10 Best Tips For Applying Concealer

What are the best tips for applying concealer? Here's our guide. Learn how to avoid using concealer wrong and create a flawless look.

How to Apply Concealer the Right Way

Doing your makeup is a full-on experience, with lots of variables that determine how your face is going to turn out. Believe it or not, there’s a technique to applying different makeup to your face, and with the right amount of skill, you can get this done pretty easily. Nothing is worse than applying makeup to your face to have it turn out bad, or get hit by the elements. So, taking the time to apply some tricks to your routine can make your makeup come out on fleek.

Concealer is one of those cosmetics that you just can’t live without, it gives your face a nice even tone and hides some of those pesky blemishes to give your face a smooth look. A lot of people think that you either need to use a foundation or a concealer, but in all actuality, you can use both for a pleasant look.

Concealer comes in all shapes and sizes, and there’s generally a palette of colors that you can go through. When it comes to applying concealer there’s much more that you should be doing then just rubbing it on, and we are going to go over some of the tips and tricks that will get your concealer back on track. Whether you are using a natural concealer or a drugstore branded one there are still certain aspects of the process that you’ll want to do. The result will be a face that looks amazing and your cosmetics will all blend much better together, which creates a dazzling look that you’ll be proud to show off anywhere. Read on below as we examine ten tips for applying your concealer.

Why to Use Concealer In Conjunction With Foundation

The first thing to remember when it comes to concealer is that it shouldn’t be used alone, in-fact concealer does best when it's used in conjunction with other cosmetics. The first of which should be your foundation. You never want to apply concealer to your face without foundation put down first, because it’s going to be a combination effect that gives your skin that nice smooth look. Many foundations are made as a set, which when combined with the concealer create a noticeable smoothing effect.

How to use the Triangle Trick with concealer for a lifted look

There are many tricks to doing your concealer the right way, and most of these tricks will help you get the most out of your product whether its a drugstore branded product or a department store brand. Perhaps the most well-known trick for applying concealer is the triangle trick, which gives your face a lifted look. To do this you’ll need to draw an upside-down triangle on your cheek using your concealer, and then pat it in gently. The triangle is going to create an effect that your face is lifted, creating a new refreshed look.

how to hide Pimples And Imperfections with concealer

The worst thing in the world can be trying to apply concealer when you have a pimple or a zit, so what do you do? Well, you can hide the pimple by using concealer but there's a small trick to it. First, you are going to want to dab the pimple with green concealer, once you have done this you’ll want to use a cotton swab to spread the concealer that matches your skin tone. This method creates a hiding effect and stops the pimple from spreading bacteria.

how to hide blemishes On Your Chest with concealer

Another trouble spot for many people when it comes to pimples and zits is the chest area, and if you are tired of having a chest full of pimples there is a trick. You can use concealer on top of pimples that are on your chest, and the trick to get it to sit correctly is to put a translucent powder on top of that. Continue to do this until you have a clear chest, and you’ll be able to wear just about any top that you want.

How to use concealer to Get Your Best Eyes

There is a concealer trick for just about every part of your face, and one of the most noticeable is the eyebrows. To get a blended look on your eyebrows and above your eyes, you’ll want to blend a lighter shade of concealer above your eyelids, this will create a nice rested look even if you have not slept the night before.

how to get Rid Of Dark Circles with concealer

Concealer can help with a plethora of imperfections on your skin, but one of the most notable imperfections are dark circles that you might have under your eyes. To get rid of these you’ll want to apply a very tiny dab or orange or peach-colored concealer to the dark circles, and what’s going to happen is that the peach-toned color is going to cancel out the effects of the dark circles. Pretty cool right?

Understanding Your Concealer Color Palette: How to pick the right shade

The most important aspect of using a concealer is to understand what it covers because there are different shades of concealer for every use. Depending on what your need is you might have a different shade of concealer for that specific day, and thus you’ll want to understand the use for each specific shade of concealer. Peach, for example, is used to cancel out dark circles, and green is used to hide pimples and tiny imperfections in your skin.

How Concealer Can Hide Puffy Eyes, Too

You can hide puffy eyes with your concealer as well, so how do you do it? Well, you’ll be making a mixture of concealer, highlighter, and eye cream. What this is going to do is make your eyes have a nice and relaxed look, while hiding the puffiness that might have been caused by a lack of sleep.

How To Prevent Creases when using concealer

Perhaps one of the worst things about using concealer is when you get creases in your face, how do you prevent them? Well, the concealer is something that you can start using right away to try and prevent blemishes but to prevent creases you’ll want to gently dab the concealer onto your face using a piece of tissue paper. The effect will be a nice smoothing effect, and this will prevent the concealer from creasing.

how to Create A Cat-eye Effect with concealer

Cat-eyes are another hot thing in cosmetics right now, and everyone wants them but how do you do it? Well, after you complete your cat-eye effect by using eye-shadow you can then go ahead and dab the corner of your cat-eye lightly with concealer. By doing this you’ll get a perfectly conformed cat-eye that looks great, and it won’t smear either.

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