Must-Have Carpet Cleaner Accessories

Enhance your carpet cleaner's prowess with a few well-chosen tools

Cleaning your carpet? We can help. These tools and accessories make the job easier

Most of us look for ways to extend the life of our carpets. But, have you stopped think about what is involved in keeping your carpets in pristine condition? What we are talking about is the carpet cleaner and any accessories used to get it looking so good.

After all, plenty of effort goes into preserving the wealth of textures, patterns, colors, and comfort of a carpet. Often, it is the smaller things one needs to pay attention to as your home is also an investment in that you are bound to sell it at some point, and therefore the need to keep the carpets looking good for years to come. The best way to achieve this is through using a carpet cleaning machine and help it to accomplish its task through top-quality carpet cleaning accessories.

Do you want to know how best to extend the life of your carpets and keep them free of dirt and bacteria with the best carpet cleaning tools? Let’s have a look.

One shouldn’t overlook the importance of choosing the right carpet cleaner accessories as there will be no residue left behind. Paying immediate attention to any spills and regular vacuuming will keep our carpets looking its best for many years to come.

Carpet Cleaning Tools for Effective Carpet Cleaning

Be sure to check care specifics and manufacturer regulations before using your carpet cleaning equipment.

To clean your carpet at home or anywhere else, you’ll need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Vacuum
  • Shampoo for your carpets
  • Pre-spray for treating dense traffic areas before commencing with carpet cleaning
  • Defoamer

Ensure you spot test your carpet cleaning solution on a section of your carpet that is not visible to your guests. An idea would be the inside of your closet.

Should you choose to make use of hot water extraction, then you should turn on the fan and have the windows open to speed up the drying procedure. Carpets need to be dry within 24 hours to avoid mildew growth.

It is crucial to educate yourself concerning the settings of the carpet cleaner you buy or rent from a carpet rental agency. Many companies rent out machines that can clean both wood and tile, hard floors, and carpets. Some devices feature dry-only settings. Therefore it is imperative to know what settings to use beforehand.

Whether you have your own quality carpet cleaner or choose to hire one, there are certain things you should be aware of concerning your carpet cleaning equipment and accessories.

Carpet Cleaning Tools That Come In Useful

The best way to increase the effectiveness of your carpet cleaning endeavors is by using carpet cleaning accessories such as hoses, crevice and upholstery tools, carpet cleaning wands, and a portable heater.

Just in case you come across what you would perceive as a strange-looking carpet cleaning tool, it would be in your best interest to know some of the basics concerning the following:

  • Air Movers: These are often used when carpet cleaning professionals tackle commercial jobs as the carpets must dry quickly so it can be walked on soon. Air movers are also useful for mitigating water damage.
  • Sprayers: Cleaning sprayers are used to pre-spray an area of your carpet that requires the use of an effective cleaning solution to loosen the embedded dirt.
  • Carpet cleaning wands: Every machine requires one of these. Rotaries might be excellent for cleaning shag but won’t do any good when cleaning wool carpeting. Wands are the best way to handle most cleaning jobs that involve carpets.
  • Carpet cleaning stair tools: Usually if you decide to rent a carpet cleaning machine, then it is suggested you make use of a carpet cleaning stair accessory as you can easily reach nooks and crevices on the staircase.
  • Curtain tools: Stainless steel cleaning equipment ensures cleaning your curtains is a breeze as they can be extended to a suitable length.
  • Crevice carpet cleaning tools: These are ideal for when you need to clean in-between couches and any other nooks and crannies for which a regular cleaning wand would be too wide.

As you can see, it takes more than just a regular carpet cleaner to give your carpets the best chance of looking great for many years. Having the right accessories is what its all about to ease your carpet cleaning efforts.

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