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The 10 Best Halloween Costumes of 2019

Halloween Costumes: The Best of 2019

As Halloween 2019 rapidly approaches, there are more than a few people out there who are secretly fretting over their Halloween costumes. It may sound like such a simple thing to pick out a costume that you’re likely going to wear one night out of the year, but it turns out that the uniqueness of the costume actually adds that much more pressure to the decision. After all, you really only get one chance to make a good impression with your costume.

The good news is that it turns out there’s not actually that much worth worrying about. While there is quite a bit of social pressure when it comes to your Halloween costume, a little research can go a long way when it comes to finding the best Halloween costume that will not only stand out but will make it through the night or the wildest party.

Yes, it turns out that picking the best Halloween costume can often come down to finding a costume that’s just generally well-made and opens itself up to a variety of customization possibilities with regard to makeup, hairstyles, and accessories. What we’re here to help with, then, is making sure that you feast your eyes on a variety of top Halloween costume options that are not only fantastic standalone choices that will end your Halloween shopping nightmares but, in some cases, will simply serve as the perfect foundation to whatever costume you’re hoping to come up with this year.

So whether you’re looking for the complete costume package or you’re just interested in designing your own look, these are some of the best Halloween costumes of 2019 that you'll want to know about.

We come to one of the most popular, beloved, and honestly downright awesome Halloween costumes of the last few years.

As you may notice when shopping for this costume, it’s actually related to the recent Jurassic Park movies. While those movies were popular enough (and the franchise remains extremely popular), we actually don’t recommend this costume because it’s based on that movie.

We also don’t recommend this costume just for kids even though it seems to be at least somewhat aimed at that demographic. Actually, you’re probably much more likely to see adults wear some variation of this costume.

Why? Well, it’s because it’s very funny. See, when you try to walk in this costume or perform really any movements at all, it just looks...odd. The arms of the costume are incredibly short, and the legs don’t quite scale with the body.

That may sound like a knock, but it’s not. In fact, this costume has become a favorite in internet circles precisely because it is so downright hilarious. It’s especially funny if you’re trying to perform everyday activities in it.

This costume is a little larger than most, so you’ll need to be prepared for that. It also requires batteries, so you may need to manage that a bit. However, if you’re the type of person that loves being in and posting clips from your Halloween parties, we can guarantee that this one is going to be the star of many clips this year.

Key Features
  • 100% Nylon
  • Zipper closure
  • Hand wash
  • Recommended Age: 13+
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 0.7 inches (more when inflated)
  • Sizes Available: Plus, Standard, Teen
  • Brand: Inflatable Dinosaur Costume
  • Looks funny
  • Surprisingly easy to move in
  • Well-made
  • Does require batteries
  • Can get hot
  • Might be a little bulky for some situations
Editors choice

2. Raxwalker Plague Doctor Bird Mask

8.00 / 10

Over the last handful of years, we’ve started to see more and more “steampunk” variants and similar costumes. The popularity of this look overall tends to dip in and out, but a there are a lot of individual components of the look that actually look great even if you're not a huge fan of the trend itself.

That’s especially true of the plague doctor mask, which has consistently found itself near the top of many “best of” Halloween costume lists for the last few years.

The plague doctor mask look dates back to the times of the plague when even otherwise ordinary citizens were rounded up and asked to help treat others who had been infected by the disease. Many of these doctors wore masks such as this filled with items designed to help to increase the freshness of the air.

This mask is suitably creepy, then, but it also offers a rather distinctive look. If you’re looking to go the traditional option, then you can pair this with a robe or leather jacket and matching hat in order to go for the “accurate” interpretation of this idea.

What’s interesting, though, is that it’s actually possible to go other routes with this mask. You can pair it with a top hat and tuxedo, for instance, or just wear it alongside a more modern doctor or surgeon outfit.

Again, the overall design of this masks and similar variants is of such high-quality that it’s really easy to simply purchase this and figure out a costume from there.

Key Features
  • Adjustable
  • Full-face mask
  • Ventilation holes
  • Recommended Age: All ages
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 11.8 inches
  • Sizes Available: One size fits all
  • Brand: Raxwalker
  • Great look
  • Surprisingly versatile
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Not a complete costume
  • Might be tough in crowded rooms
  • Minimal ventilation
Best value

3. iHeartRaves Mask Bandana

9.00 / 10

We’ve got a few masks on this list largely due to the fact that you can actually do quite a lot with a mask. While you may think that some of them limit the scope of your design, the truth is that you can easily think outside of the box with a mask.

That’s the thing we love most about this iHeartRaves Mask Bandana. It’s one of the most versatile (and popular) masks of its kind that you can buy this Halloween.

Interestingly, these aren’t just designed to be Halloween masks. As the name implies, they’re quite popular at raves, but you can also genuinely use them to help protect yourself against dust and debris. That might not matter to you much as far as a Halloween costume goes, but it speaks to the quality of the material.

What’s truly fantastic, though, is the fact that you can wear this mask in a variety of ways. Whether you want full coverage, a head band, mouthguard or more, there are several ways to wear this mask that could be the basis of a variety of costumes.

So far as that goes, we also love the sheer number of design options you get with this mask. Some of them are outright made for Halloween (like the skull mask) but even some of the more unconventional ones can be used as the start of a tremendous (or even minimalist) Halloween costume if you’re choosing to “build your own” look this year.

Key Features
  • Microfiber polyester
  • Lightweight design
  • One size fits most
  • Recommended Age: All ages
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 5 x 0.2 inches
  • Sizes Available: One
  • Can be used in a variety of ways
  • Tons of design options
  • High-quality materials
  • Doesn't really work on its own
  • May require some creative thinking
  • Runs a little loose

In the ‘80s, films like Top Gun created this mostly brief cultural obsession with jet fighters and pilots. This in turn led to many guys dressing up like pilots for Halloween. Over the years, though, that look has faded in popularity somewhat.

So why are we recommending this costume for 2019? Well, it comes down to a couple of factors.

The first thing you’ve got to consider is that this look never stopped being at least somewhat cool. It’s a classic “guy” look that checks many of the boxes that you’re usually looking for in a Halloween costume. It’s surprisingly comfortable, it’s recognizable, it’s easy to “assemble,” it’s affordable, and it’s versatile enough to add your own touches to it. All of that argues well for the idea of bringing this look back.

However, there’s another pretty good reason you should think about wearing this costume again, and that’s because it’s probably going to be very popular again very soon. With the new Top Gun movie set to release in 2020, we’re willing to bet that outfits such as these are going to be very popular again in the near future. Why not jump on top of the trend by wearing it a year early when it’s still at least a great retro look?

You’ll probably need to compliment this look with some aviator sunglasses and maybe a couple other accessories, but this is just a tremendously simple and effective costume to consider this year.

Key Features
  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand wash
  • Interchangeable Goose and Maverick badges
  • Recommended Age: 18+
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Product Dimensions: Varies
  • Sizes Available: XS-3X
  • Fantastic look
  • Easy to accesorize
  • Trendy again
  • Might be a little tight
  • Sunglasses not included
  • Might not last more than one Halloween

Sometimes, you can’t beat the classics when it comes to Halloween. Ghosts, skeletons, goblins, clowns, and so many other popular and traditional Halloween costumes tend to be popular for a reason. The only real problem with such costumes is that they tend to be a little...obvious. If you’re the type of person who loves to surprise people at least a bit with your creativity, you tend not to go with those looks.

That’s a big part of the reason why we love this mask and the many Halloween costume options that it affords you. It’s somewhat of a classic, but it’s not so common that you’ll not at least receive some credit and admiration for your look.

This Venetian Masquerade Mask is of a variation that is sometimes referred to as a Mardi Gras mask. You also may have previously seen them in old masquerade parties and balls. That’s part of the reason why the look is considered to be a “classic.”

However, this mask’s status as such can also be attributed to the timelessness of its look. There are several variations of this mask of the same basic style, and all of them look fantastic. Each is intricately detailed, and each is designed to also be used as a home decoration.

Whether you go with a “traditional” look for this mask or you decide to mix up the basic look just a bit, this is a simply fantastic costume option for those looking for a fuss-free Halloween look.

Key Features
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Usable as a mask or decoration
  • One size fits most
  • Recommended Age: All ages
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Product Dimensions: 19.35 x 25.6 in.
  • Sizes Available: One
  • Great design quality
  • Various design versions available
  • Incredibly detailed
  • May need to accessorize with it
  • Can fit a little loose
  • Strap is a little weak

We’ve got a few superhero costumes on this list simply because superhero costumes are easy, popular, and usually look quite good. This one, though, is really quite special, even when compared to the rest.

Modeled largely after the popular Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, this Spider Gwen cosplay costume offers the best of several worlds. It’s basically like the Spider-Man costume that many of us know and love, but this particular design incorporates more of a modern look.

The result is something that has the unique quality of being both instantly recognizable yet different from what you’d expect. This should lead to people taking a glance at your costume because they believe they recognize it but lingering a little longer to appreciate the differences. Given that this is an extremely well-designed copy of a well-designed costume, there will be quite a lot to look at.

Some may also appreciate that this is a superhero costume for women that doesn’t demand a beach body in order to truly appreciate and effectively wear. The sizing of the individual components may take a little consideration and tweaking, but for the most part, you should be able to find a version of it that fits you and looks great regardless of your body type.

Overall, this is just an incredibly well-made costume that is topical yet different enough to ensure that you probably won’t see too many like it even though you’re buying it off the rack (so to speak).

Key Features
  • Unisex
  • Lycra material
  • Headgear, jumpsuit, and eye mask included
  • Recommended Age: All ages
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Product Dimensions: Varies
  • Sizes Available: Kids Small to Adults Large
  • Recognizable look
  • Interesting variation on a classic
  • Great overall costume design
  • Sizing can be difficult
  • Gloves are a little off
  • May be better to buy mask separately

We come to another Halloween costume modeled after a superhero. As we said, superhero costumes have tended to be quite popular over the years, and that certainly hasn’t changed now that superhero movies are more popular than ever. This year, you can be sure that one of the most popular superhero costumes for women will be this Captain Marvel outfit.

There are a few good reasons for that. First off, the Captain Marvel movie was a pretty good superhero adventure that was perfect for any young woman who grew up a superhero fan and wanted more female superheroes to look up to. The success of Captain Marvel was a fantastic cultural moment in that respect.

For Halloween purposes, though, the appeal of this particular costume extends to its basic look and how well-made replicas such as these tend to be. This is a simple jumpsuit design that sports some nice details and excellent material. As with many costumes like this, you may have to play with the sizing a bit, but you should find some kind of sizing option that works for your body type.

Overall, this is just an incredibly well-made costume that is based on a popular recent character but maybe shouldn’t be so overwhelmingly popular that you’ve got to worry about everyone wearing it. There’s not much room for variation with this one, but it’s still just a fantastic overall look that you should definitely consider as a Halloween costume.

Key Features
  • Polyester material
  • Pull on with zipper
  • Licensed costume
  • Recommended Age: 18+
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 1.5 inches
  • Sizes Available: Extra Small to Large
  • Excellent design
  • Incredible detail
  • Complete costume
  • Sizes may be larger than advertised
  • Doesn't leave much room for creativity
  • Might not last past one wear

We mentioned before that there are going to be a few Halloween costumes inspired by superheroes on this list, but this is by far the most unique of those costumes that you’re likely to encounter this year.

For those who don’t know, this costume is modeled after Thor as he appears in the recent Avengers: Endgame. In case you haven’t seen the movie or need a reminder, much of the film sees the God of Thunder pack on a few pounds and come to resemble “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski. It was a funny joke in a popular film that inspired quite a lot of talk.

Now, you can recreate that look with the help of this mask. In most cases, the downside with masks is that they’re not really a complete costume. They’re usually just the basis of a costume that you’ve then got to build around.

What’s great about this particular mask that is it really doesn’t require much additional work. You’ve just got to buy this mask, find your most comfortable clothes, and maybe get a case of beer (and possibly Thor’s hammer), and you've got a pretty great Halloween costume ready to go.

We suspect that this costume will be quite popular this year, but we don’t imagine that it will be so popular that you’ll have to worry too much about a ton of people bringing it to the party. That makes it a pretty great all-around option.

Key Features
  • Fiber synthetic wig
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Natural looks
  • Recommended Age: All ages
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Product Dimensions: 22-22.5 inches
  • Sizes Available: One size
  • Relevant costume
  • Surprisingly versatile
  • Looks great
  • Only part of a complete costume
  • May be a little itchy
  • Sizing adjustments likely required

Many of the best Halloween costumes are the ones that start with a simple piece that you then build out from yourself. We’ve seen that before with some of the masks that we’ve talked about, but there are a few things out there that you can use as the basis to fantastic (and original) Halloween costume.

That’s especially true of this hooded robe cloak which is really just the starting point for all kinds of incredible possibilities.

The most obvious of those possibilities involves using this as the basis for a Star War Jedi costume. That’s certainly how this robe is modeled in many of the photos you see from people who bought it, and it’s hard to argue with that approach. There’s yet another Star Wars movie coming out this year, and Star Wars costumes are generally popular regardless of whether there is a new movie coming out anyway.

What really impresses about this robe, though, is how much you can do with it. You can pair it with a few of the masks we’ve recommended in order to go with a complete look. You can go with a monk or Friar costume. You can even just use this as a comfortable accessory for a completely original costume of your own design.

Actually, you can’t really overlook the value of just getting to wear a robe this Halloween and enjoy an evening of comfort and fun. It’s just a great overall option.

Key Features
  • Uniform cloth fabric
  • Includes tabard, belt, pants, tunic
  • Various sizes based on measurements
  • Recommended Age: All ages
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Product Dimensions: Varies
  • Sizes Available: Extra Small to XXL
  • Surprisingly versatile
  • Comes in various colors
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • A little simple
  • Likely will need to accessorize
  • Fabric is a bit thin

While Halloween costumes are one of those great traditions that seem to survive the times no matter how the times change, that doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from some modern technology. The only problem is that modern technology hasn’t really affected the average Halloween costume in many meaningful ways.

However, these masks from Yostyle show that a little tech can go a long way when you’re looking for a Halloween costume that stands out a bit and feels much more modern than almost everything else out there.

The “gimmick” with this mask is that it’s filled with LED lights and tubes that activate on-command. These masks are almost guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go simply because you don’t see a lot of masks that do that quite as well without relying on a much more simple “glow in the dark” design. There are a ton of variations of this mask out there as well, so you shouldn’t run into a problem of encountering too many of them (unless you’re trying to coordinate with others to do so).

What’s really impressive, though,are the ways that any of the mask designs that you choose with this basic style can be customized. Because you are able to change the rhythm and light patterns of the included LED accessories, it’s incredibly easy to make whatever mask you eventually choose feel like your own.

Those customization and accessory options are usually recommended with masks, but the way this mask uses tech to offer additional options really makes it stand out.

Key Features
  • Various LED modes
  • Non-toxic
  • Padded fit
  • Recommended Age: All ages
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Product Dimensions: 7.48 x 7 x 3.14 inches
  • Sizes Available: One
  • Variable lights
  • Goes with various looks
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • You will need to accessorize for a full costume
  • Doesn't come with batteries
  • May be quite popular

To get you in the mood for Halloween, here are a few facts about the holiday and Halloween costumes.

Halloween is incredibly old…

It’s generally agreed that the idea of Halloween dates back to the Celtic holiday of Samhain which was practiced over a millennia ago.

The festival of Samhain was celebrated from October 31 to November 1 according to the Gaelic calendar. It was a harvest holiday that involved the process of people inviting the souls of their passed ancestors to join them at the table for a feast.

This process would typically involve at least some of the people dressing in ways they believed would help them communicate with the dead, but we’ll talk about that a little more in a bit.

...but the phrase "Trick or Treat" is relatively new

So where does the phrase "Trick or Treat" come from? Well, it certainly doesn’t date back to the earliest “Halloween” variations, but it’s not entirely clear where the phrase originates from.

Interestingly, though, it seems that the first recorded use of the phrase in relation to Halloween dates back to a newspaper published in Blackie, Alberta, Canada in 1927. That’s the first noted recorded mention of the phrase, but it’s likely that the phrase was being used before that and simply wasn’t recorded in a formal fashion.

There’s some debate about why we wear costumes and ask for candy

Some reports indicate that the earliest Samhain festivals involved people wearing costumes going from door to door and asking for food. You’d think that would be the definitive origin of the modern Halloween custom, but it’s not that easy.

Actually, some people believe that the custom really started to spread as an idea when poor children would go to the homes of the rich in costume and sing for food as part of All Souls’ Day. If you want to be entirely accurate, the spread of the idea can really be attributed to a variety of factors.

The famous mask from the movie Halloween was based on William Shatner

Michael Myer’s mask from the hit horror film Halloween is one of the most popular costumes ever, but its origins are much more humble than that.

Hollywood legend has it that a member of the Halloween production crew was asked to go buy the cheapest mask from a local store to use on the movie. It seems that the crew member purchased a $2 Captain Kirk mask which the team later modified so that it looks like it does in the film.

There’s a reason why orange and black are classic Halloween colors

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, there’s a reason why orange and black are the popular colors associated with Halloween.

Orange is seen as a color typically associated with the harvest (which dates back to Halloween’s origins) and black is one of the more popular colors associated with death. The two colors pay tribute to the origins and ideas of the holiday.

Witches were among the top popular Halloween costumes for kids and adults in 2018

You might think that adults and children look for different costumes when it comes to Halloween, but the numbers suggest that’s not entirely true.

In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that witch costumes were the most popular costume choice among adults in 2018 and the fifth most popular choice among children. Superheroes (specifically Avengers heroes) appeared on both lists as well.

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