How to Care for Wrinkling Skin

Tired of wrinkling skin? We can help. Here's some tips on how to take care of your skin and avoid wrinkles

How to Care for Wrinkling Skin

Getting older is an unavoidable part of life. As great as it would be to have a magic cream or serum that stopped the aging process completely, that kind of science doesn’t exist. Everyone will eventually see some of the side effects of aging in their own skin, and that is completely normal. One of the most common side effects of aging skin is the appearance of wrinkles. If you’ve noticed a few new wrinkles or fine lines appearing on your skin, there are ways you can care for your skin to make sure it’s getting everything it needs to stay healthy.

Will an Anti-Aging Cream Help Me Care for My Wrinkling Skin?

People with wrinkles may see an improvement in their appearance by regularly applying an anti-aging cream. While there is no magic cure that stops wrinkling completely, an anti-aging cream can deliver a dose of nourishment that wrinkling skin lacks.

As you age, your skin begins to decrease production of compounds known as elastin and collagen. During your youth, these compounds were constantly repairing and regenerating themselves, giving your skin a tight, smooth, and youthful appearance because they give skin the ability to heal and “bounce back” quickly. Anti-aging creams contain doses of these compounds, and the regular application of them to the skin can encourage some regeneration of lost elastin and collagen.

Over-the-counter anti-aging creams typically contain lower doses of active ingredients. Doctors can prescribe versions of the same products with much stronger active ingredients. If you end up with a prescribed version, make sure you are following your doctor’s specific instructions to avoid any excessive skin irritation.

What Else Can I Do to Take Care of My Wrinkling Skin?

Many people assume the best thing you can do to care for wrinkling skin is to apply anti-aging creams and lotions, but there are lots of other ways you can take care of your wrinkling skin.

Apply Sunscreen

Sun damage is a leading cause of worsening wrinkles. One of the best ways to care for your wrinkling skin is to always apply sunscreen during your morning skincare routine. Direct exposure to UV rays causes collagen and elastin production to break down over time, and this breakdown leads to less and less of these compounds regenerating. Applying sunscreen ensures these precious compounds are protected from the sun and able to continue reproducing. Even if you don’t have any signs of wrinkling yet, using a sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect your skin from developing them prematurely. To make it easier to remember (and to avoid adding another step to your skincare routine), opt for a moisturizer that already includes a built-in SPF in its formula.

Avoid Tanning Beds

Avoiding indoor tanning beds is another way to care for wrinkling skin. According to a survey taken by the American Academy of Dermatology Association, 25% of young people didn’t know that tanning beds weren’t safer than exposure to natural sunlight. Tanning bed usage not only leads to wrinkles, but also the development of tough, leathery skin as well as an increased chance of developing skin cancer. Although many folks like the way tanned skin makes them look, it is best to skip the tanning bed altogether and opt for a bronzer or self-tanning lotion to capture that sun-kissed glow instead.


Keeping the skin properly moisturized is important for all people’s skin, but it is especially true for wrinkling skin. As the skin begins to wrinkle, you may notice that it feels drier than it used to be. Unfortunately, as the skin wrinkles and becomes slightly thinner, it becomes harder for it to retain moisture and stay properly hydrated. Regularly applying a moisturizer can help it regain some of that lost moisture and rehydrate itself, visibly improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Quit Smoking

A major way to care for wrinkling skin and improve its appearance is to cease smoking if you are a smoker. Smoking tobacco products can actually speed up the development of wrinkles—the Mayo Clinic reports that people can begin seeing new wrinkles form in as little as ten years of smoking. Also, wrinkles brought on by smoking tend to be all over the body rather than just on the face. If you needed another good reason to stop smoking, premature aging is an excellent one to put on your list.

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