Are Blackhead Masks Effective and Safe?

Curious about blackhead masks? We can help. Learn whether they're safe and effective

The word on whether blackhead masks really work... and if they're safe

Face masks, especially charcoal face masks, are the latest trends in skin care. Videos have gone viral of people peeling off a thick black mask from their faces. Afterwards, clear glowing skin is revealed. What’s the main aim of these masks? They are used to suck out blackheads from your pores and the same time, clear skin of any toxins. But are blackhead masks effective and safe?

Advantages of a Charcoal Mask

For a long time, charcoal has been used for absorbing toxins from the stomachs of people who have overdosed. With this idea in mind, many skin products incorporate activated charcoal to absorb any toxins. Most users are skeptical and wonder whether charcoal is good for your skin.

No scientific studies have proven any real effect on charcoal on the skin. What we know is charcoal doesn’t lead to allergic reactions or irritate the skin. And this is why most skin care companies prefer charcoal for various skin-related products. Certain types of bar soaps, cleansers, face masks, makeup remover, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, all have charcoal in them.

Blackhead masks help to remove any impurities and make skin pores clear. The ability of charcoal to absorb toxins in other parts of the body has been proven scientifically. And this is why there’s a good chance it can work on your skin even if not scientifically proven.

Choosing a Charcoal Face Mask

Make sure to choose beauty products which have been checked and properly regulated. Some beauty products may contain harmful ingredients to the skin. If you are going for a charcoal mask, try one that is manufactured and regulated in the U.S. Make sure the charcoal mask you choose has great consumer feedback coupled with credible reviews.

When making an at-home charcoal mask, extreme caution should be exercised. Is the charcoal you are using activated and from a reliable and reputable seller? This is one of the questions you need to ask yourself before applying any skin-related products.

Will the charcoal mask work on your skin? As with any skin care product, determining whether it’s good for you remains subjective. Do charcoal masks help in caring for your skin? It depends on several factors.

Some users may get wonderful results while others face dismal outcomes. Selecting a quality product is one way of getting the desired results. Another proven alternative is consulting with a dermatologist about the dos and don’ts of charcoal skin care. You can ask the dermatologist for a recommended charcoal skin care product.

What’s in a peel-off mask?

Activated charcoal has to be the foremost key ingredient in blackhead peel of mask. Charcoal masks usually contain glue to bind the black mask ingredients. Other known ingredients include fruit acid extracts such as grapefruit and lemon. These two ingredients help to enhance the exfoliating effects of the mask. And this is how deep cleansing occurs.

Do charcoal masks work for blackheads?

Do you know what causes blackheads? Blackheads are caused as a result of dead skin cells and natural oil clogging pores. Dermatologists refer them as comedones. After being exposed to air, they build up at the surface, the clogged pore darkens, and blackheads appear.

Charcoal peel-off masks help to remove buildup close to the skin’s surface. They are unable to penetrate and reach deep within pores making them a lesser treatment to blackheads.

Are blackhead peel-off masks harmful?

Most peel-off masks claims to leave the skin feeling clean and soft. Blackhead peel-off masks have been known to cause skin damage such as dryness and irritation. Peeling off the mask in itself can at times damage skin. The glue can pull away healthy skin cells and the tiny hairs appearing on the face. Caution should be taken when peeling off masks. Blackhead masks should not be peeled off abruptly or with force.

Any damage to the outermost layer of the skin will result in skin damage. What happens is the natural skin barrier will weaken as a result. Skin barriers are effective in protecting the skin from external stressors.

Preventive measures

Prevention is better than a cure. Some preventive measures can be taken to produce a clear complexion. Make sure to adopt a good skin care routine which helps maintain a clear complexion. What this does will prevent blackheads from forming.

Our Verdict

Peel-off masks can safely be used to treat blackheads at home. The best method of dealing with blackheads is always prevention. Make sure to use exfoliating products that aid in preventing build-up from occurring within skin pores.

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