The 10 Best Grass Seeds of 2019

Grass Seed: The Best of 2019

At the best of times, choosing the best grass seed for an existing or new lawn can be an arduous experience. Once you set out to learn more, you’ll soon find there is a large variety of grass seed available.

The type of grass you select would depend on what it will be used for, so you know which variety of grass seed is right for the lawn you want to grow.

There are five questions every gardener needs to consider:

  1.  Are you looking to cover patches in your existing lawn or do you wish to plant new lawn from the word go?
  2. Does your yard feature plenty of shade, or does it get a lot of sun, or only partial sun?
  3. What would work better for you; a mix of seed varieties, or a specific type of grass seed?
  4. Can you allocate a lot of time to maintaining your lawn? Would you rather settle for low maintenance grass seed that hardly requires any watering? You might not have enough time left in the day to water your lawn regularly. In this case, the drought-resistant lawn will be right up your alley.
  5. What kind of soil do you have in your yard, is it sandy soil or clay-based? What about the pH level of your soil? If you are a hundred percent certain about pH level or soil type, you can always speak to your local gardening expert for advice. Some manufacturers of the best grass seed will show the soil type or pH level that is best suited to your chosen grass mix.

Also, pay attention to the climate where you stay, and be sure to select the types of grass that are best suited.

The Argentine Bahia type grass has hardly any seed sprout production like you would find with other grass varieties.

It is the kind of grass variant that delivers 10 to 12 feet of root structure, so it does not need a lot of water. Another plus is that Hancock’s grass seed is disease and insect resistant.

Argentine Bahiagrass is ideally suited to warm-season climates and is also environmentally-friendly.

The best part that is favored by gardeners and homeowners alike is that the Hancock Bahia grass seed gets dispatched directly from the Hancock Farm company.

There are two types: Bahiagrass Mix for use in Spring and Summer, and the grass variant that is made up of 75 percent Coated Bahiagrass and 25 percent, Browntop Millet.

The Browntop Millet produces great coverage, retain moisture within the soil, and prevent seed erosion. This ingredient proves itself useful for creating the right environment for Argentine Bahiagrass. It is said to germinate in as little as seven days should the moisture be adequate.

The actual growing cycle to full lawn is around 65 days. Be sure to keep your newly seeded section watered and mowed, so the Browntop Millet does not overcrowd or shade out your Argentine Bahiagrass seeds.

The Hancock grass seed works exceptionally well when you plant it during the rainy season in Florida. Expert gardeners suggest you place some hay over the seed once you sow them to deter the birds from eating these.

Key Features
  • A lush and wide bladed appearance that is very attractive
  • Ideal for lawns in the Southern states as well as in Florida
  • Minimal watering required
  • Disease- and insect-resistant
  • Package Size: 10 pounds
  • Grass Type: warm-seasonal grass seed
  • Coverage: 2,000 square feet
  • Manufacturer: Hancock Seed Company
  • Brand: Hancock Seed Company
  • Among the most environmentally friendly pasture grass that is suited to warm season climates
  • Get your grass seeds directly from the farm
  • The Hancock grass seed usually germinates within only 4 days
  • Ready to mow in 10 days
  • Might not be suited to cooler areas

The JRK Ultra Dense Shade best grass seed mix is made to assist homeowners in growing beautiful lawns in moist and shady areas. It is said to be ideal for use under huge and dense canopy trees.

There is no need to fertilize your seeds more than four times a year. As long as you ensure you make provision for sufficient irrigation in the areas where you planted these grass seeds.

JRK seed works exceptionally well when it is used in dense and shady areas of the yard or grounds where the sun does not reach for three-quarters of the day. The grass seed does well in damp areas too.

For best results, you can water when needed and fertilize two to three times per year.

JRK Ultra Dense Shade functions quite well under pine trees. This particular grass seed is excellent for overseeding problem areas where other grass seeds have trouble succeeding. You can be sure that only the best grass seeds are utilized when putting this product together. Most brands package their seeds by using plastic materials. JRK goes one step further by making use of breathable cloth bags instead.

All you need to do upon receiving your order is to spread it in the designated areas under the shaded parts of your lawn, water it regularly by ensuring it stays wet, and you are good to go.

The grass seeds feature a beautiful blend of ingredients to ensure proper growth of the grass seeds during moist soil conditions.

Key Features
  • Excellent for covering moist and shady areas
  • Ideally suited to be placed under canopy tree
  • No need to fertilize the grass seed more than 4 times a year
  • Great for overseeding problematic shady sections of your lawn
  • Package Size: 10 pounds
  • Grass Type: Cool-seasonal grass seed
  • Coverage: 1,000 square feet
  • Manufacturer: JRK SEED
  • Germinates within about 3 weeks time
  • Produces a fine-textured and beautiful lawn
  • These grass seeds really works and succeeds in shaded areas where other seeds fail
  • Not a perennial grass seed

The WaterSaver best grass seed mixture germinates within about a week. Great for filling in dead patches. It is the kind of grass that easily withstand a fair amount of human traffic, which can be attributed to the fact that It’s deep-rooted

This seed does everything it says and more. There were good reports about it as folks experience good results during the heat of the summer and in snowy weather conditions.

The secret to achieving excellent results starts during the preparation stage. It is suggested you plant the seed on the East side of your home where it may get some good morning sun and a bit more shade in the afternoon. However, WaterSaver grass seeds will produce excellent results even when exposed to all day sun.

Once it set roots, the seeds will grow at a steady pace. One could leave it for a period of three to four weeks before mowing your lawn. Some people will mow their garden bi-weekly. Apparently, it is best to water the seed for about 10 minutes once a week as it does not need too much water.

Even though you may notice a bit of drying during the harsh afternoon sun, there is no need to be overly concerned. Just give it a tad bit extra water, and the grass will be just fine.

Some pointers in the right direction: Be sure to cut the lawn short. We would say to about 1-1/2 inches. It might be an idea to utilize a tinned metal rake to open up the soil where you intend planting the seed. This way, it has a much better chance of growing like wildfire.

Key Features
  • Deep root system that allows it to draw enough moisture when needed
  • Heat and drought tolerant, requiring less irrigation
  • Offers superior protection against insects and disease resistant
  • Does not require a lot of mowing and less watering
  • Package Size: 10 pounds
  • Grass Type: Drought tolerant
  • Coverage: 1,000 square feet
  • Manufacturer: WaterSaver
  • When damaged it repairs itself
  • The lawn will maintain the fine texture its revered for and stay weed-free
  • Produces a thick and lush lawn area in shady conditions or full sun
  • May show signs of drying in the harsh sun

Pennington Annual Ryegrass grass seed flourishes in areas of your garden that are sunny or slightly shaded. This part of your garden should get at least 4 to 8 hours of sunlight. The seed varieties this brand is said to do very well when planted in full sun to light shade.

Gardeners can look forward to a fine-textured lawn that will remain a dark green color right into winter.

All grass seed is of the best quality and also drought tolerant. Property owners can be sure that their lawns will grow thick and healthy. You will use 30 percent less water every year.

Pennington's technology safeguards the seed from deadly fungus by germinating at a much faster pace than usual during the growth period.

Only four steps involved in getting the Pennington grass seed to flourish.

Firstly, you need to prepare the soil. It would depend on whether you want to reseed an existing lawn or start a new lawn. Should you be reseeding, then you ought to mow the lawn low enough for sunlight to reach the newly planted seed. Rake the soil clean if you are about to start a new lawn.

Secondly, you will begin to plant the grass seed. For this task, you can just use your hands to spread the seeds as instructed using your hands. Larger lawns will require a broadcast spreader.

Thirdly, you have to fertilize the soil by making use of a starter pack to ease the newly sown seeds into growing at a steady pace.

The fourth and final step is to water your Pennington grass seed daily until they are at least 3 inches tall.

Pennington is backed by many years of research, and the grass seed is grown by farmers whom they know and trust.

Key Features
  • Disease and heat resistant and does well during drought
  • Very easy to grow due to fast germination
  • Best for growth during full sun to light shade
  • Germinates in as little as 7 to 10 days
  • Package Size: 10 pounds
  • Grass Type: Cool-seasonal perennial
  • Coverage: 2,000 square feet
  • Manufacturer: Pennington
  • The grass seed is very resilient and sprouts within one week
  • Produces the lushest and greenest lawn around
  • The seed just grows comes sunshine or rain
  • Excellent for filling gaps in your yard
  • May have to continue mowing the lawn during winter

Jonathan Green germinates very quickly and fills the gaps nicely where damaged lawns are concerned. The best part about this particular grass seed is that it produces a lovely dark-green and uniform area. It is excellent in terms of drought and heat resistance, and it is naturally resistant to insects.

What people like about the Jonathan Green grass seeds is the protective coating that allows it to grow in both shade and sun. Another plus is that this seed, once it has grown into a lawn, copes very well with a lot of traffic.

Some folks reckon that this is one of the best grass seed types yet as users will experience thicker grass blades and substantial growth. As long as you remember to prepare the soil to the best of your ability and ensure you make use of peat moss.

What you should try and remember is to make use of Jonathan Green’s suggested steps by starting to sow your grass seed during March. Once you reach fall, you can aerate and overseed the lawn using Black Beauty Ultra. Experts reported they witnessed plush and full lawns when they followed this advice.

Even though these grass seeds seem to be a bit expensive, it sure is worth every cent. If you are truly after a bargain, you may want to order your seeds and fertilizer in the winter months when they are way cheaper.

The manufacturers of this seed takes a lot of pride in their products in that they do not allow old seeds to languish on the market.

Key Features
  • Roots will grow up to 4 feet deep for drought tolerance
  • The grass seed germinates in less than 2 weeks
  • Perfectly suited to shady and sunny areas
  • Easily seed into your existing lawn
  • Package Size: 7 pounds
  • Grass Type: Cool-seasonal Ultra grass seed
  • Coverage: 2,800 square feet
  • Manufacturer: Jonathan Green
  • Wards of disease as the grass seed feature an invisible wax coating
  • Moisture is preserves in the grass leaves to ensure superior drought tolerance
  • Does well in a variety of climates
  • Insect and heat resistant
  • Potential problems with germinating

Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue grass seed is about 7 millimeters long and egg-shaped. These are usually planted during spring and easily covers 1,000 square feet or more per 6-pound-sized bag.

The seed sprout during summer and result in glossy, green grass blades that are approximately 6 inches long.

This is the type of seed that does extremely well in well-drained, sandy and clay soils.

The best time to mow Kentucky 31 grass seed is once it reaches 3-inches. One should only water it every two weeks. Take care by applying fertilizer in summer to prevent crabgrass.

Did you know that these grass seeds were discovered during 1931, therefore the term Kentucky 31?

You can even use the grass seed of the Kentucky brand to repair burn spots that may have been caused by your pets.

What is really great about these grass seed is that you won’t experience any issues with weeds. Furthermore, it grows to be incredibly lush in only 45 days time. As long as you ensure you keep on watering the seed during this time and you will soon find that it is well worth every dime you pay for this grass seed.

For your information, the Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue best grass seed is an excellent choice when having to deal with overseeding. Do not forget that it is excellent advice to use this type of seed to repair damaged lawns. All you need to do is rake these areas to loosen up the actual soil before sprinkling your grass seed. Top it up with a bit of lawn soil, and keep it moist to ensure it works like it should.

Key Features
  • Hardy grass seed and extremely durable
  • Ideal for applications that regularly cope with foot traffic or any other abuses
  • Superb forage grass for all kinds of wildlife and pastures
  • Tested and accredited to be 98% pure seed
  • Package Size: 10 pounds
  • Grass Type: Cool-seasonal grass seed
  • Coverage: 1,000 square feet
  • Manufacturer: Kentucky
  • Weed, drought, and disease resistant
  • Certified seed by State of Oregon
  • Solid reputation for its superior quality and authenticity
  • Birds love it too, which may make it hard to keep your seeds

Many a homeowner loves to be outside and tinker around on their lawn. However, there is a group of property owners who want a little bit more in that they seek a healthier lawn that allows themselves and their families to enjoy the great outdoors and all sort of activities.

Others would toil night and day to see to it that their lawn is nothing short of being perfect. In layman terms, a beautiful lawn is something we all desire as it serves as an expression of who we are and of a job well done.

A lot of research is required on the part of the best grass seed manufacturers to ensure both avid gardeners and proud homeowners reach their goals of sporting greener and healthier lawns made possible by the best grass seed. groSMART plays a big part in making dreams come true.

Their premium seed features a host of attributes to help develop a stable root system that leads to a beautiful lawn at the end of the growth cycle.

Let us introduce you to the groSMART Turf Type Tall Fescue grass seed that is formulated to accommodate transition zone lawns. It is the kind of lawn that hardly needs watering and germinates rapidly.

In as little as three weeks you will see yourself mowing already thanks to the improved root development and faster germination.

groSMART’s patented treatment offers organic nutritional benefits wherever it is needed to help sustain the germination process.

Key Features
  • Germinates in less than 5 days
  • Produces a more sustainable and healthier lawn
  • groSMART technology ensure superior root depth
  • Bio-organic treated grass seed
  • Package Size: 10 pounds
  • Grass Type: Transition Zone Lawns
  • Coverage: 2,500 square feet
  • Manufacturer: goSMART
  • Requires 50% less water at seeding
  • Hardly any fertilizer needed when seeding
  • Has organic growth promoters
  • Blue tag certified
  • In some cases sprouting may take a little longer than expected

Scotts Turf Builder, best grass seed manufacturers, have done a vast amount of research to ensure the development of new grass varieties. They went all out to see to it that the grass seed grows into greener lawns that are tolerant of drought, shade, and the harsh sun.

You may want to avoid weed from taking over at some stage when growing new grass by making use of specialized products in the same range. While most weed products work differently, it is advised you wait until the new grass got mowed a couple of times before applying any weed control products. Always adhere to the guidelines provided on the label when making use of weed control.

The best time to plant Scotts Turf Builder grass seed is during fall or spring as the temperature is more ideal and would range between 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do not hold back from investing in this brand if you are ever thinking of overseeding or establishing a new lawn. It will be a grandeous selection to the benefit of your home and family.

Many users think highly of Scott's grass seed as they experience lush lawns that make for a beautiful feature anywhere.

When you acquire Scotts best grass seed, you are choosing seed from a brand that has been at this game for more than a century already. That says a lot about them as a company, which can be seen by the fact that they back their brand with a no-quibble guarantee.

Key Features
  • Grows thicker, quicker and greener than most grass types
  • Features WaterSmart PLUS Coating that allows the water to absorb much quicker
  • Repairs itself against traffic damage, drought and heat
  • Protects seedlings againts disease
  • Package Size: 7 pounds
  • Grass Type: Cool-seasonal grass seed
  • Coverage: 1,000 square feet
  • Manufacturer: Scotts
  • The grass holds well in high foot areas
  • Performs well in shaded and sunny areas
  • Cold tolerant and easy to grow in climates that are condusive to cooler temperatures
  • Birds may make a quick meal of your seeds if you're not careful

Bluegrass seeds once it reached full-blown status and formed lovely thick lawn can easily withstand the abuses of an athletic field. It proves itself to be an outstanding cultivar that has an exceptional resistance to stripe smut, stem rust, and leaf spots.

It is not for nothing that it's been said to be the best Bluegrass seed in the USA. One just have to look at some photos shown by happy customers to see how beautiful their Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass lawns are.

Amazingly, the unique compact type variety that is grown in the Willamette Valley in the state of Oregon presents many a homeowner with a rewarding and enjoyable experience. They can look forward to a luscious green lawn that is not only lovely but durable, too.

Gardeners and homeowners who wish for superior turf qualities turn their attention to Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass seeds.

One of the most prominent features of Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass lawn is the incredibly darkish blue-green color that provides it with a vibrant color even during low maintenance conditions.

What you need to remember is to prepare your soil properly to ensure your grass seed grows in just two weeks into full lawn. One person planted their seed during the early part of June, gave it enough water and witnessed outstanding results.

Homeowners and sod producers will fall in love with the growth characteristics of Kentucky Midnight Bluegrass as it will result in less maintenance and fewer mowing sessions.

According to trials conducted by a well known University, Midnight Kentucky grass seed has shown exceptional drought and heat tolerance.

Key Features
  • More than 15 years of proven performance
  • Very dark blue-green color
  • Achieves maximum results as certified organic
  • Great for mixing with Fesque grass
  • Package Size: 10 pounds
  • Grass Type: Cool-seasonal grass seed
  • Coverage: 3,000 square feet
  • Manufacturer: SeedRanch Bluegrass
  • Produces a very dark and lovely green blue color
  • Features high tiller density
  • The best grass seed for use on golf courses, professional landscapes, parks, and sod blends.
  • Ideal for cool climate lawns
  • Germinates a bit slowly compared to perennial grass seeds

TifBlair Centipede is excellent for use in parks, home lawns, or any landscape project. The best thing about TifBlair grass seed is that they do not have to be mowed as many times as other lawns. Your mowing time is cut by half.

This grass seed type is known to germinate quickly and has even be classed as an aggressive lawn type. Users reported how it spread like crazy to the extent that it choked out all other grasses and even weeds.

TifBlair grass seed proves to be a superb choice for lawns situated in the Southeastern regions of the USA. Furthermore, it is way more tolerant to colder condition and grows longer runners than your typical Centipede.

It is the type of grass seed you need when you plan on preparing a new lawn. The best time to sow these would be middle August to early November. Even better, is to plant the seed in March or April.

Although, quicker germination is often experienced between May and July.

One of the top questions asked by gardeners is how much seed they should use. As a rule of thumb do not skimp on the number of grass seeds you plant as it often results in spending a lot of time on weeding and watering.

The best way to determine how much grass seed is needed is to sketch the area, measure the area you want to sow with seed using a tape measurement. From here, you calculate the square feet you require and multiply the length and then times is with the width of the area you measured. Be sure to allow a fair amount of space for walks, paved drives, and other obstacles.

Key Features
  • Medium to coarse grass seed
  • Ideal for low pH soils
  • Quicker coverage due to faster seed germination
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Package Size: 10 pounds
  • Grass Type: warm-seasonal centipede seed
  • Coverage: 4,000 square feet
  • Manufacturer: TifBlair
  • Produces very dense and attractive turf that is also weed resistant
  • Deep root system even when the soil conditions are poor
  • Recovers fast when the water conditions are not favorable
  • Deer and geese are not attracted to this grass seed
  • Takes a bit longer to recover from damage

Grass seeds can be categorized into two different types:

  1. Cool-season grasses
  2. Warm-season grasses

Let’s break it down a bit more to give you an idea of what you are looking at.

When to Use Cool-Season Grass Seeds

This type of best grass seed tends to thrive in cool or arid zones and cool or humid zones. Within the USA, these areas would fall in the Midwest and North or Northeast regions.

What makes a cool-season grass seed. It is excellent for folks who have to deal with very hardy conditions that involve extreme temperatures where the soil is very cold. It is good to know that the seeds can also tolerate some heat.

They do best in temperatures that range between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to plant the grass seeds during spring and fall.

What you’ll notice is that these seeds can cope with long periods of drought. All that will happen is that they will go dormant and start growing again during the cooler months.

Except for icy winters, this type of grass seed will continue growing even when covered by snow. For this reason, it is best to plant these during the fall, so they can develop roots before winter arrives.

The most popular cool-season grass types would be; fine fescue, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass.

When to Use Warm-Season Grass Seeds

Warm-season grasses seem to do quite well during summer and are drought resistant. Therefore, it proves to be perfect for lawns within the Southern states. You will find these do exceptionally well in gardens that get a lot of sun. They grow like wildfire in temperatures that vary from 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Interestingly, your grass may seem to die off during the colder seasons when it is late fall and winter months. But, they start growing again once the warmer seasons begin.

Examples of warm-season grass seed would include; Zoysia, Bermuda, Buffalo, Bahia, and St.Augustine.

Some of these grass seed types require hardly any maintenance, is very durable and will even tolerate extreme drought conditions.

Gardeners often experience positive results with warm-season grass as they produce dense growth and can successfully be used in different soil groups that range from clay to sandy and acid or alkaline soil.

Certain grass seed types are suited for humid areas and also resistant to extreme heat, but do not tolerate cold temperatures.

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