The 10 Best Top Loading Washing Machines of 2019

Top Loading Washing Machines: The Best Of 2019

The Whirlpool brand is one of the most highly recognized and trusted brands by consumers. Its Whirlpool WTW4616FW 3.5 Cu. Ft. White Top Loading Washing Machine comes with features that justify the brand's popularity. For starters, it comes with an automatic temperature control feature to ensure that detergents work effectively and fabrics are washed at safe temperature levels. It also has a customizable drain system, in which you can set the drain with a floor standpipe, wall standpipe, or laundry tub.

This Whirlpool washer requires HE (high-efficiency detergents), unlike other top-load products. What distinguishes HE detergents from common ones is that they are designed to dissolve more quickly and produce fewer suds. As for bleach, users can pour it into the designated slot in the washer, which would then be released to the water by the auto-bleach dispenser at the proper time. With this, owners won't have to monitor the cycle every minute.

The washer's spin cycle can be configured according to several factors. This can be done on the control panel, which has a soil level switch that users can change, depending on how dirty the fabrics are. There's also a water level sensing feature so that the washer would have just enough water for the spin cycle. The washer can let users add more water to the tub with its deep fill feature. It also has an extra rinse feature that lets you rinse the load more than once in case you're sensitive to detergents.

Key Features
  • The washer has a white porcelain tub that can withstand everyday wear and tear
  • The washer works best with high-efficiency or HE detergents
  • A dual action spiral agitator is installed for more effective spin cycles
  • Dimensions: 27.5" x 42" x 27"
  • Capacity: 3.5 cubic feet
  • Manufacturer: Whirlpool
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Brand: Whirlpool
  • auto-temperature control
  • soil level adjustments
  • no stainless steel tub
  • Works better with HE detergents

The LG White 5.2-cubic-foot Mega Capacity Top Loading Washing Machine proves to be a fine choice for buyers that love capable products from established brands. For starters, it comes with a NeveRust™ stainless steel drum, a durable material that could help owners save up on repair or replacement costs. The washer also comes with a TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration System to further ensure its long-lasting use. The system stabilizes the washing machine in case it gets out of balance from uneven loads. To further guard against everyday wear, There is a slam-proof lid installed on the washer, which ensures that the lid closes slowly and safely.

Aside from its strong build, the machine also boasts of convenience features. It has an Allergiene™ Cycle that helps wash allergens and similar particles off the fabrics. This feature would be handy for users prone to allergies from hair, dust, bugs and the like. There is also the TurboWash® Technology that LG is known for, which enables the machines to do faster wash cycles by way of jet spray. LG explains that not only does this reduce your waiting time for washing, it also lets you save energy and get more thoroughly cleaned clothes.

The washer's control panel offers adjustments for spin speeds,  soil levels of clothing, rinse temperatures, and the like. This lets the machine go from slow to fast and improves the wash cycle according to the dirt on your fabrics. It also can deliver cold to hot levels of water. This variety of options, as well as the convenience features and durable material of the washer, make it a worthy purchase.

Key Features
  • The washer comes equipped with a child-lock system for safety purposes
  • Allergy-prone users can find assurance in the washer's anti-allergy washing
  • Stainless steel drum for durability
  • Slam-proof lid
  • 14 options and programs, plus 3 soil settings
  • Dimensions: 27" x 44.5" x 28 "
  • Capacity: 5.2 cubic feet
  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor, 10 Years Motor Lifetime on Drum
  • Faster than usual wash cycles
  • Good for users with kids or allergies
  • Made of long-lasting material and features
  • Lack of color options

True to its name, the ZENSTYLE Full-Automatic Mini Multifunctional Washing Machine lets owners have their peace of mind while using an appliance with style. It has a range of features that cover the laundry basics, like the automatic washing function. This lets you do other tasks while the washer puts the spin cycle in motion. It could also rinse the laundry and drain the water as long as you set the timer for such actions. Setting up the auto washing cycle is made easier by the LED display control panel. The screen displays your choices that can be clearly seen thanks to the lighting.

The Top Loading Washing Machine has a 1300RPM motor installed inside, which runs to a max frequency of 60Hz. Simply put, this allows the appliance to operate quietly while cleaning the fabrics efficiently. If you're washing heavy loads, you won't have to worry about the washer tipping over due to the uneven weight. Thanks to the automatic imbalance adjustment feature, the appliance can balance itself on its own and resume the spin cycle as usual.

The adjustable bottom feet makes it possible for users to alter the height of the washer according to their liking. People living in enclosed spaces such as apartments, dormitories, or RVs would find this feature hard to pass up. For families with children, the washer comes with a child-lock function to prevent the kids from tampering with the appliance. This safety feature caps the list of reasons why you'll have peace of mind in using this washer.

Key Features
  • The child-lock feature ensures that kids can't meddle with the washer at work
  • The LED displays makes it easy for users to select their choices before the wash cycle
  • The auto imbalance adjustment feature helps prevent spills and internal damage
  • 10 programs and 8 water level choices
  • Dimensions: 33.58" x 19.80" x 19.69"
  • Capacity: 1.6 cubic feet
  • Manufacturer: ZENSTYLE
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Child-lock safety function
  • Quiet yet powerful motors
  • Spin cycle leaves clothes nearly dry
  • Hose connection can link

The Magic Chef MCSTCW09W1 0.9 cu. ft Compact Washer will make you see that laundry doesn't have to be difficult. The washer has buttons on the control panel, accompanied by an illuminated digital display for easy viewing. This lets owners see the digits they're putting in for the spin cycle, regardless of day or night. A closer look at this control panel would show options for detergent loads, whether you need 3 scoops of soap or more. It also has five options for wash cycles in case you need to soak, rinse, or spin your clothes. The LED display doubles as a timer to let owners set the duration of the spin cycle. Every time the washing ends, the appliance has an auto shut-off mechanism so you won't have to manually turn off the power.

Unlike most washers, this one by Magic Chef can be placed in any room that can serve as a laundry area, thanks to its quick-connect kit. There is a water supply hose which can be connected to the faucet, and a drain hose that can be secured on the basin. This design by Magic Chef makes laundry work a space-saving chore for those living in dormitories, apartments, RVs, or similar living setups.

Other features would be the auto unbalance detection, which stabilizes the washer by adding water to redistribute the load inside. The top has a glass lid so owners could see the spin cycle in action. There's also a start and pause function for mid-spin cycle adjustments, whether you need to add or remove items while washing.

Key Features
  • The compact design makes it ideal for small living spaces
  • Automated features help stabilize the washer or turn it off after use
  • Laundry users are guided better by its digital display control panel
  • Dimensions: 20.5" x 20.5" x 33.1"
  • Capacity: 0.9 cubic feet
  • Manufacturer: Magic Chef
  • Warranty: 1 year for model, 5 years for compressor
  • Auto unbalance detection
  • Five wash cycle options
  • Quick connect kit
  • Plastic material
  • Very small capacity

The FRIGIDAIRE FFTW4120SW Top Load Washer has a slew of features that buyers would find worthwhile. It comes with automated functions to give homemakers more time for other chores. For instance, there are dispensers inside that automatically pour the detergent and fabric softener into the water during each cycle. All you would need to do is place a scoop or two of these laundry products inside the designated dispensers. For better wash results, FRIGIDAIRE recommends using high-efficiency detergents, which is something other brands do. High-efficiency detergents are designed to make less suds, get diffused quickly, and work more effectively with laundry.

Another feature to highlight would be its stainless steel tub, which is more durable than other forms like porcelain or plastic. Buyers looking for sturdy materials would find this an attractive deal. As for the water supply, this washer has hoses that you can use for either hot or cold water. The appliance can detect how much water is filling up the tub and can automatically add more if the user chooses to. The washer can also adjust the spin cycle according to how soiled your garments or fabric are. This is made possible with its soil level setting, which ranges from extra light, light, medium, heavy, to extra heavy.

Users can also select the type of clothing or fabric inside, whether it's delicate, activewear, colored, white, or hand-washable only. This helps the washer do the appropriate cleaning cycle for your clothes so that they won't get torn or damaged. With this, buyers would have one less worry in doing their laundry chores.

Key Features
  • There is an end-of-cycle signal to let you know if the washing is done.
  • The stainless steel tub inside helps ensure the longevity of the appliance.
  • It has automated features that adjust water level, intensity of cycle, and rinsing.
  • Dimensions: 27 x 43 x 28 x inches
  • Capacity: 4.1 cubic feet
  • Manufacturer: FRIGIDAIRE
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Auto detergent dispenser
  • End-of-cycle signal feature
  • No steam option

One thing's clear when it comes to the Panda PAN50SWR1 Compact Washer: it has a see-through lid for seeing your laundry at work. It's a feature that not many washing machines have, making the Panda washer a viable option. It has other notable features as well, like its stainless steel tub which can resist scratches, bumps, or other forms of damage faced by washers. Choosing stainless steel tubs over others made of plastic, porcelain, or other less durable forms would be a wise choice for consumers.

The appliance comes with inlet hoses that can provide either hot or cold water to the tub. Panda calls these materials "quick adaptors", and rightly so. The adaptors could be put easily on any faucet in the household combined with the inlet hose and another copper adaptor. These are needed to ensure the hose stays on the faucet as the water gets flowing. There are also drain hooks included, which you can fasten onto your bathroom basins or other sinks at home.

The washer also comes with two built-in rollers at the back, making it possible for homeowners to place the machine anywhere that can support laundry chores. The washer's compact design makes it ideal for those living in small premises. Apartment, dormitory, or RV inhabitants would find this a worthwhile deal. The control panel features washing options for loads that are heavy, bulky, delicate, or those that only need spins. An extra rinse option is also available to ensure the clothes are clean of any detergent residue or dirt.

Key Features
  • The washer's transparent lid allows owners to monitor the laundry cycle
  • Stainless steel tub helps the washer last longer and resists eventual wear
  • Water supply for the washer can be from any faucet connected by the hose and adaptor
  • Dimensions: 38" x 23" x 23"
  • Capacity: 1.6 cubic feet
  • Manufacturer: Panda
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Built-in rollers for easy repositioning
  • See-through lid
  • Might leak if hose isn't sealed properly

Longevity, safety, and efficiency are features to highlight in the Kapas KPS35-735H2 Upgraded Compact Washing Machine. The product has a stainless steel build that makes the tub last long against everyday use. Buyers who intend to save on washers that won't need repairs or replacements immediately need not look beyond this washer. There is a water level control option that lets users choose how much water would be needed by a load. As for the water supply, a hose is included in the package that can be used to connect to a faucet or household water source.

There is an LED indicator for users to easily set their preferences during each wash cycle. A pause button is also available in case you need to add or remove a garment mid-wash. After each wash, owners can use the extended drain hose to let laundry water out of the machine. The long length of the drain hose makes it possible to be placed in the toilet, bath, or sink area. The washer has an automatic shutdown feature that lets it power down on its own so that owners won't have to. Buyers who have a lot of chores to do or those with disabilities may find this a very helpful feature.

The washer is built to handle loads weighing up to 7.8 pounds. The tub also functions as a dryer, powered electrically and uses spin-drying instead of heating. Buyers who have no qualms with the method of drying used would find no problems with this washer by Kapas.

Key Features
  • The automatic shutdown function helps users save power
  • The stainless steel build adds defense against wear and tear
  • The extended drain hose makes it easy to position the washer anywhere in the house
  • 8 wash programs, preset washing time
  • Can spin-dry garments
  • Dimensions: 17.5" x 16.5" x 29.5"
  • Capacity: 1 cubic foot
  • Manufacturer: Kapas
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Strong stainless steel build
  • Automatic power-down function
  • LED indicator for easy viewing
  • Smaller capacity than other freestanding washers
  • Short warranty, only 90 days

The Giantex EP23113 Full-Automatic Washing Machine makes its presence known with features that are hard to miss. On the outside, it has a control panel with choices for water level, spin duration, and such. There is an LED display to let users clearly see when they're setting the timer or selecting the washer choices. The lid is made of transparent material to let users view the laundry during the spin cycle. This multifunctionality would be a welcome change for users who make do with outdated washers.

The washing machine also comes with safety functions to prevent untoward incidents. There is a child lock feature that activates once it detects that the top lid has been opened mid-wash. The agitator stops spinning and the buttons on the control panel are locked. This would come in handy if a child attempts to tinker with the washer. Another helpful function is the automatic imbalance adjustment, which comes into effect when the unequal placement of a load in the tub causes the washer to vibrate disruptively. This feature helps prevent spills, internal damage, and other inconveniences.

Looking inside, users can find a stainless steel tub with a honeycomb-shaped design. The stainless steel material helps protect the tub from wear and tear, while the honeycomb design helps protect the clothes and fabrics from getting torn during washing. The tub can load ten pounds of laundry at a time, serving as proof of the material's strength. Other features worth noting would be the collection box inside the tub that gathers hair and other debris from the fabric.

Key Features
  • Comes with the child lock feature and other safety functions for families
  • Has an auto imbalance adjustment function to help prevent damage and spills
  • The LED display can let users operate the washer in areas with poor lighting
  • Dimensions: 19.7" x 19.8" x 33.6"
  • Capacity: 1.6 cubic feet
  • Manufacturer: Giantex
  • Warranty: 30 days
  • stainless steel tub
  • child lock feature
  • clear lid for viewing
  • Very short warranty, only 30 days

The Silk Lux Compact 1.1 Cu.ft Full Automatic Washing Machine doesn't kid around when it comes to laundry. With a 12-foot height and 14-inch diameter, its inner tub is designed to compact loads for a small household. This doesn't mean the washer would cause noisy spin cycles, as it comes with a quiet operation feature. There are rear wheels built on the washing machine so that owners could easily reposition it at any area of the house.

A highlight of the Silk Lux washer would be its Germicidal UV light feature. Unlike other washing machines, this product helps keep away germs and sanitize your clothes and bedding. Families with children or health-conscious individuals would find this a handy benefit. The UV lights are found under the washing machine control panels, which get turned on during the wash cycle. For users' safety, these lights automatically switch off whenever the lid gets opened. Doing so would prevent any eye problems caused by looking at the UV light directly.

Silk Lux also equipped its product with temperature settings, so that users can choose cool or warm wash cycles. The appliance is built to resist up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a self-balancing spin cycle function to prevent the washer from tilting or vibrating uncontrollably. After every wash cycle, you can place the hose near a drain or hook it on a basin since the machine can pump the water out. Lastly, the washer has an air pressure detection system inside which allows it to fill or drain water automatically. Users would find these features convenient for their laundry needs.

Key Features
  • The UV light sanitizes laundry and keeps germs at bay
  • The attached wheels makes the washer easy to move around
  • It has automatic water-filling and stabilizing functions
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 30 inches
  • Capacity: 1.1 cubic feet
  • Manufacturer: Silk Lux
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Germicidal UV light
  • Has rear wheels
  • Lacks color variety

You won't be disappointed with Speed Queen if you're looking for a brand backed by its customers. Consumer Reports explains that Speed Queen is among the more reliable washer brands in its annual product reliability survey. It's therefore expected that the brand's recent laundry appliance, the Speed Queen TR3000WN 26 Inch Top Load Washer, would have features intended to keep that reputation. At 180 pounds, this washer is packed with the features like the Perfect Wash System, the Automatic Balancing System, and more.

Speed Queen's Perfect Wash is a built-in system that uses a stainless steel tub to clean clothes. The material of the tub allows washing in an effective but gentle way, unlike other washers that might ruin laundry fabric during spin cycles. This would be ideal for buyers worried about damaging their clothes in laundry. Meanwhile, the Automatic Balancing System is there to keep the appliance balanced in case heavy loads cause it to tip during the spin cycle. This can lessen vibrations in the machine and help lengthen its durability. This top load washer also has an auto-fill system, in which the appliance uses just enough volume of water for every laundry load. Buyers who are keen on water conservation would do well with this feature.

External features include a three-coat finish to help guard against wear and tear. It also has a porcelain outer tub which helps complement the white color on the outside. The washer can accommodate small, medium, and large load sizes. It can wash in cold, cool, warm and hot water temperatures.

Key Features
  • The automatic balancing system keeps the washer from vibrating
  • Owners can use just enough water and conserve it with the auto-fill system
  • The porcelain and stainless steel materials help protect the washer from damage
  • Dimensions: 28" x 25.6" x 42.8"
  • Capacity: 3.3 cubic feet
  • Manufacturer: Speed Queen
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Quality build against wear and tear
  • Water conservation feature
  • Gentle yet thorough fabric washing
  • Lack of color variety

Despite the advent of the front-loading washing machine, the tried-and-true top-load design is still preferred by many. And when it comes to choosing the best one on the market, we're here to help. Washing machines have come a long way since their basic beginnings, and features and technologies continue to evolve. There are five key features that we recommend you look for as you're making your decision: a stainless steel tub, an auto-dispenser system, an auto-balance adjustment function, a child-lock feature, and a see-through lid. The last one can arguably be a matter of preference, but here's why these features matter.

Stainless Steel Tub

Having a tub made of this instead of porcelain or plastic would mean fewer worries about damage and repairs. A stainless steel tub shows better durability against wear and tear compared to other tub materials. It might have its own costs, but it saves you a lot in the long run.

Automatic Dispensers

Be it a dispenser for detergents, fabric conditioners, bleach, or all of them, having this automatic feature would free you from the chore of manually pouring these yourself. You'll have time to do other tasks or simply sit back and wait for the wash to finish.

Automatic Balance Adjustment

For many, nothing gets worse than a noisy washer that topples from vibration, spills the water, and ruins the whole laundry chore. This explains the importance of washers with auto-balance adjustment functions. Uneven loads would get balanced by pouring in more water in them so that the washer stops acting up.

Child-Lock Feature

Sometimes, kids might inadvertently get drawn to a washer and start tinkering with it. This situation leads to danger and can be avoided by a washer's child-lock feature. As soon as the top lid gets opened mid-cycle, a sensor stops all activity from the agitator to the control panel.

Fast And Safe Washing Cycles

Everybody loves faster washing times, and it's hard to argue against this. It gives you more time for life outside your laundry. Still, a washer with fast and safe wash cycles means you quickly get your delicates cleaned, but undamaged. Features like LG's TurboWash Technology embody this idea.

See-Through Lid

Lastly, the see-through lid is nice to have if you want to look at the load in the spin cycle. This lets you spot, pause and stop uneven loads from forming, or pick up stray objects that got included in washing.

Whether you opt for a machine loaded with these features or other useful features, or you're just looking for the most budget-friendly model, we've got you covered with the options for the best top-loading washing machines.

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