Who Should Buy a Shark Vaccum?

Who needs a Shark Vacuum? We'll explain. Read about the benefits of Shark vacuums' models, features, and accessories.


Shark Vacuums: Who Needs One and Why

If you are on the market for a new vacuum, you might be surprised to learn that Shark is now the top brand of vacuum based on market research done by Mintel.

However, do you really need a Shark? Is it more vacuum than you might want?

The truth is, some people should buy a Shark vacuum, and here is why you might be one of them.

What Are Shark Vacuums?

There are many types of vacuums produced by Shark. You can get upright, cordless, handheld, and even robotic vacuums. They are all good vacuums to have, and you are sure to find the one that suits your needs best.

Why purchase a Shark?

Shark is the pioneer of the swivel steering and lift-away design that has revolutionized the way people vacuum. You should purchase one because of the innovations that they develop and because of the large range of models they have developed.

Who should buy a Shark Vacuum?

Though everyone could benefit from a Shark Vacuum, you might be surprised to learn that there are some people who most definitely should buy one.

Allergy Sufferers

Get a Shark Vacuum if you have allergies to dust and common dirt that accumulates in your home. With the Sharks innovative design, it is the perfect vacuum for those who suffer allergies. The dirt lifts away with ease without spreading it into the air you are breathing while you vacuum.

Multiple Obstacles

When you have a lot of furniture, crevices, and nooks in your home, a Shark will surely benefit you. The swivel design will help you to maneuver around all the obstacles in your home without having to move the furniture around. Additionally, the lift away design allows you to detach the canister and use the powerhead to extend your reach while the vacuum motor continues to run. Moreover, you can use the multi-flex to bend the handle to reach under furniture without having to get down on the floor yourself.

Ease of Motion

Shark vacuums are light and self-propelled. Not everyone has the strength or the stamina to carry a vacuum up and down stairs or to push with force on thick carpets. When you struggle to vacuum your floors using conventional vacuums that don’t move themselves, then you want a Shark. The ease at which you can get around your home is almost effortless. Even lifting your shark up and down stairs is easier than ever due to the lightweight design that is packed with power.

Pets and Dirt

If you have many pets and plenty of dirt in your home that is tracked in by your pets, kids or even yourself, a Shark vacuum will tackle that mess with ease. The two brushes in the powerhead allow for a more thorough clean on even the toughest dirt. Additionally, the design of the Shark removes even the finest of particles from your floors without much effort.

Storage Space

Some vacuums can be cumbersome in size. Not the Shark ones. You can easily store them due to the sleek and slim design that makes them perfect for those who lack storage options in their home. The multi-flex allows you to fold the vacuum at the handle and store it away while taking minimal space.

Multiple Floor Types

Though many vacuums can handle multiple floor types, Shark vacuums allow you to do that without having to adjust brush height. Your Shark will automatically adjust as it detects a different floor type and cleans it without you having to determine which brush height suits the space.

So Who Really Needs A Shark Vacuum?

Shark vacuums have newly innovated the way traditional vacuums were designed. With the features that include the multi-flex, lift away, and swivel, vacuuming has become much easier.

When you struggle to get around day to day obstacles in your home, have limited storage options or even find it difficult to move your vacuum around your multiple surfaces, then you are the very person to benefit from a Shark vacuum.

It might be time to start shopping!

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