Best Pregnancy Pillows

The 10 Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2019

Pregnancy Pillows: The Best of 2019

Pregnant mammas need to reserve as much energy as they can because a pregnant body is literally growing a whole human. It takes a significant toll on a woman, and as such, pregnant women tend to be more tired in general and are urged to rest when they can. Finding the best pregnancy pillow for your body will help you tremendously with sleep.

Not only does it take a ton of energy to carry a child, but it also takes an immense amount of strength and stamina after the baby arrives to keep up with a constant feeding schedule on top of recovery from labor. As your baby grows so will that bump of yours and it can get heavy. Specifically in the third trimester, getting comfortable in bed can be a real challenge, which is why the best pregnancy pillows are valued by mamas who are looking to get some quality shut-eye while they can.

Premium pick

1. QUEEN ROSE pregnancy pillow

9.00 / 10

If you need a pregnancy pillow or if you aren’t pregnant but have other conditions such as fibromyalgia or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which cause you to have severe discomfort and an inability to get comfortable in bed, the QUEEN ROSE pregnancy pillow will be a heaven-send for you. What a difference this pregnancy pillow will make in your life when you can finally get quality shut-eye at night. This pillow’s design is awesome because while it is made specifically to support the pregnant belly of a woman, literally anyone can use it.

Maybe the best part is that you don’t have to move it around and change up the positions if you are one that moves and rolls around in bed. No matter the position you find yourself in during the night, this pregnancy pillow will accommodate it nicely. You can get into any position that suits you and you won’t have to mess with this pillow while you are doing it wich will help you get more restful sleep.

Don’t be taken aback by its size after you open up the box, it just takes a day or so to get into its full shape. This is common with vacuum-bagged products. Its form will help you feel supported and secure which will make cuddle time or sleep time much more pleasant. Its velvety material is super soft and the pregnancy pillow is very cushioning and fluffy. It works well sitting or lying down and while it is a full-body size it fits well in most beds without taking up the whole mattress. If you sleep in a Queen bed with your hubby, you can use this pregnancy pillow without encroaching on his room or space under the sheets.

Key Features
  • 100 percent velvet
  • Ergonomic design
  • Flexible design
  • Material: Velvet and polyester
  • Size: 31" x 55"
  • Shape: U
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Brand: QUEEN ROSE
  • Return and customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Tons of support in any position
  • Move around without having to adjust the placement
  • Smooth and soft to the touch
  • Can get hot
  • Stitching is tight and can be uncomfortable
Editors choice

2. Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

9.50 / 10

There is a lot to like about Hiccapop pregnancy pillow wedge as one of the best pregnancy pillows to try when your bump has grown big enough to cause you discomfort while you are sleeping. For how magical and wonderful pregnancy is, it puts a decent amount of pressure on your body that causes pain in your hips and back. What you need is sleep because once that little bundle of joy comes sleep will be a thing of the past. The nice thing about this wedge is that it is completely compact and portable, it even comes with a carrying tote. So when you want to visit family or if you are traveling for work you can pack this pregnancy pillow with you which will help you sleep while you aren’t in the comfort of your own home.

As your pregnancy continues it can be almost impossible to find that comfortable position that will allow you to take some of the weight off your joints and help you get a better night’s rest. It can not only be positioned under your belly, but you can use it between your legs, as a comfy headrest, and support for your back. It is easily moved to wherever you need it so that you can ease those aching joints and help you be rested enough to tackle whatever your day has in store for you.

The Hiccapop Pregnancy pillow wedge uses a velboa cover that is durable but has a soft feel that is also easily maintained as you can remove it and throw it in the washing machine. It has a two-sided design for you to choose which works best for you. A softer side made of memory foam and the other side has a firmer support foam to accommodate you.

Key Features
  • 2-sided design
  • Soft memory foam and firmer support foam
  • Compact
  • Material: Memory and support foam with plush cover
  • Size: 15"W x 13.25"L x 4.5"T
  • Shape: Wedge
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Brand: Hiccapop
  • Easy to pack and travel with
  • Doesn't have toxic chemicals in materials
  • Two types of firmness
  • Includes carrying bag
  • Can feel hot in bed
  • Doesn't provide stable support for some
Best value

3. OCCObaby Pregnancy Pillow

8.90 / 10

If you aren’t interested in the large body pregnancy pillows which can have a chunky design and are in no way portable, then check out the OCCObaby pregnancy pillow. It is one of the best pregnancy pillows because you can move it around to any part of your body where you need the support the most. Easily put it between your knees, near your lower back for support, under your growing bump, and it also works well as head and neck support. After you have given birth, if your baby is gassy and spits up a lot and you need something that will help prope her up when you aren’t holding her, this will be a big help! You can easily add this pregnancy pillow under your baby pillows to give that subtle angle which helps the baby digest milk better and work through a gassy tummy.

There are many ways to use this prengancy pillow to make you and your baby comfortable. It is easy to fold up, and since it comes with its own carrying tote, packing it up is simple. For the money, the OCCObaby pregnancy pillow has a lot of bonuses and is well worth it when you are in the market for a multi-functional pregnancy pillow that has a fair price tag. The support is fairly firm, its not overly cushy which can be very helpful to support a heavy bump. The design is on point and the cover is easily removed and washed. If you give this pregnancy pillow a try you will be happy with it because it is a practical option that comes in at the perfect size and just the right amount of support for so many parts of the body.

Key Features
  • Reversible design
  • Micro holes to help cool the body
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Material: Memory foam and firm support foam
  • Size: 13.2" x 15" x 4.5"
  • Shape: Wedge
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Brand: OCCObaby
  • Easy to fold and pack
  • Multi-functional
  • Nice amount of support without being overdone
  • Comfortable and not chunky
  • Can be big for those with very small body frames

The Onory full body pregnancy pillow is U-shaped and very easy to customize not only its form to your body but also its height. The stuffing is made from 7 D PP cotton fiber which you can adjust to your liking easily. You are able to unzip the pillow and take out or add filling to whichever area you want for the amount of support you need. This is a very long pillow that can support your entire body and works well for pregnant women to those that have fibromyalgia, sciatica, athletes, or those recovering from an injury. So while it is a terrific pregnancy pillow to consider, it can also serve a number of purposes and be used even after you have your child. Not only can it help you sleep but you can set it up to be supportive of your body and your baby if you are nursing, making this time much easier for mama.

The covering can be taken off the pillow and washed so maintenance isn’t a problem. It is also hypoallergenic making it suitable for even sensitive skin types, and the double zippers make for a strong closure. This isn’t just a one-piece, the neat thing about this pregnancy pillow is that it has a detachable extension which can be used by itself if you don’t want or need the full pillow size. It will come to you vacuumed sealed, and within about a day, it fluffs up just as you’d expect it to. The nice thing is it doesn’t give off that weird odor some products which are vacuumed sealed do. Overall it is a smartly designed, highly customizable pregnancy pillow.

Key Features
  • Very soft
  • Can be put in multiple positions
  • Has detachable extension
  • Material: Velvet cover with fiber cotton filling
  • Size: 30" x 60"
  • Shape: U
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Brand: Onory
  • Inner curve helps support belly
  • Upper and lower body support
  • Can take filling out to adjust height
  • Instructions aren't as clear as they could be
  • Finishing could be improved

The Milliard memory foam U-shaped full body pregnancy pillow is going to be that pillow that takes the body pain and aches away making it well worth the money spent. It is very well-made, and its heavy design provides a ton of support. Because it uses shredded memory foam, you can easily unzip and move the foam around to the areas where you’d like extra support. It doesn’t come with extra shredded foam so if you need more you can easily go to the craft store and get a bag. The reality is, that you aren’t likely to need any extra given the amount that is built-in.

This is defintely a pregnancy pillow to get excited about because there are just so many positives to it. The cover comes off simply by unzipping and it is machine-washable, it’s large and its longer form can support your entire body. The longer form also allows for long edges that are easily bent so you can give yourself a raised leg when laying on your back or to help support you while you sit up. This is a great feature because once the baby comes and you nurse, there is a good possibility you will be nursing in bed during the night and moving this around your back while you are nursing can make that process go much more smoothly. Not only does it help mama while nursing, it is also extremely convenient to have the pregnancy pillow ready to manipulate during late-night feedings where you don’t want to get out of bed. It will keep you warm and soothed during cool nights, but a word of caution, it does get hot when the weather is warmer during the summer months. This pregnancy pillow is very well designed and executed, it holds its form, and it is oh so soft.

Key Features
  • Zippered inner cover
  • Soft velour cover
  • Shredded memory foam
  • Material: Memory foam
  • Size: 28" x 56"
  • Shape: U
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Brand: Milliard
  • Moveable memory foam to adjust for your preference
  • Heavy and maintains its form
  • Can bend the edges
  • Looks and feels high quality
  • Can get hot
  • Large and somewhat bulky size

Awesling makes such a soft pregnancy pillow you are going to melt right into it. This pregnancy pillow is designed to offer the ability to completely adjust to any part of your body that needs extra support. It is definitely a lounger pillow that you can modify to provide you multiple positions to sleep comfortably. The 45-degree angled pillow is a perfect addition to this maternity set which will go the distance for you after you have your baby. Not only can it prop up your heavy baby bump while pregnant but it can help to assist you while you nurse or feed your baby a bottle. It has an extra easy zipper that makes maintenance simple and while it has a bunch of bells and whistles it takes up less space in the bed. You can still use it to cradle your body even after the baby is born without hogging the whole mattress.

If you have back pain from pregnancy or from an injury, you will fee like this pillow was specifically designed to provide assistance for just that issue. The strap keeps the sections together so that when you are using it to prop you up and provide you back support, they won’t slide out from under your body. This design is very unique because it can also be completely disassembled into 4 parts and then put back together with the best way that supports your body. This is like the jackpot of pregnancy pillows because it is an everyday pillow, breastfeeding pillow and a pregnancy pillow all in one.

Key Features
  • Fully adjustable
  • Removable side piece
  • Includes angled pillow
  • Material: Velvet and cotton
  • Size: 16.8" x 13.2" x 8"
  • Shape: U
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Brand: Awesling
  • Plenty of features for full body support
  • Curved bottom supports knees, thighs, and back
  • Very soft fabric
  • Pillow doesn't retain heat
  • Could use additional stuffing
  • Doesn't have extra firm support

The Chilling Home full body pregnancy pillow is one of the best pregnancy pillows and body pillows you are going to find that will swallow you whole in cushioning and fluffy comfort. Yes, this oversized pregnancy pillow isn’t going to give your partner a ton of room in the bed, but it surely will help you sleep in and out of the bedroom. This product is so incredibly comfortable that you shouldn’t be surprised if when you aren’t using it, your other kids, husband, or even pets are taking a snooze on it!

There are plenty of different ways you can position the Chilling Home pregnancy pillow to make it work for your body and your growing bump. You can easily stretch out and adjust yourself to be more than ready to shut your eyes and doze off. Waking up refreshed is the new norm because this pregnancy pillow will reduce all the stress on your joints while you snooze. This happens as a result, in part, of the inner curve which fits right to the silhouette of your body while also keeping your spine and hip aligned. Don’t be surprised if you opt to keep this pregnancy pillow around even after you have the baby and beyond because you are going to get very used to good sleep and excess comfort while lounging. The material is extra soft and so is the velvety cover which is smooth to the touch and it is also removable making it easy to wash.

Key Features
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Oversized
  • High-density
  • Material: Bionic Polyethylene filling
  • Size: 55” x 26” x 7"
  • Shape: C
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Brand: Chilling Home
  • Contours to the body
  • Makes a great gift for anyone
  • Can add more stuffing if needed
  • Thinner than expected

There are plenty of cute designs to choose from so if you are a lady who likes her fun and festive accessories to have flair, this one provides you plenty of options. WEILORI pregnancy pillow is helpful for belly-sleepers that need both bump and waist support. The double pillow design nestles your midscection nicely so you can relax with less pressure throughout. Its compact design is ideal for those ladies who just want a small pillow for support, not one that will swallow the whole bed.

Pregnant women need all the rest and sleep they can get in order to help them develop their babies the best and keep their own bodies and minds healthy. Improved quality of sleep is incredibly important and if you just need a bit of mid-section support to get that quality rest, this one will not only do the trick functionally it also has an attractive appearance which will look good too.

The price is more than fair so you aren’t going to bust your budget here, however, if you don’t like this pregnancy pillow the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. WEILORI makes it very simple to return it which gives great peace of mind and doesn’t tie you down to anything you don’t like. However, because this also easily fits into chairs and on couches, you will find that you can use this in more places than the bedroom. An added feature built-in to the design is the stretch panel which allows it to conform to your body as your baby grows and stays snuggly in place.

Key Features
  • Cute designs
  • Side sleeper aid
  • Money-back gurantee
  • Material: Cotton & polyester
  • Size: 25.5" x 13.7" x 4"
  • Shape: Side sleeper
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Brand: WEILORI
  • Stretch panel adjusts with growing belly
  • Doesn't slide, fits snug
  • Offers increased stability in bed
  • Smaller than others of similar design
  • May be too firm for some

For you belly-sleepers out there, the Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow is everything. Literally, this will allow you to easily and comfortably sleep on your belly with no worries about your growing bump and plenty of support to take the pressure off of your joints and cushion you the entire time. No mama-to-be can go wrong with this as an addition to your maternity toolset, if you want to take good care of yourself, this is a nice indulgence. It supports the girls, protects the neck, and alleviates back pain and aches. You may be off-put by the price, which admittedly, is a bit pricier than other options on the market but once you try this pregnancy pillow out you will understand the extra cost and literally be O.K. with it.

For those uber motivated pregnant mamas who are keeping up on their maternity exercises, this is a tool that will help you do your exercises safely. It will help position your body in the optimal position for strengthening and working the back which also helps with pain relief. The included belly swaddle is another supportive tool that offers extra back and belly assistance. This pregnancy pillow does take up a bit of space, but it also has a storage bag. So once you deflate it with the valve, you can pack it up and optimize your room. That isn’t too big of a downside to this doctor-recommended pregnancy pillow.

Key Features
  • Doctor approved
  • Helps for lying on belly
  • Inflate valve and deflate opening
  • Material: Soft Flocking Material & Air
  • Size: 13.3" x 12.1" x 4.6"
  • Shape: Full body inflatable
  • Machine Washable: N/A
  • Brand: Cozy Bump
  • Lay comfortably face down
  • Takes pressure of hips
  • Perfect for belly sleepers
  • Potential for strong scent at unwrapping

Boppy is a leading brand name that is well-known and well-respected in the maternity arena and has been making supportive pillows for over 30 years. Started in 1989 by a mom, there is a ton of passion behind the design of each product and a keen understanding of what a pregnant, as well as a new mother needs. This pregnancy pillow is nothing short of what you would expect in the sense of quality, functionality, and comfort. As per usual, it also boasts a stylish look similar to other Boppy products. The two connected pillows nestle you into a side position which will support both your back and belly while sleeping.

This pregnancy pillow travels well with a compact size which makes it an excellent travel companion. The quality of the jersey cover along with the quality of the 100 percent virgin fill is exactly what will keep you snuggled and comfy weather you are sleeping or lounging with it. It is also easy to clean which is music to every mom’s ears. Both the pillow and the cover can be washed. The size and design may also make all the difference in bed with your partner because unlike some of the larger, bulkier pregnancy pillows this one won’t take up much space at all. It is also perfectly positioned on the couch when you want to settle in for your afternoon nap. Boppy is a brand name that is an industry leader for a reason, these products are tried and true and they work.

Key Features
  • Side pillows provide back support
  • Space-saving design
  • Jersey-cover
  • Material: Jersey material and virgin fiber filling
  • Size: 14.2" x 6.2" x 13"
  • Shape: Double pillow
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Brand: Boppy
  • Pillow doesn't slide
  • Keeps you on your side
  • Lots of back and belly support
  • Everything is easy to clean
  • Seams can be uncomfortable
  • Restrains movement in bed

Why do pregnant women need a specialized pillow? As their bodies and bumps grow, there is extra pressure applied to the joints, which makes for almost all movement or lack thereof very uncomfortable. Sitting-to-lying or trying to sleep can be difficult propositions for these ladies and so extra, specialized products like pregnancy pillows are convenient and useful for several reasons. When you are waking up throughout the night because of pelvic pain and lower back pain, or belly pain and just feeling plainly uncomfortable you have a couple of options. You can support yourself by using multiple pillows around your body or you can get a high-quality pregnancy pillow.

Not only are pregnancy pillows helpful for supporting the belly at night while sleeping, but many can also serve multiple purposes. They can be moved around and bent to help provide back support while sitting up, some can be wrapped around the body and support nursing, they can be used to prop up legs and help with circulation during pregnancy or even for those who are recovering from an injury. These specialized pillows are ideal for pregnant women but they aren’t just limited to being a maternity essential. Others can also benefit greatly from their support. Chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, for instance, can see relief with these pillows, athletes will appreciate the support of these pillows, those suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) can benefit, even pets have been known to like a good, full-body pregnancy pillow.

When specifically looking at pregnant women, though, there is no end to the options on the market that you can choose from. Some wedges are nice for compact support and easy portability. Long full-size pillows that engulf the body, even pillows that come apart in pieces. These pillows can be made from full support foam, memory foam, shredded memory foam, cotton, and other super soft and accommodating materials. So is a pregnancy pillow worth the time and costs? Consider the benefits and decide for yourself.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Pregnancy Pillow?

There are many benefits of a specialized pregnancy pillow.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Women require more sleep than their male counterparts, which has been shown in studies. Pregnant women in specific need the most as they support not only themselves but also the growing little baby inside them. As pregnancy progresses, that precious bump gets bigger and throughout the second and third trimesters, back pain is a common complaint during pregnancy. A pregnancy pillow can be a welcome addition to your bed which can easily be tucked under and around the areas of your body that need to have relief of pressure and weight. Even sitting up, a pregnancy pillow can be manipulated to provide the full-body support or to prop up legs which can relieve an aching lower back. When tucked under your heavy belly, it supports the abdomen from pulling and pressure of the baby and this will inadvertently also stop the pain that occurs in the back.


The versatility in the available designs helps anyone find the right one for their preferences. This not only helps you find the right one for your body type and comfort, but it also offers you plenty of options in different price ranges to meet anyone’s budget.


If you are thinking that investing in one of these pregnancy pillows will not be helpful to you once you aren’t pregnant think again. Many can help with nursing, can be supportive for babies to sleep on, can help relieve joint pain as you are recovering from labor, and can be used outside the bedroom to help prop you up while you are sitting on your couch reading a book for instance. The larger body pillows can be used on the ground and are great for lounging. Wedges make fine tools to help prop up babies that have colic or gas.

Final Verdict

If you are just looking for a better night's rest while pregnant you could spend a big chunk of change to buy a top of the line adjustable mattress to help. If that type of investment is not an option, a pregnancy pillow is an affordable, convenient, adjustable, and functional alternative. It can be used just during the time you are pregnant or serve other purposes well beyond and after pregnancy. These specialized pillows offer plenty of benefits for females and those that suffer from chronic pain. They are easy to use and often very easy to maintain as most are designed with removable, machine-washable covers. Overall, they make for excellent value when good sleep is necessary.

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