What to Think About When Buying a Snow Blower

What should you consider when buying a snow blower? We'll make it simple. Know what to look for to buy the best snow blower for your winter needs.

Snow Blowers: What to Look For When Buying

When winter makes an appearance in your area, you may be in store for some frigid temperatures and snowy weather. Whether you’re dealing with a few inches of snow or a blizzard, it’s crucial to be fully prepared for anything that comes your way. The most effective way to combat the harsh weather is to invest in a reliable snow blower. Finding the best snow blower is only a matter of doing the research and following the right guidelines. To ensure that the appliance you choose does its job in the most efficient way possible, take the time to factor the following elements into your decision.

What Type of Driveway do you have?

Before you purchase the right snow blower, it’s helpful to be aware of the type of driveway you have and which type of snow blower would be ideal for it. For example, a single-stage snow blower typically works best on flat driveways that are made of concrete or asphalt. However, one of the drawbacks of a single-stage machine is that it tends to struggle when you use it at a steep grade. It’s important to consider this limitation if you have a particularly steep driveway.

If you have a gravel or dirt driveway, it’s best to purchase a two-stage or three-stage snow blower. These snow blowers are usually better at handling steep driveways that are made of gravel or dirt. Before you decide which snow blower to purchase, it’s worthwhile to consider the kind of driveway that your home has.

How much Snowfall are you dealing with?

Another important factor to consider is the amount of snowfall you typically get in your area. Both the depth and type of snow will influence the type of snow blower you should purchase. If you normally deal with wet and sticky snow, a two- or three-stage snow blower may be a more practical choice than a single-stage blower. Generally speaking, single-stage snow blowers have a difficult time throwing sticky and wet snow that is more than six inches deep. Because of the higher power of two- and three-stage snow blowers, these machines are less likely to get stuck in wet and heavy snow.

What Special Features to Look for in snow blowers

Once you’ve thought about the average weather conditions of your area, be sure to consider the various features of the snow blower you’re planning to buy. Below are some of the most convenient aspects of quality snow blowers that you should factor into your decision.

  • Power steering: This feature is usually found in two- and three-stage snow blowers. Because these types of machines are often very heavy, power steering allows you to turn them around effortlessly once you reach the end of a path. The power steering feature can make your job significantly easier and help you save a lot of effort.
  • Plastic chutes: While it may appear that steel chutes are more durable than plastic chutes, it’s actually better to opt for plastic if you’re preparing for large amounts of snow. Not only do plastic chutes work better than their steel counterparts, but they also last longer than them. The flexible nature of plastic makes it less likely to crack in cold temperatures. In addition, it is more difficult for snow to become trapped in the plastic chute, as the material is naturally slippery. Steel chutes may rust over time and become chipped with use.
  • Headlights: In terms of safety and efficiency, headlights are a crucial element for your snow blower to have. If you use your machine early in the morning while the sun is still down, you need to ensure that you can see clearly in front of you. With the aid of headlights, you can identify any obstacles in your path and clear snow promptly.

A snow blower is a worthwhile investment that can make winter an easier time of year for you. Before you purchase a machine, take the time to ensure that it’s ideal for your specific property. Regardless of the type of snow you have, it’s important to find a snow blower that can effectively clear the snow from your driveway. The next time a snowstorm or blizzard attacks your area, you can feel well prepared and have peace of mind when you have a quality snow blower to rely on.

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