Blackhead Peel-Off Mask vs. Home Facial Scrub Remedies

What's the best way to treat blackheads? Here's how to get rid of the unsightly acne. Use peel-off masks and more to say goodbye to blackheads.

Are Blackhead Peel-Off Masks or Facial Scrubs Better?

You may have heard it a thousand times that blackhead peel off masks works best for getting rid of blackheads. But, what about home facial scrub remedies? Besides, these are easy to prepare at home, and you’ll be using natural ingredients from your own kitchen.

Why are these pesky annoyances on our skin such as problem for many? Blackheads make their appearance once your skin becomes clogged with excess oil, dirt, or even makeup products.

They commonly appear around your nose area, cheeks, forehead, and chin. They look like tiny black spots that make you think you have embedded dirt on your face.

For a blackhead peel-off mask to be effective, it should contain ingredients that are nourishing to your skin, and have antiseptic and astringent properties. Some of these would include; cucumber juice, activated charcoal, tea tree oil, and witch hazel.

Home facial scrub remedies often consist of ingredients like gelatin or egg white to assist with the cleansing of clogged pores.

As to whether the commercial type blackhead remover masks are better compared to using facial scrub remedies made at home, it would be best to take heed of what the experts say in this regard.

Ruchi Khanna, a skincare specialist at Rass Biosolution, reckon that one shouldn’t even use a facial scrub. Following are some of the reasons for this:

  • Exfoliants used in a facial scrub usually include sugar, beads, clay, walnut crush, and salt. However, the exfoliant can also take the form of a brush, sponge, or muslin washcloth. In severe cases, though, people visit their dermatologist to have a procedure known as microdermabrasion performed.
  • In his opinion, chemical exfoliants rather than homemade ones do a better job as these make use of acids to exfoliate your skin. The acids we are referring to would be lactic acid, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid.
  • The key reason why blackhead peel off masks works so well is that these rid your skin of build-up grime and dirt without causing any irritation. On the other hand, physical exfoliation that is carried out using home facial scrub remedies tends to be too harsh on your skin. Especially when not properly executed.
  • Many people fear the idea of making use of acids. There is no need to be as the acid-based exfoliators found in removal masks are less harsh than the gritty substances used in homemade masks.

Using physical exfoliants that take the form of home facial scrubs are more likely to irritate the skin than chemical exfoliants that do an excellent job of unglueing dead cells and sloughing these of your skin.

The other problem is that people tend to scrub too vigorously with homemade remedies. Chemical exfoliation is much gentler as it does not require any scrubbing.

Why Blackhead Peel Off Masks work best for removing blackheads

The main aim of making use of blackhead remover masks is to initiate a gentle exfoliation treatment that serves a dual purpose as it also reinvigorates the texture of your skin.

As we said before, there is a boatload of face masks on the market. You will encounter a variety of brands. Each of these serves the needs of different skin types and boast their own unique features. Some would act as a decongestant while others will soothe and nurture.

It is merely a case of opting for a peel-off mask that caters to your needs as not every face responds the same way.

Charcoal-based peel off masks is excellent for acne-prone skin complexions as these draw out debris and dirt while absorbing excess oils simultaneously. When removing a mask like this, you will notice how luminous your skin will be. Plus, it will minimize the size of your skin pores and get rid of any impurities.

Another benefit to using the best blackhead peel-off masks is that these are rich in antioxidants, which diminishes damage to your skin through free radicals.

Do not underestimate the benefits of using home facial scrub remedies. They do a lot of good if used correctly. Let us take a look.

what are the advantages of Homemade Facial Scrubs for fighting blackheads?

Some of the known benefits to using homemade scrub include:

  1. Unblocking your skin pores - Blackheads make their appearance once sebum and dead skin cells become trapped in your skin pores. Facial scrubs can help to absorb excess oils, dirt, and dead skin cells.
  2. Cleansing your skin - Using a very good facial scrub would penetrate deep into the skin to take out any impurities. If you are prone to attracting blackheads, then it is an excellent way to help detoxify your skin.

So what is the verdict?

Even though blackhead peel off masks may cost more than home facial scrub remedies, they are way more reliable as these do contain a healthy ratio of ingredients that are correctly balanced to get rid of blackheads effectively.

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