to ensure that you’re not doing damage while you attempt to improve your skin. The best face mask for acne will help you enjoy clearer, blemish-free skin.

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