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The Yard Force Push Mower weighs in at just over 109 pounds. Plus, this mower features a unique orange and black design that is made up of heavy plastic while sporting two stylish looking wheels.

The quick release 7-position height adjustment ensures a flexible utilization. The easy tilt handle and Vortex tunnel design ensures an effortless side discharge for dealing with clippings and trimmings.

The Yard Force Lithium Push Mower sports a hybrid bag design that makes emptying it an effortless exercise. Futher to this, the mower can be stored vertically as it boasts a foldable design.

Featuring torque sense technology, the Yard Force brand have built-in sensors to help the user detect whenever the unit requires additional power during instance that involves heavy duty cutting. Especially for mowing tall and wet grass.

Homeowners can look forward to super-efficient performance and convenience thanks to the adjustable speed drive that utilizes a control lever handle. Furthermore, this push mower features an incredible 22-inch steel deck to take care of trimming easily.

The kit makes provision for two lithium-ion batteries to ensure no drop in performance operation so the power of the mower is not compromised during operation. Once fully charged, this lawn mower can be used for up to 100 minutes. Charging only takes 30 minutes as it features a powerful 4-amp charger.

Overall, the Yard Force Lithium push mower proves itself as a very efficient cutting machine as it sports high-grade technology and features. All it takes is a couple of adjustments here and there and a click of the lever or button for the mower to spring into action.

Key Features
  • Speed control that is self-propelled
  • Dual Port battery connection
  • 22-inch steel deck converts easily from rear bagging to mulching and side discharge
  • 100 minutes of run time on full charge
  • Power Source: Cordless Battery Powered
  • Cutting Width: 22-inch
  • No. Height Settings: 7 positions
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Brand: Yard Force
  • Very easy to use
  • Mowing device is extremely durable and robust
  • Strong enough to bag tough grass cuttings
  • Features a large capacity side discharge
  • Somewhat heavy

The CRAFTSMAN V60 is very easy to set up out of the box. You can say that it is already assembled as you only have to put the handle together and make some adjustments. It only takes a few hours to charge your battery, which is simple to insert within the compartment that sits on top of the mower.

Anyone who struggles with one or the other infirmity will love this push mower as you insert the key and use the push-button start switch to get you going.

Homeowners and gardeners alike cannot get over the fact that the handles are thickly padded, so they do not have to wear gloves when mowing for extended periods.

One of the struggles many have when mowing their yards is having to continually bend over to get the back and front wheels adjusted. However, with the CRAFTSMAN V60 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower, it is child's play to initiate the adjustment procedure as you can do it with ease thanks to the one handled functionality.

Two of the biggest pluses to this mower is how much lighter and quieter it is compared to a gas mower. Your lawn might be very thick and uneven in places, which proves to be of no concern as this mower makes it so much easier to mow.

Pushing and turning this mower is so much easier to cope with as opposed to a gas mower. The CRAFTSMAN V60 model will not bog down or stall in any way. Furthermore, the variable speed front wheel drive lets you mow comfortably regardless of your pace.

Key Features
  • Powerful 60V motor to ensure excellent performance in mulching, bagging or side discharge cutting modes
  • High capacity 5. 0Ah Lithium ion battery
  • Vertical folding position for easy and compact storage
  • Single Lever Height Adjustment
  • Power Source: Cordless Battery Powered
  • Cutting Width: 21-Inch
  • No. Height Settings: 6 positions
  • Warranty: 4 years
  • Perfect for yards that are up to ¼ acre
  • Always know the state of your battery as it features an on-board LED indication
  • Very easy to transport due to folding handles
  • Offers a complete line of tools to make yard cleaning an effortless exercise
  • Key is not ideally located, which makes it hard to reach during emergencies

The Greenworks push mower is light and offers excellent value without one having to break the bank to buy one. It lets you mulch, collect, or discharge any grass clippings. The mere fact that it is electric powered makes it a lot easier to maintain. The blades are 20-inches long and it features a neat little 12-amp motor, making it easier to push it using minimal effort.

Depending on how tall you are, this model offers 7 different settings to adjust the grass cutting height. Just as useful is the fact that the GreenWorks 25022 features foldable handles to minimize the amount of storage space needed. As the weight is just above 55 pounds, you can easily load the cutting machine into a track. Even better is the ability to maneuver your way around your flower beds with ease.

Just be aware that the package you open on receiving your GreenWorks mower does not make provision for an extension cord so you can select the desired length. Be sure to opt for a cable that will support more than 12-amp so you do not risk damaging the motor.

The cutter is manufactured from durable steel to ensure maximum reliability. The main feature of the GreenWorks mower that everyone raves about is the fact that this machine is a powerful three-in-one tool that can be used within a flower garden, orchard, or any yard. Whether you have a need to collect or get rid off cut grass, this push mower will do it for you.

Key Features
  • 20-inch steel deck
  • 7 different cutting heights
  • 3-in-1 feature as in a bagger, mulcher, and side-discharger
  • Foldable handles for ease of storage
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Cutting Width: 20-Inch
  • No. Height Settings: 7 Positions
  • Warranty: 4 Years
  • Starts right away using a simple push button
  • Virtually noiseless operation
  • Ideal for those who like to switch between mulching and bagging
  • Wet grass buildup on the blades underneath the cutting machine slows it down

Sun Joe is such a catchy phrase that is easy on the ear. You can be sure that your mowing experience will be no different, which you will realize from the moment you turn the switch to power up your electric push mower. While it may push the limits when it comes to price, but somehow many users do not mind once they realize how impressively powerful and undeniably reliable this mower is.

Without a doubt, you will marvel as its compact design once you get the chance to unpack the Sun Joe Pro Mower. However, from the time you get to put this grass cutting machine into action, you will be astounded how easy it is to maneuver the machine, which is thanks to the smooth wheel system and lightweight makeup.

Unfortunately, at one point or another your rhythm will be interrupted due to the bagging procedure that requires of you to empty the grass clippings. However, thanks to the hard top grass catcher, it is not long before you can continue your mowing operation as emptying out the content turns out an effortless process.

Although this lawnmower is limited in terms of adjustment options, you can still adjust your grass cutting height by making your selection from three different settings. It is easy to see how the Sun Joe push mower can make an excellent gift to the gardener in your life. This mower will never let you down thanks to its much revered hard-working mowing capacity.

Key Features
  • Powered by a 12-amp electric motor
  • Hard top rear bag for easy disposal of cuttings
  • Three position deck adjustment
  • Weighs only 22 pounds
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Cutting Width: 14-Inch
  • No. Height Settings: 3 positions
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Easy to start thanks to functional start button
  • A pleasure to maneuver as its very lightweight
  • Cuts a 14-inch wide path without any trouble
  • Safely discharged clippings without any clogging issues
  • Smaller clippings bag

Why do all the hard work trying to push your mower when the Honda 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Gas Mower can do it for you? All you have to be concerned about is to walk and steer your mowing machine and ensure it goes in the right direction. This push mower has a reputation to live up to in that it is seen as the most reliable and durable cutting machine for medium to larger-sized yards.

All this is made possible thanks to Smart Drive Technology, coupled with an impressive rear-wheel drive. It boasts a powerful 160cc machine and can easily be maneuvered around various obstacles without too much difficulty.

Honda made a good name for itself through the years and is known for its exceptional stamina and superior quality as far as delivering a satisfying performance is concerned.

With this powerful push mower, you will chop blades of grass in no time as it features handy micro-cut twin blades. The mulcher and bagging system makes it a breeze to dispose of the off cuts.

Homeowners are particularly pleased with the fact that the push mower will not just run off on its own. The reason for this is the in-built feature where the machine will cut out the minute one lets go of the flywheel lever. The only real challenge that may arise is that it can be challenging to mow an incline.

The best part about this self-propelled cutting machine is that you will experience a superior cut that is sure to suit your needs every time.

Key Features
  • Offers up to six different height settings
  • Comfortable foam grip handles for quick handling
  • Runs flawlessly and never fails to deliver
  • Powerful 160cc motor for superior performance
  • Power Source: Gas-powered
  • Cutting Width: 21-Inches
  • No. Height Settings: 6 Positions
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Easy to navigate and operate
  • Provides superior cut that is hard to match by similar mowers
  • Nifty rear-wheel drive
  • Steep inclines seems to be a challenge

Folks who have lawns that are less than half an acre do not want to bother with a heavy cutting machine. They would much rather opt for a lightweight and durable walk behind push mower such as the Troy-Bilt TB105 walk-behind push mowers.

These machines feature the same safety hand control you’ll find in other mowers. It sure is a nice touch to have an indent within the handle so the cutting mower can fit together easily. However, you may still have to wear garden gloves when you have a bigger lawn area to mow.

What makes this model unique is the TriAction cutting system it is equipped with to ensure an even cut every single time. The 11-inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels not only add character, but makes this machine suitable to cope with any type of terrain. The dual-lever deck height adjustment features makes mowing an absolute pleasure.

Weighing just over 50 pounds, the gas-powered push mower is surprisingly easy to maneuver around. The additional Rake Bumper makes it possible for gardeners who love mowing in row patterns to cut more efficiently and the way they like it.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind as to how easy the Troy-Bilt TB105 is to use just about anywhere. The only minor hiccups that some individuals struggled with was the lack of assisted electric start and having to engage the manual choke during colder weather. What is great about this cutting machine is there is no self-propulsion system that tend to make it heavier, which makes it easier to move about and keeps costs lower.

Key Features
  • Has an in-built rake bumper to ensure super efficient cutting
  • 159cc Troy-Bilt Engine to help cover a medium-sized lawn comfortably
  • Very easy to maneuver and incredibly lightweight
  • Six height adjustments to ease the process of cutting through different blades of grass
  • Power Source: Gas-powered
  • Cutting Width: 21-Inch
  • No. Height Settings: 3 positions
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • 3-in-1 mulching feature to ensure a clean and even cut anywhere
  • Ideal for mowing small to medium-sized lawns
  • Dual-lever adjustment for effective side mulching
  • The engine can be a bit loud

The Kobalt Cordless Mower proves itself to be an efficient, yet powerful battery-operated push mower as it offers users with a clean trim that requires little effort. It boasts a 2-amp and 4-amp battery that can be installed individually or at the same time.

The key difference between the different amp batteries is the capacity it holds that will determine how quickly it can be recharged. The lawnmower features two banks that are in place to hold the batteries individually.

As the batteries last so much longer, homeowners will find this push mower a perfect choice for larger yards. Besides, it is said these mowers quickly covers up to ⅓ of an acre. Using only a single lever, you can either lower or raise the cutting deck to seven different heights.

The automatic switchover system is what enables the Kobalt 40-Volt Cordless Push Mower to switch from one battery to another one to keep it running. Therefore, you do not have to cope with any interruptions to change batteries while mowing.

The Kobalt is designed in such a way that it would sense once the blades require more power or the grass is too thick so that it may give it a welcome boost. These features alone make this mower a welcome addition to any home.

Overall, Kobalt proves to be an excellent option for those who are environmentally conscious. It sure is one of the best ways to say goodbye to nasty fumes without having to cope with the hassles associated with a gas-powered mower

Key Features
  • Compatible with the Kobalt 40-Volt MAX family of products
  • Stores vertically to ensure more space
  • Experience the perfect cut on any lawn type due to 7-position single lever height adjuster
  • The motor offers a sufficient amount of power for a longer runtime
  • Power Source: Cordless Battery Powered
  • Cutting Width: 20-inch
  • No. Height Settings: 7 positions
  • Warranty: 5-year limited
  • Boasts an automatic switchover system
  • Sports two battery options
  • Lenghty battery life
  • Experience plenty of power due to brushless motor feature
  • Does not have a side discharge

Earthwise 12-Amp Corded Electric Push Mower takes gardeners and homeowners away from all the fumes and gives no trouble in starting immediately.

This lawnmower is easy to operate thanks to the rapid height adjustment that makes it possible to select the right height every time.

The convenience of having a 3-in-1 system allows for effortless mulching, side discharge, and the collection of grass clippings. The mower very easy to maneuver handles quite well, and sports the capabilities of an old fashioned cutting machine while offering the convenience of modern-day electric operated mowers. The metal frame is said to last for over five years without any worries over a possible breakdown.

The cord itself offers users a 100-foot range so that you can reach areas within a small or medium yard without too much trouble. This feature alone makes it an effortless endeavor to get the mower started. It is merely a case of plugging it in and mowing. You will make a welcome contribution to the environment as there is no exhaust,

The manufacturers of the Earthwise brand backs their work with a two-year guarantee. Those in charge of mowing activities love the fact that this push mower can easily be adjusted to a height of 4-inches, which is excellent news if you wish to leave your lawn a bit longer than usual. All-in-all, the Earthwise does a much jobber than the Ryobi models and is a lot easier to push around. Experts reckon that the Earthwise brand is a much better buy than the Ryobi mowers

Key Features
  • V-shaped handles that sports cushioned grips to ensure mower’s ergonomics
  • Powerful 12-Amp is sufficient enough to mow all types of grasses
  • Slim and compact frame with folding handles to ensure easy storage
  • Cord retention hook so there aren’t any concerns about tripping
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Cutting Width: 20-inch
  • No. Height Settings: 7 positions
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Users will experience superior cut quality
  • Features a triple discharge option
  • Sporst multiple height adjustments to accommodate all types of lawn
  • The motor requires a bit more power at the highest RPM

If you do not fancy the idea of tripping over a cord when mowing, then you will be in favor of the EGO Cordless Walk-Behind Push Mower that can keep mowing your lawn for a full 45 minutes while delivering as much torque as a gas-powered model would.

You will be happy to learn that the EGO mower features a 21-inch deck and offers a three-in-one functionality as far as mulching, bagging, and discharge options are concerned. You only have to worry about charging the mower for a period of 40 minutes when not in use, while it will deliver close to 50 minutes of mowing time. This leaves you enough time to take on a small yard.

It is reassuring to learn that the mower features a push-button to get it going and a six-position deck adjustment.

What people love about it is the quiet operation and excellent performance delivery. The EGO push mower will take care of thick or tall grass without too much trouble. You may have to run over some areas of your lawn to get a clean cut. If you are after a quiet cutting machine and cannot stand gas odors, then the EGO Power LM2000 is for you.

Another useful feature is how easy it is to maintain this mower. Experts reckon the mower is ideally suited to small and medium-sized properties. The deck is small enough to make it easier to store your cutting machine.

This push mower will not present any trouble in making its way around obstacles on your lawn.

Key Features
  • Has a mulcher, bagger and side discharge chute
  • LED headlights to make nightime mowing possible
  • Convenient and easy to use push button start
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Cutting Width: 20-Inch
  • No. Height Settings: 6 Positions
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • A lot less noisy than gas powered lawn mowers
  • The battery is among the best in its class
  • Easy to store as it fits snugly into the corner
  • Grass collection bag is small

What is particularly useful about the BLACK+DECKER MM2000 Corded Push Mower is that you do not need any tools to assemble the unit. All you have to care about is to lower the hand, secure your motor cable, and then hook up the upper handle, and you are all set.

Did we mention how easy this push mower is to start? Just push the button, pull the lever back, and you are ready to mow your lawn. The same lever will stop your MM2000 when released.

Furthermore, the person responsible for mowing the lawn can easily mulch, bag, or discharge any cutting to the side. Prepare to be impressed by the incredible grass-cutting heights that range from 1.5 inches to as much as 4 inches high.

There is no need to bother with any obstacles that may block your way as you can push the height lever to the desired setting while mowing and work your way over them.

Homeowners are all hyped up over the fancy EdgeMax functionality of the Black and Decker Push Mower. It is so easy to trim your edges near the siding of your home, fences, or anywhere else. This feature is indeed something to get excited about as you can utilize either the left, right-side, or both sides of your MM2000 model.

Another handy feature is the nylon bag that allows one to monitor how many more clippings you can gather before having to empty it. Just watch out that it doesn’t get too full and tear.

Overall, the Black and Decker MM2000 model offers outstanding value to any gardener.

Key Features
  • Edgemax Technology allows the user to mow all along the edges
  • Convenient carrying handle that ensure effortless mobility
  • Powerful electric 13Ah motor
  • One touch height adjustment for easy storage
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Cutting Width: 20-Inch
  • No. Height Settings: 7 positions
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Customize how your lawn looks using variable setting options
  • Fairly quiet and lightweight
  • Very easy to carry to different sections of your property
  • Grass cuttings tend to clump in the bag container

First of all, let's clarify what types of push mowers are available, the better to guide your decision:

Reel models are best suited for smaller yards as they require a tremendous physical effort to push around.

Electric models may require regular charging but are more reliable, quieter, and feature low emissions. The only snag is that you will experience limited run times.

Gas-powered mowers are often used as they offer enough power and convenience. The trouble with these is that they are not environmentally friendly and at times too noisy.

What About Self-Propelled Push Lawn Mowers?

While your traditional push mower is a standard edition, they do require a lot of physical effort. This is especially the case when your property is uneven or hilly. During such instances, your best bet is to settle for the self-propelled push mowers due to easier maneuverability. The single-speed types move at a gentle pace of between 1 to 3 MPH whereas variable-speed mowers offer more than one pace that is in line with your particular preference.

Grass clippings from a cutting deck can be discarded in numerous ways, such as;

  • Mulching models will cut grass clippings into smaller pieces before putting these back onto the grass.
  • Bags will gather clippings. However, the person doing the mowing would have to empty it.
  • Side-discharge models would send the clippings back onto the lawn.

You will come across push mowers that are multi-functional.

If you have sufficient storage facilities for your mowers, then big decks would be an option. Bear in mind that you need to consider the amount of time you intend spending cutting your lawn. If you are stoked for time, then you should think about getting yourself a mower that will take care of the mowing in minutes.

If you are someone who loves tending your lawn, then a reel mower that is equipped with a small deck and delivers a clean cut is best.

The deck size determines how easy it would be for the mower to make its way through the lawn. If you have plants or flowers you care about, then you need to settle for a small cutting deck. The cutter will then cause no harm to your plants as the cutting width will be limited.

Why it is Important to Pay attention to the Weight of the Push Mower

No doubt, to push a mower requires a certain amount of strength. As a result, it would be to your advantage to acquire a cutting machine to avoid excess fatigue while mowing. Reel mowers are among the lightest while petrol mowers are much heavier. On the other hand, less energy is needed to move a gas mower as opposed to a reel mower.

Another thing to pay attention to is to display caution as a powerful mower has pointed parts that can injure you.

Maybe you are still unsure as to what you want in a push lawnmower. Feel free to browse our buyer's guide to assist you in finding the best push mower.

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