The 10 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions of 2019

Indoor Tanning Lotion: The Best of 2019

Whether you are new to the tanning world or a frequent customer of the local tanning salon, finding the best indoor tanning lotion can be a confusing process. There are, of course, tanners available at salons, but they are often overpriced and lack in variety.

Now there are so many great products to choose from that you can certainly choose the best indoor tanning lotion for yourself. With so many to choose from, though, how do you know which one is right for you?

That ultimately comes down to personal preference and the look you are trying to achieve. Below are some of the best indoor tanners on the market, whether you are simply looking for a base tan, a dark look, or just something to maintain the color of the complexion you already have.

A lot of tanning lotions lack versatility. Most of them are meant to improve your tanning experience, and that’s it. Unless you tan multiple times a week, the product is likely to just sit on your shelf and collect dust. That’s what makes the Baja Bae 3-in-1 tanning lotion so unique. Yes, it is a tanning lotion, but it can also be used as a daily moisturizer and on your face for a quick bronzed look.

As a tanner, Baja Bae works great as an accelerant. The lotion doesn’t need to be applied with a tanning mitt, which automatically makes it easier than most other tanners. It accelerates the rate of your tan, so you don’t have to waste hours in the sun or visit the tanning bed frequently.

Baja Bae is also not greasy or sticky, and it doesn’t leave streaks because it isn’t a self tanner.

Baja Bae can also be used as an alternative to tanning, because the moisturizer component has a bronzing effect. That means it provides a distinct yet subtle glow every time you use it. Plus it keeps your skin silky smooth and soft.

You can even use Baja Bae on your face for a daily bronzing effect. It’s an excellent addition to any make-up routine.

All of this being said, it may not be the right fit for any professional tanners.

For those looking for something simple to use, though, and want to use their lotion for man than tanning, the Baja Bae 3-in-1 solution is an excellent option.

Key Features
  • 3 in 1 tanning benefits
  • Natural ingredients, 100% vegan
  • Not sticky, greasy, or streaky
  • Product Weight: 7 oz
  • Product Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.2 x 5.5 inches
  • Drying TIme: Fast
  • Consistency: Lightweight lotion
  • Non-sticky product that doesn’t require a mitt
  • Provides a bronzed highlighted glow
  • Can be used on the face
  • Is not waterproof, so comes off in shower
  • Doesn’t perform well on experienced tanners

There’s nothing that universally says beach ready like the smell of coconuts, and what better way to get your tan on than with an abundance of coconut products? Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion uses coconut milk, coconut oil, and coconut butter to bring you a lotion that will satisfy your skins’ need for hydration all while using natural bronzers to give you a dark golden tan.

One of the special things behind the Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses formula is called Body Fit. Body Fit helps promote firmness in your skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. So not only is it focused on creating a more toned image, this formula is drenching your skin with banana fruit extract, safflower seed oil, aloe vera, Vitamins E & C, moisturizing glycerin, and coconut oil/butter/milk.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses is great for anyone with tattoos since it’s safe to use with ink and offers color fade protection! It uses tanning intensifiers instead of bronzing agents, so it helps prolong the life of your ink while giving you a great, sun-kissed look/

This lotion got a fairly heavy scent of coconut and a touch of vanilla so it may not be the best fit for people with sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for a bronzer that offers skin protection and great golden color, Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses may be the lotion for you.

Key Features
  • Reduces appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness
  • Stimulates & increases melanin
  • Results are longer lasting
  • Product Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 2 inches
  • Drying TIme: Quick
  • Consistency: Thick lotion
  • Uses coconut milk and coconut oil and cocoa butter
  • Delivers dark golden color without bronzing agents
  • Tattoo and color fade protector
  • Heavy perfume smell

Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer is a great way to jump on the hemp bandwagon while getting a great product to maximize your tanning experience.

Made from 100 percent pure natural hemp seed oil, this is a tanning lotion that can provide you with a beautiful bronze color without all the harshness most other tanning lotions offer. The formula has a mango seed butter and oatmeal blend that is soothing and moisturizing to your skin and helps promote long lasting color. The quick absorbency time means that you can put it on just before you’re ready to tan and still get the result you desire.

Hemps Dark Tan Maximizer provides you with a dark golden color without the harshness of perfumes and chemicals. This lotion is unscented, which is useful to anyone who struggles with reactions. The product is really lightweight and thin which is great for absorbency but it does wash off easily.Since this product is an intensifier, you’ll see results even after you’ve left the tanning bed.

Since this Hempz lotion is all white and lightweight, it’s completely safe to use on your face and with tattoos without the fear of your colors fading.

Hempz is dedicated to creating all natural products that are gluten and allergen free while also remaining cruelty free.

So for anyone looking for safe product that won’t irritate their skin while getting a dark golden tan, check out Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer, Hypoallergenic. This one might be for you!

Key Features
  • 100% pure natural hemp seed oil
  • Hypoallergenic, oatmeal blend formula
  • Dark tanning blend
  • Product Weight: 9 oz
  • Drying TIme: Quick absorbency time
  • Consistency: Thin lotion
  • All Natural, cruelty free, gluten and allergen free
  • Moisturizes skin to help promote long lasting color
  • Quickly absorbs
  • No scent
  • Washes off easily

A problem that seems to arise with most consistent tanners is that you reach a point where you struggle to get a darker tan. That’s where Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning lotion can come in and save the day.

Jwoww Black Bronzer uses natural bronzers and oils such as black currant oil, sunflower oil, and Kukui Nut oil to bring out the intense dark tan. While this lotion brings deep color when applied, it amazingly doesn’t stain clothing. Sometimes with these darker bronzers, you end up with the dreaded “orange” tint but that’s not the case with this one.

Trying to find a tanning lotion that masks the smell of the tanning bed can be a challenge. Jwoww Black Bronzer has a light berry scent that is different from other lotions and is great for those who don’t like the typical tanner scent. This goes especially for guys who aren’t big on the heavy feminine scents found in most tanning lotions.

The Jwoww Black Bronzer formula is pretty thick consistency so it can be difficult to blend, but it does have a quick absorbency. Since the lotion is thick and dark, it may not be the best choice for tanners that have tattoos.

Jwoww Black Bronzer tanning lotion can be great choice for both those just starting the tanning process or those who are struggling to get past their tanning peak.

Key Features
  • Berry Scent
  • Natural bronzers and oils
  • Doesn’t stain clothing
  • Product Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.4 x 6.9 inches
  • Consistency: Very thick lotion
  • Great for people who have been tanning and need something stronger
  • Light berry scent is great for those who don’t like typical tanner scent
  • Offers users a really deep dark color
  • Can be difficult to blend

If there’s one thing Snooki is known for, it’s her deep, dark, and golden tan. So who better to trust to create a high quality bronzer for her fans? Supre -Snooki Ultra Dark 70x Black Bronzer with Skin Firming And Toning was created for the intensely dark tan seekers in mind.

Supre has a special formula that was designed to allow skin to continue darkening even after you’re out of the bright UV lights, giving your skin even more time to develop color. The formula includes a black bronzing blend of black walnut, henna, and DHA. Hyperdark Tanning Technology gets your skin prepared to achieve darkest color possible.

With Advanced Skin Firming, Supre blends to help improve your skin tone to created a more tightened and toned appearance. This, paired with the vitamin enriched conditioning blend, help protect your skin from the environment while giving you beautiful color. Nothing beats more bang for your buck, and this lotion does a great job of providing a diverse array of uses.

Supres’ bottle design is flashy and fun, the added embellishments on the lid is just the right amount of bling.

While Supres’ formula has some unique uses, the product itself is pretty thick and can be difficult to apply evenly.

If you’re wanting an extreme bronze tan all while your skin is being improved, Supre may just be the bronzer for you.

Key Features
  • Formula allows skin to continue darkening after UV exposure
  • Conditioner blend helps skin fight environmental stress for a healthy glow
  • Helps smooth and improves skin texture
  • Product Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 3.6 x 2.1 inches
  • Drying TIme: Fast
  • Consistency: Thick lotion
  • Paraben-free
  • Hyperdark Tanning Technology
  • Sweet strawberry scent
  • Can be hard to apply due to being thick

Tan Asz U Luau Island Black Bronzer allows it’s users to travel to a tropical paradise without ever leaving your hometown. Tropical scents, island extracts, and a paradise-level tan give you the beach bod without the beach.

Tan Asz U is a bronzer made with natural oils which provides great moisture for your skin. The formula is paraben-free and dha-free and which means that instead of staining your skin, it’ll bring out the melanin in your skin which gives you a longer lasting glow that doesn’t wash off in the shower.

The butter, oil, and large amounts of silicones in the Tan Asz U help prevent wrinkles, aging, and fine lines. The silicone also promotes extreme softness, which will help promote longer lasting tanning in the future.

One of the most loved features of the Tan Asz U Black Bronzer is the scent. The Awapuhi peach smoothie scent has the ability to transport you straight to the beach with its’ tropical aroma. With hints of pineapple and peach, the sweetness of the lotion has the ability to outlast the tanning bed so you can leave smelling fresh.

Tan Asz U is a bronzer everyone can love and enjoy. Just make sure to take some wet wipes with you so that you can wipe your hands after applying, because this is a product that will stain your hands if left on to tan.

Key Features
  • 200x Island Black Bronzing
  • Utilizes high levels of Marula Oil
  • Paraben-free and DHA-free
  • Product Weight: 13.4 ounces
  • Consistency: Medium
  • Great moisturizer, made with natural oils
  • Brings out intense dark color
  • Paraben-free and DHA-Free
  • Can stain your palms if you’re not quick to apply it
  • Can streak if not applied fast enough

The tanning life can be a hard one if you have skin allergies or irritations since most lotions have heavy perfumes or chemicals. Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter is designed for you.

#TANLIFE is hypoallergine and is formulated with sensitive shea butter for an ultra soft result without the breakouts. Since it’s hypoallergenic, that also means its tattoo safe and has color fade protection. You’ll be able to use this butter without the fear of your tattoo being damaged.

#TANLIFE has AcquaCell to help the appearance of fine lines and reduce wrinkles. It also include RevaFit, BodyFit, Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 which provide anti-aging and skin firming benefits as well as reduces cellulite.

Since #TANLIFE is hypoallergenic, there are no actual bronzing ingredients. Instead, this tanning butter relies on MelaTime which boosts melanin for darker, faster results. Since it’s actually boosting your skins ability to hold the tan, that means it’ll be longer lasting as well.

Devoted Creations #TANLIFE is a great solution to anyone with skin allergies or for anyone who prefers less perfumed tanning products. All the added benefits of anti-aging and skin firming care as well as being ultra moisturizing, this is a winning product for just about anyone.

Key Features
  • Sensitive shea butter formula, hypoallergenic
  • Tattoo and color fade protector
  • Provides anti aging and skin firming benefits
  • Product Weight: 13.6 oz
  • Drying TIme: Quick
  • Consistency: Body butter
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Tattoo and color fade protector
  • Ultra moisturizing
  • No bronzing ingredients

Ever desire a deep, dark golden tan that would make even the gods jealous?That’s what SunGodZ Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer was designed for. With dark tan accelerators and pro tan lotion, this lotion means some serious business.

One of the key features that makes SunGodZ stand out is their superior shower proof technology present in their formula. A special combination of anti-run off ingredients allows you to hit the showers and still get your tan. There’s also a tattoo protectant present in the product so you can use as much as you’d like without worry of damaging your ink.

SunGodZ uses all natural ingredients like coconut oil, agave, and Argan oil to create supple soft skin without the use of harsh chemicals. The lotion is also paraben free and cruelty free. The scent is unisex, which is unique from the typically flowery or sweet scents of other brands.

This being a tan accelerator, you can apply SunGodZ before tanning or sunbathing to get the tan you desire. While reapplying isn’t necessary, you can add more layers to achieve a deeper level of color.

While SunGodz can be used indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t provide any SPF so you’ll want to use some sunscreen to protect yourself.

SunGodZ is a great product with waterproof and intense tanning capabilities. If you’re lighter complected, you may want to test the lotion on a small area to make sure the affect isn’t too much for your skin before rubbing all over. For those who are experienced tanners though, SunGodZ Indoor Tanning Lotion With Bronzer may be your new best friend.

Key Features
  • Superior Shower Proof
  • Tattoo Safe and Anti-fade formula
  • Luxury hydration
  • Product Weight: 13.6 oz
  • Drying TIme: Quick absorbency time
  • Consistency: Thin lotion
  • Waterproof
  • Paraben free and cruelty free
  • Tattoo safe and anti-fade
  • No SPF

Everyone knows the tanning process can dry out and damage your skin which then affects your skins ability to tan properly. So keeping your skin hydrated is crucial to the tanning process. Using a bronzer like Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Accelerator Plus Bronzer will help keep you moisturized while helping accelerate your tan.

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown is infused with native Australian oils and Vitamins A and E which helps with hydrating your skin and keeping it nourished. The natural DNA in the formula helps fight signs of aging and repairs damaged skin cells. Its medium consistency makes it easy to apply and quick absorbency allows the bronzer to take effect faster.

One of the great things about Australian Gold Cheeky Brown is its tanning accelerated formula, which gives you an immediate golden tan. This makes it perfect for those last minute vacations or events where you need the color but don’t have the time to do a gradual base tan.

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown is great for anyone starting out in the tanning process since it helps bring you to a deep golden base quickly. That being said, active tanners may not see much of a change in their tan since this bronzers focus is getting you to that base color.

So if you’re new to the tanning process and don’t have time to make the gradual change, Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Accelerator is a product you're going to want to try.

Plus Bronzer may be what you’re looking for. With a delicious, beachy scent and a golden sun-kissed look, you’ll be ready for anything.

Key Features
  • CocoaDreams Fragrance
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Native Australian Oils, Vitamin A & E
  • Product Weight: 10.1 oz
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 oz
  • Consistency: Lotion
  • Great for beginner tanners
  • Natural bronzing extracts
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Needs reapplied every few days or it’ll fade
  • No SPF
  • Doesn’t work as well on people past tan base

There are some people who tan on a regular basis because they enjoy the process of maintaining their desired look. A lot of people, though, have neither the time nor the willpower to regularly tan. That’s where a product like Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X comes in handy.

Paint It Black offers fast results with its 50X auto darkening technology. Once applied, users will see a beautiful dark look in a matter of minutes. Such immediate results make it ideal if you have a last minute wedding or photo shoot coming up. However, keep in mind that the results don’t last long, so it isn’t a long-term solution. It also doesn’t have an SPF rating to protect from UV rays.

Paint It Black also has incredible effects as a moisturizer. This is because of its extreme silicon emulsion blend. That gives the user’s skin a silky smooth feel and keeps your skin healthy and soft.

Another unique element is Paint It Black’s skin firming effect. When users tan with the lotion, it will firm their skin. This makes the skin look more toned overall, adding a more youthful look.

The only downside to the Paint It Black series is the upkeep. The lotion isn't designed as a long-term solution, and it doesn't offer any SPF protection.

However, for those looking for results fast, Paint It Black is about as good as it comes. 

Key Features
  • 50X auto darkening tan technology
  • Extreme silicon emulsion blend
  • Cotton blossom scent
  • Product Weight: 13.5 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 2.5 x 7 inches
  • Consistency: Lotion
  • Auto darkening tan yields fast results
  • Ultra-moisturizing keeps skin smooth and soft
  • Fresh fragrance
  • No SPF protection
  • Not a long-term tanning solution

How We Choose the Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

When it comes to choosing the best indoor tanner, it really comes down to preference. Which tanner you get will depend ultimately on the look you are going for. With that in mind, here are a few things one needs to know/consider when shopping for indoor tanner.

Bronzer - Most tanners, indoor or otherwise, have a bronzer in them. Bronzer is any sort of sunless agent that assists in the tanning process. How much bronzer is in a given lotion depends on what lotion you decide to buy (i.e. 5 bronzers or 50 bronzers). The more bronzer there is, the quicker one will get color from the lotion. If there is an X after the number, then that lotion has an extended bronzer, which further improves the effect.

Tingle vs. Cooling Lotions - Tingle lotions increase blood flow to the outer layers of skin, which pushes the melanin to the surface. Combined with UV exposure, this greatly improves the effect of the tan. The lotion gets its name because some people experience reddening and a “tingle” sensation when using this lotion. While this lotion is effective, it isn’t for everyone because it can be irritable.

On the flip side, cooling lotions provide a cooling sensation when they are used. This is helpful when one is tanning for an extended period, or wants to avoid being sweaty and sticky after a tan.

Shimmering - Shimmering lotions provide a luxurious glow after tanning. Some of them even include glitter. These are great if you want to look your absolute best right after a tan.

Accelerators - Accelerators are recommended for beginner tanning because they speed up the tanning process. This is great for those trying to quickly achieve a base tan. These lotions contain a lot of moisturizers, which are important for keeping your skin smooth and preventing ashiness. The moisturizer is also the key ingredient that accelerates the tanning results.

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