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Hairspray might not be making headlines at the moment, but there’s no denying that a product that survived and evolved for nearly 80 years and multiple controversies must be worth something pretty special. Have you ever wondered how it stuck around? Who was buying it?

Finding the best hairspray for your needs is actually one of the most obvious and simultaneously underrated and under-discussed tricks in the beauty game. Chances are, if you’ve had your hair professionally cut and styled, you’ve been spritzed with a choice hairspray, whether you know it or not.

Scroll below through the best hairsprays of 2019 to find the right choice to tame flyaways, combat frizz and humidity, add shine, prolong the blowout of your hair dryer, boost volume, or provide the Goldilocks level of hold to help preserve your slammin’ hairdo for as long as you see fit. Learning to properly use hairspray to your advantage is far from a “stylists-only” opportunity; bad hair days are always defensible with the right products and learning to combat them with hairspray is really pretty easy when you’ve found the right one!

Premium pick

1. Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

7.75 / 10

It’ll save a lot of wasted time and energy to learn ahead of time that just because a hairspray is very effective at fighting humidity damage to hairstyles, it does not necessarily mean it is formulated for thick hair types. Texture and amount of hair are different metrics, and they align with different beauty industry language. For example, this Moroccanoil Luminous hairspray provides protection against humidity, but does not offer a super strong hold, which is the basis for thick hair care needs.

Of course, this product still has its perfect user base, which will likely be for one of three needs. The first two are styling related: Moroccanoil’s product is another excellent base for braiding, as well as for up-do styles. The third is that this product may be a great choice for dry and/or curly hair types, as it is formulated with Argan oil to increase hair’s shine and offers that frizz and humidity control, as well.

This hairspray doesn’t seem to have an advertised effectiveness time, which is probably fair, as it does benefit from reapplication. The major benefit of a spray like this is that it allows for variety within a short window of time; these lighter sprays do their job and can be reapplied to maintain styles for longer, but they can also be easily brushed out and changed. This type of spray might have used to been more applicable only for theatre and film participants, but now can also be an excellent trick for Youtubers, beauty bloggers, and others who have public-facing jobs that may require multiple looks in a single working day.

Key Features
  • Easy to brush out without creating flakes
  • Great for updo styles and as a braiding base
  • Formula infused with Argan oil for shine
  • Package Size: 8 x 14.5 x 9 inches
  • Effectiveness Time: Several hours
  • Hair Types: All
  • Brand: Moroccanoil
  • Non-sticky with frizz control
  • Humidity repelling
  • Signature, unisex, exotic scent
  • May need to reapply often
  • Not as effective in humid conditions
  • Not as effective for thicker hair

Just like its other product to make this list, L’Oreal Paris uses its fine misting nozzle technology for its Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold hairspray. This application style allows hair to maintain a soft feel through use, and the light coverage also makes it easy to brush out, if desired.

This is the only spray to be unscented (meaning no extra fragrance is added to the product, aside from the natural odors of ingredients), and one of many to help provide humidity resistance. This hairspray leans again towards favoring fine to medium hair types, feeling less viable for thick heads of hair. Curls and waves don’t quite hold in place all day with this formula, if they are at all dense. This product doesn’t seem to advertise for any specific hair type or texture, and I would suggest that thicker and coarser textured heads of hair opt for a different selection.

On the other hand, thinner, finer hair is usually also wispier in nature, and this hairspray provides superior flyaway control to help styles stay looking fresh long after creating them. Since it does not add volume or texture, this may be a great up-do product, as well; its lightweight formula won’t weigh hair down and its fine misting application will avoid a wet sheen while providing plenty of lasting hold.

Key Features
  • Unscented, all-day humidity resistance
  • Micro-diffusing mister leaves a soft finish
  • Very easy to brush out and doesn’t flake
  • Package Size: 2.1 x 2.1 x 10.2 inches
  • Effectiveness Time: Several Hours
  • Hair Types: Fine to medium
  • No sticky residue or build-up
  • Great flyaway control
  • Holds up through humidity
  • Curls don’t freeze all day
  • Actually smells quite strong
  • Makes some hair types look dull

Curly hair types can have a serious glow-up moment with the right hairspray on hand. If you’re wanting to maximize your luscious hair gift, you should be looking for a hairspray that provides both flexible hold and some anti-humidity properties. It can be difficult to strike the perfect balance between hold and leaving hair feeling touchable, but thankfully the industry has responded by providing a variety of options to try.

Garnier Fructis created this Flexible Control Anti-Humidity hairspray as one possible solution for controlled, moveable curls and waves. Their spray is unique for its bamboo extract infusion, which works to help provide hold and shine. Thanks to the anti-humidity formula, curls have the opportunity to dry without separating, frizzing, or losing shape. They maintain their tamed look through those hot summers and humid rainy-season days, which is just what we want.

Unfortunately for those of us with strong sniffers and scent sensitivities, hairsprays typically create some sort of noticeable smell—even if they are listed as unscented. As someone who is often bothered by scents, myself, I think it’s best to find the smell you can tolerate best, rather than looking for something unrealistically neutral. Garnier’s strong flexible hold hairspray offers a unique scent option that is a bit fruity and light and definitely different from other market options. If you have had troubles with sprays that are too perfume-heavy, consider trying a scented spray like this one, instead!

Key Features
  • Created specifically to combat humidity
  • Formula includes bamboo extract to help with hold
  • Reserves hair’s flexible feel and movement
  • Package Size: 9 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Effectiveness Time: 24 hours
  • Hair Types: All
  • Lots of hold without any crunch
  • Non-sticky feel and lightweight
  • Pleasant fruity fragrance
  • Not strong enough for frizzier hair types
  • Can make hair feel sticky and stiff
  • Spray nozzle clogs easily

Of course this classic had to be on our list. This Extra Hold hairspray from Tresemmé deserves a little rendition of their “ooh la la” jingle. It’s the perfect mid-range hairspray blend for just about everyone. It is advertised to work for all hair types, but it may be a bit too intense for finer hair, especially because it is slightly drying. That being said, fine hair types typically should be looking for a volumizing spray formulated for fine hair, anyhow (and there's many other options on this list!). So, beyond the fine hair demographic, this spray is an easily approved option for a variety of needs and hair textures.

Tresemmé created this formula to last all day and fight frizzy wisps and loss of style due to humidity. Unlike many of the other market options, it sprays on dry, so hair never feels sticky with residue. Like most hairsprays, this product can be layered in to your hairstyle lightly to increase control without creating a wet look as the final product, unless desired.

As an extra-hold strength product, this formula does tend to be a bit harder to shampoo out, especially if you opt to apply with a heavier hand for a tighter hold. Typically, up-do looks call for the most amount of product, but you may be able to put your next shampooing off for a day no matter what your style, since this spray does its job.

If you’re looking for a versatile, all-around power spray to have available for more regular styling, this is the top pick to keep stashed with your hair care supplies.

Key Features
  • Formulated with locking polymers to protect from humidity and frizz
  • Water-free spray creates hold without a stiff feeling
  • All day, extra hold and flyaway management
  • Effectiveness Time: 12 hours
  • Hair Types: All, including straight, curly, color-treated, and volumized
  • Sprays onto hair dry
  • No sticky residue
  • Can layer spray for more control
  • Too strong for fine hair
  • A bit drying to the hair
  • Doesn’t always shampoo out easily

I’m not going to lie to you, when I think 80s hair, tight curls, or mega hold, I think Kenra Volume Spray #25. This hairspray has an old-school glam feel, a serious formula for hold, and a real power for adding volume. This product stands out in the market for its claims of being wind-resistant up to 25 MPH and for being effective for a whopping 120 hours.

As a matter of fact, when hairspray first rose to popularity, many women would coat their hair to such a firm hold that they would then wear the style for a number of days before it began to sag and fall, at which point they would wash it. I would argue that Kenra’s spray can certainly achieve the same effect, as advertised.

This volumizing finishing hairspray is meant for long wear, formulated to resist environmental stressors, even down to strong breezes. If you’re planning on having a fixed hairstyle for a number of days, this is your go-to.

Kenra #25 can still be used as a daily spray, though the sticky nature of the spray does tend to easily clog the spray nozzle. With any tricky, sticky hairspray mechanism, you can always work towards prevention and/or potential resurrection by running warm water over the spray area after use. Small needle pins can also help unclog spray holes but be careful not to spray yourself in the face!

As briefly mentioned above, this formula also does a great job of adding volume, which makes it a viable option for finer, thinner hair (use sparingly). In general, when applying hairspray with the intention of adding volume, you want to slowly incorporate a lightweight spray in coats, allowing it to dry before adding more. With this spray, increasing product coats can amp up volume and hold at the same time, which is a great long-term style strategy.

Key Features
  • Volumizing and wind resistant up to 25 MPH
  • Formula is fast-drying and flake-free
  • 24-hour protection against high humidity conditions
  • Package Size: 4 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Effectiveness Time: 120 hours
  • Hair Types: Not specified
  • Holds style through adverse weather conditions
  • Does provide noticeable volume
  • Hair still looks natural despite firm hold
  • Spray nozzle clogs easily
  • Very strong, specific smell
  • Leaves hair feeling stiff

Curly, dry, and oily hair types alike can benefit from this option—a top choice from Sexy Hair’s BIGSEXYHAIR collection. For dry hair types, it’s best to seek a hairspray that is hydrating and/or adds shine. As an added side note, volumizing sprays can also be helpful for oily hair types, which can fall a bit limp and need a little lasting boost.

This product is called the Big Spray & Play Volumizing hairspray, and it seeks to offer solutions to a lot of hair care needs, which may make it a good candidate for a daily use type spray. The Big Spray & Play does not need to be applied heavily, but it does only offer medium to firm hold, which means it isn’t always quite effective enough for thicker hair types and ultra-long-hold styles.

Every product has its place, however, and this one really is a great all-around option for a very wide range of users. One of the unique perks of this hairspray is its ability to build upon itself and change up a look. It may not suit everyone’s lifestyle, but for those who can or like to switch up their look from day-to-night or as the day progresses, this is the can you want in your bag! A light application in the morning can hold your look through the workday, and an added evening spray-sesh can add intense amounts of volume for a sexy evening out style.

Key Features
  • Fast-drying, medium to firm hold with flexibility
  • Formula is volumizing, anti-frizz, and anti-humidity
  • Adds extra shine along with lift
  • Package Size: 10.6 x 2.3 x 2.4 inches
  • Effectiveness Time: 72 hours
  • Hair Types: Men & Women’s – all types
  • A little goes a long way
  • Adds body to fine hair types
  • Really effective to add layers of spray and change a look
  • Leaves a white residue
  • Not the best humidity protection
  • Not as effective for thicker hair

The Sebastian Shaper hairspray is one of a few top picks expertly formulated to cater to fine and thin hair types. This spray hits all the key points for these hair care needs: it is formulated to flash-dry so it won’t weigh hair down; it’s a lightweight spray that can be slowly incorporated; and it has a brushable, satin finish with a medium hold, which is more than enough for these hair types.

Of course, this unfortunately means that this particular spray will not be as worthwhile for thicker hair types, but it is a great choice to make thinner hair types appear thicker and fuller. As someone with very thick hair, this spray was not effective for me, but I have seen it as noticeably useful for a friend whose hair is a very close match to the Sebastian Shaper hairspray’s intended hair type demographic. It creates a natural-looking finish that lasts for up-dos and blow-outs alike.

Adding texture that lasts is always a priority for thin and fine heads of hair. For anyone, realizing halfway through the night out, important event, or first work day that their hairstyle has fallen flat is the pits. We all derive some sense of confidence from our chosen hairstyle and feeling like we look good, so choosing a hairspray that will deliver on what we expect and not let us down before our fun is done is so valuable for all hair types, equally!

Key Features
  • Lightweight, flash-dry spray
  • Satin finish formula is brushable
  • Medium hold with moveable control
  • Package Size: 10.4 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches
  • Effectiveness Time: Not specified
  • Hair Types: All
  • Great choice for fine hair
  • Brushes out easily
  • Makes hair look fuller
  • Not as effective for thicker hair
  • Spray nozzle clogs easily
  • Leaves a sticky residue

Catering to those of us who would much rather have a single product that hits all our major needs, TIGI’s Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine hairspray combines the opportunity for all-day, firm hold with the option for brushing out and restyling—a serious rarity. Their formula also targets adding lots of shine, as its name implies, which makes it one of the best options on this list for dry hair of any kind.

Its strong hold also favors thick hair, which is a huge bonus, and I’ll tell you why! Thicker hair types naturally require longer time under heat to style, whether that’s with a flat iron, a curling wand, or a hair dryer. This excessive heat exposure tends to dull hair, so quite often, people with thick heads of hair may be dealing with duller locks. TIGI offers to remedy these issues in one fell swoop with this option.

As with most sprays intense enough for thicker hair, this spray may clog the nozzle if precautions aren’t taken, and it may be a bit messy to use. This product is another option that has a fruity scent, which may be pleasant or off-putting for scent-sensitive users. Overall, this is a stand-out thick hair option that provides more versatility than most similar hold products.

Key Features
  • Formulated to add intense shine to hair
  • Very easy to brush out and restyle
  • Firm hold stays in place all day
  • Package Size: 8.2 x 4.2 x 2 inches
  • Effectiveness Time: All day
  • Hair Types: All
  • Doesn’t make hair greasy or leave a residue
  • Stronger hold is effective for thicker hair
  • Signature Tropical Berry Scent
  • Spray nozzle clogs easily
  • Messy to use
  • Does not add shine to all hair types

As mentioned elsewhere, fine hair types usually need to seek sprays specially formulated to provide hold and volume without weighing hair down, but every once in a while, a product truly does possess the magic to include all hair textures when they say “all.” L'Oreal Paris’ Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Bold Control hairspray holds that honorable spot on this list, providing a unique option with its ultra-fine misting nozzle. This gentle delivery method allows for unparalleled product control, light enough for those with fine and/or thin hair.

A little bit of this formula also goes a really long way, which makes it versatile enough for thicker, harder to hold hairstyles, as well. It can be spritzed at the roots to add volume and misted all over to help keep frizzy locks at bay. Akin to other strong-hold products, the Lock It hairspray can be a bit difficult to shampoo out, but may hold style for longer than your typical wash period. The formula is fast-drying, but does coat on wet, so it will require a little bit of time to settle before layering.

This is also one of only two hairsprays to make the cut that specifically prides itself in providing a great base and hold for braiding styles, which is important to note. Just like with using a mousse versus a gel, certain hair textures just react to product differently; ideally, one spray will cover all of our bases, but don’t be afraid to experiment situationally with another product.

Key Features
  • Even-coating, humidity-resistant spray
  • Fine spray mist can add volume at roots or control frizz all-over
  • Quick-drying, multi-purpose formula
  • Package Size: 2.1 x 2.1 x 9.4 inches
  • Effectiveness Time: 48 hours
  • Hair Types: All, especially braided hairstyles
  • A little goes a long way
  • Excellent option for fine hair
  • Really locks in styles
  • Very strong, specific smell
  • Can create build-up residue and be messy to use
  • Doesn’t always shampoo out easily

After John Frieda blasted into the mainstream, its marketing and advertising helped give it the reputation of being seen as a higher-end product, despite being drugstore accessible. While I can’t attest for the majority of its product line, having never had a reason to really invest in the brand, I do find their Frizz Ease Firm Hold hairspray to be a really special selection.

This is one of the few hairsprays on the market that is formulated with sunscreen, which helps protect hair from dulling, drying sun damage. The formula for this spray also aims to help increase shine, improving the healthy look of our hair, on top of protecting it. As its name states, this hairspray is also an anti-frizz forerunner, helping to keep moisture sealed into hair while keeping environmental pressures out.

While many, many hairsprays claim to combat frizz, this is the sole product that claims to be made specifically for frizzy hair types, rather than as an added bonus. It dries quickly and provides a firm hold, which complements the anti-frizz properties nicely for some curly and kinky hair textures. This is definitely one of the most openly specialized hairsprays on the market, and it is able to maintain its relevance and profitability because John Frieda has done a stellar job of making a “miracle” product for its targeted demographic. If frizz is your top enemy and you like a glossy finish to your style, this is the no-brainer choice that I would recommend every time!

Key Features
  • Combats frizz in all weather conditions
  • Seals moisture out of hair
  • Formulated with sunscreen and created to increase shine
  • Package Size: 3.1 x 2 x 5.9 inches
  • Effectiveness Time: 24 hours
  • Hair Types: Frizzy
  • Quick dry; firm hold
  • Humidity resistant spray
  • Made specifically for frizzy hair
  • Leaves hair sticky
  • Spray nozzle clogs easily
  • Not the most pleasant after-smell

In the early 1940’s, chemical spray cans crossed over from their initial application purpose into the beauty world, where they became aerosol-propelled vessels for distributing wet, shellacking polymers to hair strands to keep them stuck in place with one another. Hairspray didn’t get its colloquial name until the 50s but became a global phenomenon by the middle of the same decade.

This new beauty product opened doors to exciting, previously unthought-of possibilities for hair styling. Men and women could now maneuver their hair into styles beyond their typical options, and lock these looks into place for hours (and sometimes days). A number of new styles were even born of the product’s ability to create a shiny, wet look when heavily applied.

As a first potential setback to the future of hairspray, science of the 1970’s exposed the main chemical that was being used in aerosol sprays (CFCs) as harmful to our planet’s increasingly fragile ecosystem. These seemingly harmless beauty products were helping to pierce a whole in the Earth’s ozone layer, but due to the product’s popularity, alternate propellant options were tested and became viable to replace the CFCs. Hairspray continued to be manufactured and sold across the world with the new-fangled, safer delivery methods—as it still is.

Demand for hairspray has largely fluctuated as styles have changed, but today, hairspray is even applied to loose or straightened styles in order to keep them looking Instagram-ready all night long. Although professionals and many consumers use hairspray, it doesn’t seem to get much press or conversation. In fact, I don’t think I can ever recall a time I’ve discussed hairspray with anyone, and up until recently, I had stuck with the exact same product that I picked out blindly at a drugstore many years prior.

The second deterrent to the popularity of hairspray rests within the circulated ideas that some hair products, hairsprays especially, are or can be very drying and damaging to hair. Unofficially, there was a large push in the beauty community some time in the mid-2000s which cast a bit of a taboo around the idea of using hairspray at all; this perceived negativity may contribute to why people don’t seem to be as quick to admit to their product of choice now.

Truthfully, anything can be harmful if used in excess, inside or outside of the beauty community. Adding some hairspray to finish your look and maximize your hard styling work is totally normal and incredibly helpful! The most important thing is that you’re using your product tactfully, not overapplying your spray, and selecting the hairspray that suits your lifestyle and needs. Hopefully this guide has helped with your shopping expectations to find the best hairspray for your needs, and happy long-hold hair styling!

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