What Causes Eczema?

What causes eczema? We explain. Learn what causes dry, itchy skin and start treating it now.

Eczema Causes: What to Do If You Have Dry, Itchy Skin

You are going about your morning hygiene routine, and you notice small bumps on your skin. Next thing you know there are many more that are popping up here and there. Concerned, you go to the pharmacy to and find out what you are dealing with is eczema.

Eczema is a term that is used to group together some medical conditions that cause skin irritations. Eczema affects up to 3 percent of adults and many more children, as a matter of fact up to 10 percent of children experience eczema in their early childhood.

You may be frustrated with this condition as there is no “cure,” but some of the best eczema creams on the market can help you control it.

What is causing your Eczema?

Commonly, when you are diagnosed as having eczema, you want to know where it came from? Why do you have it and not others in your family? If you know where it comes from, maybe you can stop it completely.

Unfortunately, there is no known root cause for eczema. Therefore, you will not find anyone thing that you can pinpoint and separate to help you stop your eczema flare-ups. However, many types of eczema can be traced to a combination of trigger and genes that cause it to flare up.

When you suffer from eczema, you probably have an over-reactive immune system that reacts when triggered. Usually, the trigger will be something outside or ingested. Your body will respond that trigger by causing inflammation that is red, itchy, and sometimes painful on your skin. In other words, it causes Eczema.

There is plenty of research that indicates that eczema is a result of a mutation of the filaggrin growth gene. This protein is one that helps your body to develop a healthy barrier on the very top of your skin, keeping it nice and supple, when there isn’t enough Filaggrin, as moisture escapes bacteria sets in and causes eczema in those with dry skin and skin that is prone to infections.

What are the eczema triggers?

Since there is no known singular cause, the outbreak of eczema or rather the flare-ups of it are results of triggers that set the skin condition into motion. When you possess a trigger or come in contact with one, you start to feel itching and then burning, and small hives appear… classic eczema.

Dry Skin

If you are prone to dry skin, you are more than likely to experience episodes of eczema flare-up than if your skin was more supple.


There are many natural and everyday products that can cause eczema to break out and cause you suffering.

Irritants that cause eczema to flare are:

  • Metals, especially nickel
  • Harsh soaps and cleaners
  • Rough fabrics such as wool
  • Fragrances, especially alcohol-based fragrances
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Some ingredients found in common household products like shampoo, lotions, and dish soaps.
  • Antibacterial ointments and products

It is best to find out what causes your eczema to flare so that you can take steps to avoid those items. It is going to take trial and error to figure that out.


When you are busy with work, school, home, and so forth, you can get stressed. Next thing you know your eczema is flaring up. Stress is a common trigger for eczema. There is no known root cause as to why stress influences eczema reactions, but it reportedly does.

Conclusion: Why do some people have eczema?

Eczema is a common skin condition that many suffer from every day of their lives. There is no known cure for it, and that makes it very difficult to deal with when you are a sufferer. Furthermore, the fact that there is no known cause is also very frustrating from those who suffer from this condition.

However, the fact that there are triggers that you can narrow down does help you to figure out what is causing your eczema to flare up. Once you know which of the triggers is causing your skin to suffer, you can then avoid them to help avoid the flare-ups.

Overall, when you suffer from eczema, it is good to know that you can purchase the best eczema creams on the market to help you deal with this condition and with the constant itching, pain, and inflammation. At the very least, you can control your breakouts.

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