Creative Halloween Party Themes of 2019

Hosting Halloween? We can help. Use one of our creative ideas for an unforgettable Halloween Party theme

Get creative with these theme ideas for your next Halloween Party

Nothing pulls party planning together like a great theme. This is doubly so for a Halloween party. Deciding on a fun, spooky, or glamorous theme for your Halloween party makes everything easier, from choosing decorations and food, to helping your guests come up with the best Halloween costume ideas.

When it’s time to plan your party, do you feel like a zombie without ideas or thoughts? Do you feel like running screaming from the house in a flimsy tank top into the dark night? Or maybe hiding under a bed, despite the fact that everyone knows that's the first place the psycho, or ghost, or evil spirit will look?

So now that the Halloween ideas are flowing like blood, it’s time to plan your next Spooky Spectacular, Boo-Bash, Freaky Frolic, or Garish Gala.

Witches and Warlocks Dinner

This Halloween party theme can inspire creative decorations and food ideas. Think cauldrons of craft beer on dry ice as your bubbling brew, and tables decorated with green moss and bundles of aromatic herbs. And of course there’s always the classic broomsticks and black cats. You can easily imagine witchy recipes on crinkled parchment paper, black candles and glimmering black plates and goblets. This can be an eerily elegant dinner, or fantastical festival, with your guests arriving in the best Halloween costume ideas of classic witchery and wicked warlocks.

Angels and Devils

This is great for a couples-centered Halloween party. Decorations can be contrasting themes of heaven and hell with harps and clouds in some areas, and pitchforks and flames in others. Some of the best halloween costumes over the decades have centered around red devils and glittering angels, making this a fun theme for your guests to costume themselves. Party food and drinks can combine the sweet and savory with choices such as heavenly ambrosia, or spicy bloody Mary. You can feature flaming kabobs, and both devil’s food cake and angel food cake choices.

Scary Movie Night

This is a classic Halloween party theme that’s fun to pull together. You can center your decor around popular horror movies with movie theater style popcorn and snacks along with your party food. Guests can come dressed as their favorite evil characters or hapless victims, and be greeted at the door with a music mix of popular scary movie theme music.

Halloween Night in New Orleans

The traditional colors of purple, green, and glittering gold which traditionally decorate the crescent city make a fantastic Halloween party theme. This demands a spicy menu of traditional creole and Cajun food—maybe even featuring “boudin,” or blood sausage. Mardi Gras, Haunted Bayou, and Voodoo are all great theme ideas that are festive and fun, or eerie and spooky. Or combine them all for an all-around New Orleans Bourbon Street Style fun-fest.

With a New Orleans themed party, guests can bedeck themselves in purple and gold with glitter and beads, or even come as a traditional New Orleans pirate, or French Quarter vampire, making this the party with best Halloween costume choices. Planning this party will be the Big Easy!

Couples of Infamy

This is another great Halloween party idea for adult couples. Guests can appear as famous couples of any time period, so you may have an eclectic mix of Bonnie and Clyde, Sonny and Cher, Adam and Eve, Jack and Rose, Henry the Eighth and Anne Bolyn, or even Kim and Kanye. The ideas are endless for costumes, decorations, and food.

Decade Decadence

This is a fun Halloween party theme that allows guests to dress from any decade they choose, from the roaring twenties, the fun fifties, the hippie seventies, or outrageous eighties. This theme also gives you a lot of leeway for food and decorations. It’s also a lot of fun choosing music from multiple decades as well as vintage decor, and even popular foods of the time periods.

Halloween Party Classics

If you want to stick to the tried and true, never-fail fun classics, there’s always Haunted House, Zombie Apocalypse, Autumn Harvest Festival, and Murder Mystery. Themes like Creepy Crawlies, Vampire Romp, Fright Night, and Monster Bash always work well and inspire some of the best Halloween costume ideas, fun food, and decadent decorations.

No matter what theme you choose, Halloween parties practically plan themselves, and everyone always has a spooktacular time.

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