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So, you want to give your kitchen, bathroom or wherever else a brand new look but don't have the time or money to do an entire renovation. What are your options? Something as simple as installing some of the best new tiles on a wall, in a backsplash or in your shower can bring new life to your home without the added stress of a remodel or demolition.

Lucky for you, there are tons of great tile options out there that require barely any labor at all! Whether it's realistic-looking "tiles" with sticky adhesive on the back or actual sheets of tile that are easy to install, giving any room in your house new life is very possible. And the best part? You can do it all yourself, no extra help needed.

Below is a list of the best tiles Amazon has to offer these days, complete with pros and cons to help you decide which kind is best for your remodeling needs. From fake marble to Moroccan-style prints, there's no shortage of fun tile options at your disposal.

Want to give your home a slightly dramatic style upgrade without making permanent changes? These adhesive tile alternatives by Ecoart are a great way to switch things up without making a permanent, messy home renovation. And the best part? You’ll be the only one who knows these adhesives aren’t real tile — they look that real!

Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom backsplash, the back of a bookcase or the border around your fireplace, your placement options are truly endless! And since the tiles stick to a wide array of smooth surfaces including stainless steel, glass, ceramic tile, wooden surfaces, and even acrylic, you can transform just about any room of your home.

Applying the tiles truly couldn’t be easier. Simply peel off the backing of the adhesives and lay them down on the desired surface, no muss, no fuss — and most importantly, no grout! Once you stick the pieces down, slowly run your hands over it to ensure it’s nice and stuck. And if you have a change of heart sometime down the line, simply warm up the adhesive with a blow dryer to loosen the stick. Then you should be able to peel it right off by the corners. It’s that easy.

The tile pieces are very easy to clean and maintain, you can wipe them off with a damp cloth or wet sponge. They’re also mold-resistant, antibacterial and eco-friendly, making them a fantastic option for your health-conscious household.

Key Features
  • Tiles come in packs of six
  • Peel and stick application
  • Made of anti-mold and eco-friendly material
  • Material: Plastic and vinyl
  • No. Color/Pattern Options: 4
  • Size: 10" x 10"
  • Manufacturer: Artist
  • Brand: Ecoart
  • A great non-permanent design change
  • Can stick to a wide array of smooth surfaces
  • Look incredibly realistic
  • Has a faint chemical smell upon application
  • Won't stick on rough surfaces like brick or stucco

Metallic is totally on-trend these days, which is all the more reason to love these unique mosaic tiles! Perfect for the kitchen, laundry room or bathroom, these aluminum tiles know how to bring some extra pizazz to a room!

Because these tiles make such a bold statement, it’s a really easy way to completely transform a room while doing minimal work. While these tiles are, in fact, real ties, they boast a peel and stick adhesive backing, similar to fake tiles. But instead of dealing with tiles that look a bit plastic-y, these tiles are the real deal, and boy, do they look great.

The adhesive on the backs of the tiles is incredibly strong, so it’s important to measure out your space before applying — it’s hard to remove them once you’ve placed them. Be sure to choose a smooth space like a flat wall, glass, or stainless steel since uneven surfaces can cause the tile to appear uneven. And if you’re placing the tiles in a smaller space or in a unique design, the tiles are super easy to cut.

While the tile is heat resistant, it isn’t necessarily fireproof, so it’s important to place it no closer than 12 inches away to a stove or fireplace. You can have appliances like toaster ovens near the tile, just keep them about 6 inches apart.

While the pictures of the tile online are pretty awesome, it’s wise to order a sample just to make sure the metal shine works for the desired area. But other than that simple planning, there really isn’t much more work you need to do when it comes to these tiles. Just stick them where they need to go and you’re done, no grout or glue required.

Key Features
  • Peel and stick application process
  • Bronze, brown and gold pixels
  • Heat resistant
  • Material: Aluminum
  • No. Color/Pattern Options: 1
  • Size: 11 3/8" x 11 3/8"
  • Manufacturer: FLEXIPIXTILE
  • Unique metal sheen
  • Incredibly easy application
  • Heat resistant
  • Hard to remove once it's on
  • Hard to really see true color in pictures, purchasing samples is necessary

This stick-on tile by Cocotik is very versatile and comes in an array of unique shapes and bright colors. Why go with mundane subway tiles or basic squares when you can bring color to a room with designs like these? Whether you use them to line the interior of your shower, as a backsplash in your kitchen, or countertops in your laundry room, they’re sure to make a statement. And the best part? It takes half the time to install than real tile.

Giving any room in your home a makeover is easy thanks to these tiles’ peel-and-stick adhesive backing. And if you need, you can cut the pieces to size depending on the space you’re putting them in. Like, for example, if you want to use a thin line of colorful tile amid likes of another solid color. Simply cut the sheets to the desired shape and size and you can create your own designs! Just be sure to stick the tile onto a smooth surface such as stainless steel, ceramic, or glass. Try your best to avoid more porous materials like wood or textured wallpaper.

These tiles are also ideal for those keeping a safe, healthy household since they’re made of eco-friendly materials. The tiles are also waterproof and fireproof, perfect for showers and fireplaces. Seriously, you can put these tiles in just about any room in your house!

Key Features
  • Self adhesive wall tile
  • No glue or extra hardware needed
  • 9 available patterns
  • Eco-friendly, waterproof and fireproof
  • Material: Plastic, ceramic and wood
  • No. Color/Pattern Options: 9
  • Size: 10" x 10"
  • Manufacturer: Cocotik
  • Looks very realistic
  • Gives a great pop of color
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Adhesive could be stronger
  • Has a faint chemical smell when first installed

4. Tic-Tac Tile

9.00 / 10

If you’re longing for a mosaic style backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom that won’t break the bank, these Tic Tac tiles are sure to suit your fancy. Available in five different high-end designs, these 10" x 10" adhesive tiles look so real, you’ll be the only one who knows they aren’t actual mosaic tiles. DIY manipulation at its finest!

These stick-on tiles may be more budget-friendly than real tiles, but they definitely don’t look cheap. The adhesive pieces look almost gel-like, giving off a realistic sheen and dimension that can’t be beat. And unlike real tiles, they don’t require messy grout or other installation materials.

And if you’re intimidated by the Tic Tac tiles’ adhesive application, don’t be. The tiles boast a peel and stick process that literally takes seconds to install. And for your convenience, the pieces come with uneven edges so you can create your own designs and fit them exactly how you want them — you can even cut those ends off to accommodate your space. But be warned: if your walls are covered with stucco, brick or other uneven surface materials, the tiles may not stick as well. Be sure your surface is nice and smooth to ensure a maintainable look.

The Tic Tac Tiles are super easy to clean and maintain — simply wipe them down with a sponge or wet cloth and you’re good to go. The tiles are also made of non-toxic materials and are heavy metal free, antibacterial and formaldehyde-free.

Key Features
  • Peel and stick application
  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Moisture and heat resistant
  • Material: Vinyl
  • No. Color/Pattern Options: 5
  • Size: 10" x 10"
  • Manufacturer: Tic-Tac
  • High-quality adhesive stays stuck on walls
  • Incredibly easy to clean
  • Easy one-step installation
  • Can't stick to rough or uneven surfaces
  • Their smaller size isn't always convenient

Tired of DIY home projects that feel more like a puzzle than a basic renovation? Then you’ll love the simplicity of these stick-on tiles by STICKGOO. With easy-to-peel off backing and no-mess adhesive, installing these “tiles” literally couldn’t be much easier. And if you’re hesitant about using a stick-on solution vs real tiles, don’t be. These “tiles” look like the real deal and no one will ever even notice the difference — consider it your little secret.

The tiles come in packs of six and measure at 11" X 9.2" a piece, capable of covering 4.2 square feet per pack. And if you find you need only half a sheet or whatever size, you can easily cut it to the desired length and height. The “tiles” are made of eco-friendly materials and are heavy metal- and formaldehyde-free! This makes them a great choice for a healthy household.

These tiles are specially designed for backsplash and shower design purposes, so you know they can withstand an exceptional amount of heat and moisture. And for that reason, you don’t have to worry about the adhesive coming off over time. In fact, it’s guaranteed to stay stick for as long as you keep the tile up!

If you’re preparing your surface for application, make sure it’s a smooth area without uneven bumps and grooves — like those found on brick or stucco walls. Also, if your wall or surface has recently been painted, be sure to wait for at least three weeks or so before applying the tile.

Key Features
  • High-quality adhesive backing
  • Built to withstand excessive heat and moisture
  • Come in packs of 6
  • Material: Ceramic, vinyl, paper, and wood
  • No. Color/Pattern Options: 6
  • Size: 11" X 9.2"
  • Manufacturer: STICKGOO
  • Guaranteed not to yellow or crack over time
  • No grout or glue needed
  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Much thinner than real tiles
  • Adhesive could stand to be a bit stronger

If you looked up “gorgeous tile” in the dictionary, a picture of these TST mosaic tiles would likely be front and center. If you’re looking to add a touch of magical sparkle to your shower, backsplash or closet, these easy-to-install 12 x 12 tiles are a great option.

While the tiles are made of a clear white glass, they tend to match whatever room you put them in. That’s because they're also sprinkled with pieces of stainless steel, helping it to reflect whatever colors are around it. This reflective affect can also help make the area it’s set on appear larger, like counter tops or showers. Each tile piece measures at 12 x 12 and comes in either packs of 11 (which covers 11 square feet) or 5 (which covers 5 square feet).

Installing the tile squares is easy and requires typical tile glue and grout. The tiles are also mounted on mesh which makes them easier to cut to size to better fit whatever space you’re putting them in. The manufacturer also offers a single sample tile to those that are interested in the design but not quite ready to commit.

While the pieces look beautiful in their original 12 x 12 form, cutting the tiles down to size is also a viable option. Placing a single line of the mosaic tiles amongst other solid tiles is a great way to add a little bit of razzle-dazzle to a wall without it being too overbearing. Or on the contrary, you can fully embrace the sparkle and use the sheets as a whole. The choice is yours!

Key Features
  • One sheet covers one square foot
  • Made of crystal glass and stainless steel
  • Glossy, sparkling sheen
  • Material: Crystal glass and stainless steel
  • No. Color/Pattern Options: 1
  • Size: 12" x 12"
  • Manufacturer: TST Mosaic Tiles
  • Gives a room a dynamic, unique look
  • Larger sheets for simpler installation
  • Its iridescent color matches a wide array of decor
  • Can have a slight yellow or pink sheen that isn't apparent in pictures
  • It's very sparkly in person

Fresh cuts of marble look fantastic in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, but buying the real thing can often drain your bank account. Lucky for you, there are ways around this expense and you don’t have to sacrifice style to get it. These Art3d stick-and-peel backsplash marble tiles look just like real marble tiles but require less than half the labor and are significantly easier on your budget.

Unlike other stick-and-peel tiles, these marble-like ones are slightly larger, so you can cover more area with them, requiring you to buy less. A pack comes with six sheets, each measuring at 12” x 12” — that covers more area space than ones that are just 10” x 10”. Talk about more bang for your buck.

These tiles by Art3d are capable of withstanding environmental pressures whether they’re in showers, on backsplashes, and on countertops. That’s because they’re resistant to both heat and moisture and are incredibly easy to clean — simply wipe them down from time to time and you’re good to go! These stick-and-peel tiles are also great for using on uniquely shaped surfaces since they’re so easy to cut to size. Just be sure to install them on a flat, smooth surface since they don’t stick as well to bumpy materials like brick or porous wood.

And if you ever decide to remove the tile (but why would you want to do that?), simply hold a blowdryer to the surface to loosen the glue and the sheet should peel right off.

Key Features
  • Marble-like finish
  • 6 12" x 12" tiles per pack
  • Heat and moisture resistant
  • Peel and stick installation
  • Material: Vinyl
  • No. Color/Pattern Options: 1
  • Size: 12" x 12"
  • Manufacturer: Art3d
  • Covers 40 percent more space than typical 10" x 10" tile sheets
  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Looks somewhat rubbery from a distance
  • May have a weird smell upon installation

Subway tiles are a modern yet traditional design element that can really bring life to a room. Whether you’re using them as a backsplash above your kitchen counters or as your shower’s interior, the subway tile look will never go out of style. But if you don’t want to lay the tiles out one by one, these incredibly realistic peel and stick versions by Stickgoo are a great alternative.

You have the choice of a vibrant red, cool gray, pristine white or deep blue to bring character into any room of your house. And unlike other peel and stick tiles of their kind, these are two to three times thicker, and don’t bend like a flimsy sticker. They also boast a realistic sheen and 3-D elements that you don’t often see in adhesive tiles.

Since these tiles are both water- and heat-resistant, they’re ideal for placing in temperature-changing areas like showers and kitchens — they’re even safe to use around a fireplace! And you never have to worry about the tile peeling up at the corners over time. They’re backed with incredibly strong adhesive that won’t allow the tiles to budge.

While the tiles stick onto most smooth surfaces like wood, stainless steel and ceramic, it’s important to note that they won’t fair as well on uneven surfaces. And if you have a uniquely-shaped space you’d like to put the tiles in or have a certain design in mind, you can easily cut the pieces to size. And while it’s not necessary, you can add matching grout to make them look really realistic.

Key Features
  • Comes in four contemporary colors
  • Peal and stick application
  • Heat and moisture resistant
  • 12.6" X 10.6 tile pieces
  • Material: Vinyl
  • No. Color/Pattern Options: 4
  • Size: 12.6" X 10.6"
  • Manufacturer: STICKGOO Direct
  • Thicker than other stick-on tiles
  • Highly waterproof and heat resistant
  • Sheets are 40 percent larger than others like it
  • Can't stick to uneven surfaces like cement or stucco
  • Can look a bit "plastic-y" from a distance

These real mother of pearl tiles add a touch of elegance to any room you put them in. Perhaps that’s what makes them so fantastically versatile. Whether you use them for the interior of your shower, a backsplash, a fireplace, or even floors, these little tiles make a huge statement.

These tiles have a natural sheen to them that simply can’t be duplicated in manufactured materials. These little guys are made of actual pearls and boast a natural texture that is really pleasing on the eyes. The tiles are also designed to be safe, with no radiation and are fire and waterproof. And you can count on them to look great for a long time since they never lose their luster even after years of use.

The tiles’ white, slightly iridescent color goes great with just about any surrounding decor but you can also choose from six different natural color combinations to perfectly fit the look you’re going for. The tiles are incredibly easy to install since they’re all backed with a mesh mount easy for handling and gluing. And because the tiles aren’t are all handcrafted and natural, if one does chip off over time, it’s easy to replace since you don’t have to match its design perfectly. It’s that all-natural feel that gives these tiles true character.

Key Features
  • Genuine mother of pearl tiles
  • Mesh mount with natural texture
  • Come in packs of six sheets covering six square feet
  • Material: Pearl
  • No. Color/Pattern Options: 6
  • Size: 12" x 12"
  • Manufacturer: Art3d
  • Elegant style
  • Water and fire-proof
  • Fade-resistant
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Can appear dull if they get scratched up
  • The tiles are very thin

Looking to give your kitchen, bathroom or hallway a more unique look? These beautiful ceramic tiles by SomerTile may just be the ticket. While these tiles are brand new, they look perfectly distressed, giving any room you put them in a wonderful sense of character and in some of the tile’s cases, a touch of nostalgia.

While these tiles are often used as floors due to the fact that they’re practically indestructible, they also make great accent wall tiles. Whether you’re giving your shower or tub a unique, old world look or are giving your kitchen’s backsplash a nod to the ‘50s, you’re sure to create a one-of-a-kind look. All 13 tile styles are made of high-quality ceramic and are glazed with a slightly textured finish. The tiles are also a great choice for homes that like to enforce a healthy way of living since they’re mold and bacteria-resistant as well as allergen-free. And as if all that wasn’t enough, the tiles are also stain resistant!

All the tiles boast a P. E. I. rating of IV and are built to withstand residential and commercial use. It’s also worth noting that the tiles are always being manufactured, so if you order the same pattern at different times, there may be a slight variation in tone. However, this slight variation really gives the tile character and can prove quite interesting to look at.

Key Features
  • Glazed, slightly textured finish
  • P.E.I. IV rating, built to withstand heavy use
  • All ceramic and porcelain
  • Material: Ceramic and porcelian
  • No. Color/Pattern Options: 13
  • Size: 17.625" x 17.625"
  • Manufacturer: SomerTile
  • Incredibly durable
  • Skid and stain resistant
  • Their designs make for great statement pieces
  • Different production times cause slight color variation
  • The bolder prints can make a room look darker

When deciding on what tile accents you want to use in your home, there are a few important things you should consider, depending on where you're planning on applying it. From the room you're putting it in, to whether it's going on a floor or a wall, to the color of the tiles, there are plenty of choices that will help you decide which tiles are best for the project.

The Environment

If you're planning on putting tile in a place that experiences a lot of environmental or temperature changes, you'll want to keep that in mind when picking out tiles. If you're looking to line the interior of your shower, for example, you'll want to pick a material that can withstand excessive moisture. And if you're looking to line a fireplace mantle, you'll want to veer toward the kinds of tile that can undergo extreme heat.

If you're going with a synthetic tile like many of the peel-stick kinds out there, be sure to keep 6 to 12 inches between the tile and hot appliances like toasters. That way, you can be sure everything remains at a safe distance and doesn't become a fire hazard.

Lastly, don't forget about wear and tear. If you're putting tiles in a place that comes into contact with lots of items (like on a kitchen counter), be sure you pick pieces that can handle scratches and scuffs well.

Color and design

When it comes to picking tile color, it's best to asses what colors are already in the room. If you're trying to pick tile for your backsplash in your kitchen, take note of what the countertops and walls look like. If you notice there are already bolder colors, consider a neutral color for your backsplash tiles, like a beige or white subway tile, for example. And to the contrary, if you're looking to bring a little life to an otherwise dull kitchen, consider choosing a tile with an interesting shape or design.

You don't usually want to match your backsplash too closely to its surroundings as this can often look too busy and harsh on the eyes. After all, you're the one who's going to have to look at it every day!

How it feels

While we often think about how a tile looks, we sometimes forget that we should also take into account how it feels to the touch. Let's say you're picking out tile for your standing shower's interior. If you're looking to put tile on a seat in the shower, remember that your bare bum is going on there! Bumpy edges from mosaic tile may not feel too nice. Instead, you'll want smoother, larger pieces there.

The same goes for countertops. If you're looking to put tile on the countertops in your closet or vanity, you'll probably want a smoother surface to lay your makeup or hair supplies on. And as for floor tile, as you're shopping, imagine how the tile (and grout!) will feel underneath your bear feet.

One more helpful tip? No matter what tile you decide to install in your home, it's never a bad idea to order a sample piece before committing to an entire order. Sometimes pictures online can be misleading in terms of color and texture, so using a sample to determine if it's a good fit is always a safer bet.

Good luck!

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