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We have awarded this mask our Premium Pick award because of its great reputation and high quality.

This contoured sleep mask is comfortable to wear, being made from memory foam and elastic polyester. This material provides the wearer with a great fit and extra comfort. The bridge of the nose is specially designed so that it will completely block out all light, helping to improve insomnia and put you to sleep faster. The inset eye cavities of the mask take pressure off the face, providing even more comfort so that the wearer will fall asleep without feeling like they are wearing a covering.

Made with low rebound memory foam and elastic polyester, for great fit and even more comfort! The adjustable strap has a 9 cm range and is designed to adjust without snagging or tangling hair. This mask weighs only 0.88 oz to reduce pressure on the face and is designed with 3D eye cavities that allow you to blink freely without smudging makeup or smashing eyelashes. The new design includes an invisible nose alar to better guarantee comfort and provide almost total darkness. Each product comes with two sleep masks so you could use them with your companion together to sleep — they're even two different colors (black and blue) so you can tell your masks apart.

Key Features
  • Made with low-rebound memory foam and elastic polyester for great fit and comfort!
  • Adjustable strap that has a 9 cm range and is designed to adjust without snagging or tangling hair
  • Mask Weighs only 0.88 oz to reduce pressure on the face
  • Designed with 3D eye cavities that allow you to blink freely without smudging makeup or smashing eyelashes
  • New design includes and invisible nose alar to better guarantee comfort and provide almost total darkness
  • Comes as set of two
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Materials: Memory foam and elastic polyester
  • Fill Weight: .88oz
  • Brand: Sleepfun Inc.
  • Adjustable strap
  • Eye cavities leave room for lashes
  • Comes with two masks
  • Comfortable material
  • Some light leakage possible
Editors choice

2. MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

9.99 / 10

As the winner of our Editor’s Choice award, this innovative eye mask features a new generation of 3D eye model design, offering free eye movement and little to no pressure on the face. Anyone who uses this mask has found to be energized and well-rested after a night with the MZOO sleep mask. Made with low-rebound memory foam customers experience a comfortable and restful sleep. The makers at Mzoo are so confident in this mask that they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

In addition to the low-rebound memory foam, the mask is made with high-quality fiber to ensure that each wearer experiences a soft and comfortable night of sleep. The mask offers a wider eye space as well as a deeper contour. This helps to relieve any pressure from eyes while effectively blocking all lights and allowing your eyes to blink freely.

The design is much more sturdy and durable, after being made with a unique heat-bonded technology. Fitting all shapes and sizes, the mask contains a fully adjustable buckle strap that is easy to use and won’t snag on hair or pillows during sleep. Furthermore, wearers don’t have to worry about waking up to stained bed sheets and pillows due to the high quality fiber of the mask.

Key Features
  • Low-rebound memory foam
  • Eye space is wider and deeper, relieving pressure from eyes
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • Fits all shapes and sizes with a fully adjustable buckle strap
  • Effectively blocks lights and allows your eyes to blink freely
  • Size: 9 x 3.8 x 0.5 inches
  • Materials: Memory foam
  • Brand: MZoo
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Ergonomic design relieving pressure from the eyes and contouring to the nose.
  • Includes ear plugs and carrying case.
  • Made with low-rebound memory foam for extra comfort
  • Durable
  • Possible material-to-skin sensitivities

This sleep mask from Alaska Bear is highly-rated by Amazon customers, having more than 11,000 reviews with a 4.5-star rating. This is one of the reasons it has received the Best Value aware, in addition to its quality performance.

It is made from top-quality mulberry silk. This material is very soft and smooth while being breathable to help aid in sleep and eye relaxation. It’s larger frame design eliminates light leakage, although it can be overwhelming for some face shapes. An adjustable headband allows for a comfortable fit for all sizes. This design also comes in 13 different styles, so you can be relaxed and fashionable.

The exterior of both sides of the mask is made of high-quality mulberry silk, which offers a soft, smooth silk material that is breathable, and provides a cool relaxation. Being gentle and easy-to-adjust, the headband won’t tangle hair or snag on your pillow. With a fully adjustable strap from 15.8 inches to 27.6 inches, this mask is suitable for women, men and kids, alike. It comes highly recommended for those that struggle with insomnia, migraine headaches and is ideal for dry-eye sufferers. Providing the benefits of total blackout, the wearer will enjoy deep, undisturbed sleep.

Key Features
  • Made of 100% top-quality natural mulberry silk on both sides
  • Soft, smooth silk material
  • Gentle, easy-to-adjust headband
  • Fully adjustable strap from 15.8 inches to 27.6 inches, suitable for women/men/kids
  • Ideal for insomnia, migraine headaches, and dry-eye sufferers
  • Provides total blackout
  • Size: 15.8 - 27.6 inches
  • Materials: Mulberry Silk
  • Fill Weight: .64 oz
  • Brand: Alaska Bear
  • Available in 13 different styles
  • Comes with a carry bag for traveling
  • Adjustable headband ranging from 15.8 - 27.6 inches
  • Relaxing and breathable material of pure silk
  • Not machine washable; hand-wash only
  • Wide strap

This comfortable sleeping mask won the 2019 Prevention Award for Healthy Sleep. And it's no surprise. With a contoured eye mask and thin, lightweight material, you feel less pressure on the eyes and face. Adults and children of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the Bucky eye mask, which has an adjustable velcro strap so fit can be precise and customized.

The contoured eye area of the mask leaves room for eyes to blink freely, so you won’t ever have the feeling of pressure on your eyes, smashing your eyelashes. The mask is 3.5" tall by 9.5" wide, providing a narrow but comfortable fit that is suitable for men, women, and children. It uses quality materials made of 100 percent polyester interlock and 100 percent polyurethane foam. It is easily cleaned by hand washing and setting out to dry.

The lightweight and latex-free molded foam of the mask is contoured for pressure-free wear that will block out light completely, so you can rest easy without any distractions. The mask is available in 34 different colors and prints to fit any and every personality and style.

Key Features
  • Contoured eye mask leaves room for eyes to blink freely
  • Mask is 3.5" tall by 9.5" wide, fitting men, women, and children
  • Lightweight and latex-free molded foam is contoured for pressure-free wear
  • Blocks out light completely
  • Size: 3.5" tall by 9.5" wide
  • Materials: Polyester and Polyurethane foam
  • Brand: Bucky
  • Lightweight material relieves pressure and allows for airflow
  • Contoured eye allows you to blink freely
  • Successfully blocks out any light
  • Fits adults and children
  • Available in 34 styles
  • May lack durability
  • Velcro strap can be uncomfortable
  • Must be handwashed

A popular choice among many, this sleep mask boasts a contoured design that provides more comfort than the average sleeping mask, while allowing you to fully open the eye. Men, women and children are able to enjoy this mask with a comfortable fit using the adjustable straps. Many who use it feel that the material is so lightweight, you don’t even feel it on. The mask successfully and effectively blocks out light so you can get a good night's sleep even in a brightly lit environment.

As a bonus, each mask will come with a pair of Moldex ear plugs to further enhance your sleep experience, and a carrying case so that your mask will stay protected when not in use. The lightweight material of the mask, paired with its contoured design, provide comfort and no pressure on the face and ears. Contributing to the easy and comfortable sleep you will enjoy with totally blocked out light.

The versatile design and size of the mask fits men, women, and children and allows them to easily use the adjustable straps to fit the shape of their unique heads. Bedtime Bliss created this new design applying the constructive feedback given from thousands of customers, ensuring that this design will satisfy them all. With a soft bamboo and cotton lining, wearers will enjoy the feel of the mask all throughout the night.

Key Features
  • Successfully block out light
  • Lightweight material and contoured design
  • Versatile design and size with adjustable straps fitting men, women, and children
  • Soft bamboo and cotton lining
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Materials: Bamboo and cotton
  • Fill Weight: .8 oz
  • Brand: Bedtime Bliss
  • Comes with a pair of Moldex ear plugs and carrying case
  • Blocks out light completely
  • Comfortable design
  • Adjustable velcro straps for all shapes and sizes
  • Material quality

Travelers can actually get a little shut eye on their trips with this accessory. Frequent travelers love this mask because it is made with a durable nylon material, so you won’t experience as much wear and tear as you see with some other brands. The fabric is also a cooling fabric, so if you are a hot sleeper, you will enjoy the cooling feeling of it over your eyes. It is still effective in blocking out light so when the airplane is bright and awake, you can be sleeping peacefully. Its elastic straps have an adjustable buckle so the mask is suitable for adults and children alike.

The Lewis N. Clark mask offers a unique quality of comfort with raised comfort pillow lining the bottom of the mask. This successfully blocks out light and helps to relieve any pressure from the eyes. It also features straps that adjust using a buckle, so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting caught in Velcro traps. The straps also easily adjusts to fit men, women, or children and heads of all shapes and sizes.

Another level of comfort is brought to wearers with the lightweight, breathable, rip-stop nylon material that is soothing against your eyes, increasing the amount of relaxation that you experience. The mask is compatible with a CPAP mask for those apnea sufferers. Quality is ensured with the durable material that makes up the mask, so it provides long-term reliability and comfort. It is easy to care for being easily hand washable, making it last even longer.

Key Features
  • Raised comfort pillow lines the bottom
  • Straps adjust using a buckle
  • Made with lightweight, breathable rip-stop nylon
  • Works with a CPAP mask
  • Easily hand-washable
  • Size: 15.8 to 27.6 inches
  • Materials: 15D rip-stop nylon
  • Fill Weight: .64 oz.
  • Brand: Lewis N. Clark
  • Comes with two masks
  • Cooling material is refreshing to hot sleepers
  • Adjustable straps allow versatility for any wearer
  • Durable material for a long lasting mask
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Nylon material on outside of mask crinkles and can be noisy
  • Color from material can transfer onto pillows and sheets

Light sleepers will love this contoured mask made of comfortable memory foam. The space for your eyes is wider and deeper than traditional masks, preventing pressure on the eyes and face and allowing you to blink freely. Unimi specially designed the bridge of the nose with a shading effect that allows the mask to form naturally to your nose and and adjust to the most comfortable position for your face shape. The elastic adjustable strap is made with a hidden velcro to allow easy adjustment without snags and tangles.

The Unimi sleep mask offers comfortable memory foam that forms to unique face shapes so that the wearer feels as though it was made just for them. The specially designed bridge of the nose has a shading effect that naturally fits to every bridge of the nose and automatically adjusts to the best position when worn.

Made with an unique design around the nose with a layer of foam, the Unimi prevents light of any sort from seeping in, creating a comfortably dark environment for sleepers and getting them to sleep even faster. The 3D contoured shape around the eye area of the mask eliminates pressure from the eyes for even more comfort.

Being made from good quality materials such as low rebound memory foam and elastic polyester, ensure not only the best comfort but a durable mask that will last even through heavy travel. A soft and easy-to-adjust headband, made with elastic, expands to comfortably fit your head shape and is adaptable to unique shapes and sizes.

Key Features
  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Specially designed bridge with shading effect
  • Innovative design on the nose with art invisible foam
  • 3D contoured shape around the eye area eliminates pressure
  • Good quality material, made with low rebound memory foam and elastic polyester
  • Soft and easy-to-adjust headband made with elastic
  • Size: adjustable to reach up to 15 cm
  • Materials: Memory foam and elastic polyester
  • Brand: Unimi
  • Contoured eye insets relieve pressure from eyes
  • Elastic adjustable headband fits all sizes comfortably
  • Specially designed shading effect on the nose
  • Memory foam adds comfort
  • Elastic headband can wear and stretch over time
  • Complaints of layers separating and mask deteriorating quickly
  • Polyester and foam fabrics can be uncomfortable to those with sensitive skin

The thick foam padding of this mask provides extra cushioning and creates an extra barrier between the mask and the eyes. If you are a side or front sleeper, you will love having the support and comfort on your eyes. Another perk that the nighttime mask offers is the effectiveness it has in blocking out light. Leaving you in complete darkness to begin your relaxation. The company states that this is a refurbished product, and even though it is tested and certified, so this should provide incentive to give it a try.

Aside from that, the thick padding of soft memory foam provides maximum comfort for wearers so that they can experience a long-lasting deep sleep without distractions. It is a one-size-fits-all mask using a Velcro hook-and-loop, adjustable strap allowing the mask to fit comfortably for all head sizes and shapes. Because it is a Velcro strap, it may not be ideal for those that have long hair. The face of the mask has a large shape which is highly effective in blocking out all light, helping wearers to fall asleep even faster. It uses a lightweight material so there isn’t too much pressure on the face to distract sleepers.

Key Features
  • Soft memory foam padding
  • Velcro hook-and-loop adjustable strap
  • Large shape of mask is effective in blocking out all light
  • Lightweight material so there isn’t too much pressure on the face
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Materials: Memory foam
  • Fill Weight: 1.6 oz.
  • Brand: Compact Technologies
  • Soft padding provides extra comfort
  • Lightweight material relieves pressure from face
  • Adjustable strap fits all sizes and shapes
  • Large mask shape effectively blocks out all light
  • Refurbished product; not brand-new
  • Thick velcro strap can be uncomfortable

This sleep mask has a great following amongst its customers, thanks to its innovative design. This sleeping mask uses a patented design that forms to the unique shape of the nose. Mavogel took feedback from previous designs in order to create an ergonomic mask that is not only comfortable, but effective in blocking out light and relieving pressure.

Mavogel released this brand-new design that they created after tirelessly researching designs and collecting information about what works and what doesn't, to ensure that their customers receive a better, ergonomic sleeping mask design that fits most people, whether their heads are large or small. Using a specially developed design in the nose piece that simulates the flexibility of cartilage, the mask will shape to the wearer’s nose, effectively blocking light that might seep in from the nose area.

They have also designed it with a soft fabric flap on each of the sides of the sleep mask. This helps to prevent the mask from shifting position during your sleep and potentially waking you up because of a change in the fit or exposure to light, so you'll rise in the morning feeling like you've gotten a great night's sleep. The mask is designed with five fabric layers, which include breathable fabric and a soft, flexible, and stretchy sponge, and is entirely made by hand. So, you know you are getting comfort and quality from this one.

Key Features
  • Ergonomic design to fit every head size
  • Patented bending cartilage design that shapes to the wearer’s nose to block light
  • Soft cotton triangle wing on the sides to stop movement
  • 5 layers of breathable fabric
  • Handmade
  • Size: 19 - 29 inches
  • Materials: Cotton, elastic sponge, and Modaier
  • Fill Weight: .64 oz.
  • Brand: Mavogel
  • Eliminates light while providing maximum comfort
  • Adjustable strap
  • Breathable material
  • Triangle wing design eliminates pressure from face
  • Cotton material can feel hot
  • Discomfort possible at the bridge of the nose

For lovers of silk, this is the mask for you. Made with top quality silk, you will experience coolness and comfort while wearing this mask and probably forget that you are even wearing it because of the light-weighted material. Dry-eye sufferers can finally rest easy with a hypoallergenic fabric that is breathable and will keep dry air out. This mask is recommended for hot sleepers and those that struggle with dry eyes.

Wearers may find that they sleep deeper and longer, waking up in a better mood and with more energy and ability to focus on the day's tasks.

The Jersey Slumber is made with 100 percent silk of the highest quality. Because the properties of silk naturally allow it to breathe and to not irritate the skin, wearers will get to experience an enhanced sleep, making you and your eyes relaxed and well rested. It will help to block light from your eyes while still maintaining enough space between the surface of the mask and your eyelids, so they don't feel the pressure of contact while you sleep.

Anyone can wear this mask, from men and women to children, with a completely adjustable strap that forms a comfortable fit to any head shapes and sizes. Wearers also won’t feel any constrictions around their head with a silk strap that adjusts perfectly to your head and provides a comfortable fit that doesn't cause any pain or discomfort. The fit is also secure enough so it won't shift in your sleep, even as you toss and turn.

Allergy sufferers will love it, as it is made with hypoallergenic silk fabric that is breathable, and lets oxygen in while keeping dry air out. It comes highly recommended for those that struggle with insomnia and migraine headaches and is ideal for dry-eye sufferers.

Key Features
  • Keeps eyes shielded from light with a minimal amount of compressing
  • Completely adjustable strap to form a comfortable fit to all head shapes
  • Silk strap is adjustable
  • Hypoallergenic silk fabric is breathable
  • Ideal for insomnia, migraine headaches, and dry-eye sufferers
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Materials: Mulberry silk
  • Fill Weight: .16 oz.
  • Brand: Sipwell
  • No velcro on the adjustable strap prevents hair from snagging
  • Effectively blocks out light
  • Silk fabric is comfortable and lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic material is beneficial to dry-eye sufferers
  • Coloring can transfer onto sheets and pillows
  • Complaints of heavy pressure on eyelids

“I need to get my beauty sleep,” is an excuse I have used many a time. But the truth is, sleep is important for much more than just your appearance. About a third of all American adults don’t get enough sleep. That’s a lot of grumpy people. Besides making you moody, sleep deprivation is linked to many serious health problems including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even 20 percent of all car crashes. According to SleepAdvisor.org, lack of sleep is a global issue that could cause more damage than terrorism.

It is a common remedy for people to use prescription drugs to aid themselves in getting more sleep. In fact, 9 million Americans take prescription drugs to help them fall asleep. However, the scary truth is that sleep aids are associated with a higher mortality rate.

The good news is that there are plenty of natural remedies to help you get some shut-eye. One of the best proven, and most affordable ways is by wearing a sleeping mask, commonly referred to as an eye mask. They are not only helpful in getting you to fall asleep but also to stay asleep.

They are essentially a covering that you wear over both of your eyes that block out all light. The darkness combined with the gentle amount of pressure that the eye mask applies makes your eyes feel a little heavier, helping you doze off a bit faster. The darkness that they provide helps to improve the levels of melatonin, which is a natural hormone that controls your sleep cycle.

Of course, not all sleeping masks are created equal. In order for them to be effective, they must fit properly and be a good quality material so that they block out all light, aren’t irritating to your skin, and are comfortable to wear all night long.

When choosing the right sleeping mask for you, you will want to consider what features are most important to you and your ability to sleep soundly. Eye masks are made from different materials and are all different shapes and sizes.

The shape of your face will matter greatly in selecting a mask that will fit comfortably and stay on all night. Take into account the specific design of the mask you are considering and how it will form to your eyes and the bridge of your nose.

You will also want to choose a mask with a material that you know will feel good on your skin. Is there a material that irritates your skin, or that you think will slip off your eyes while you sleep? Do you like a cooler material or a warmer material?

Where will you be using your mask the most? If you travel a lot and need the mask to help sleep easier on an airplane, or somewhere there is a lot of light that keeps you awake, then select a mask that is specially designed to block out light and does so successfully.

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