Safety Tips for Operating a Chainsaw

How do you use a chainsaw safely? We'll guide you. Read our tips for using chainsaws safely and avoiding injury, from gear to how to stand and more.

Chainsaw Safety: How to Use Chainsaws Correctly

Chainsaws can be valuable tools when you have big jobs that need doing. Trimming tree, getting rid of unwanted or rotted wood, cutting firewood and much more are all valuable uses for your chainsaw.

However, when you go to operate a chainsaw, you must do so safely.

This valuable tool can quickly turn into your worst nightmare if you don’t follow proper safety protocols when you use your chainsaw.

What are some chainsaw safety tips to keep in mind?

There are many ways you can practice safe chainsaw use. Have a look.

Read the Chainsaw Owners Manual

Most people get a new tool and ignore the owners manual completely. Though that works for a screwdriver, don’t be that confident with a chainsaw. All chainsaws operate differently, and the owners manual will tell you important information to help keep you safe. Read your manual thoroughly and follow the instructions that were provided to you by the person who engineered the saw.

Wear Safety Gear When using a chainsaw

When you use a chainsaw, there is going to be things flying around. Therefore, you must wear the proper safety gear when using your saw. Safety goggles, gloves, and long-sleeved shirts are among the top safety gear.

Plan Your chainsaw Cut

Before you even begin, you should know what you are going to cut and how you are going to cut it. Make a plan before you begin so that you know exactly where you are working and what it takes to get the job done. Know how far the bar goes on your saw and stay within those parameters.

How to Stand and Hold chainsaws Properly

A chainsaw is heavy and even more so when it is working. Therefore, you want to make sure you are holding it and standing with it properly. A boxer's stance is a good way to stand as it provides stability and keep both hands on your saw. Never climb a tree with your saw as you won’t have the stability you need to operate.

How to be safe with chainsaw Kickbacks

You saw will kickback as it cuts. As you cut lower, you will be pulled forward, and as you cut higher, you will be pushed back. Be aware of kickback zones and plan for it. You want to be sure that you are aware of how operating a chainsaw will impact you so that you aren’t caught unaware.

Have a Buddy: Why you shouldn't use a chainsaw alone

Even though operating a chainsaw is a one-person job, you want to have someone there with you. Accidents happen in an instance and having someone nearby while you work can be life-saving. Get a friend, brother, or even a spouse to join you while you use your chainsaw.

How to Clean and Store your Chainsaw Safely

When you finished cutting, make sure you turn it off fully before you clean your saw. Most chainsaws have a safety leaver or bar that ensures your safety while cleaning it. Make sure you know how this works and be sure to use it when you go to clean your saw.

Additionally, make sure you store your chainsaw safely. You don’t want kids or inexperienced persons having access to your saw. Therefore, store it properly and securely.

A few other things to keep in mind when using a chainsaw:

  • If you are inexperienced in using a chainsaw, get one with less kickback.
  • Always make sure the blade doesn’t move while idling.
  • Hold the blade and the exhaust away from your body.

Conclusion: How to use a chainsaw safely

Chainsaws are really handy tools to have when you have a lot of wood to cut through. However, they can be very dangerous when not operated carefully. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of how to use your chainsaw safely before you operate use your saw. Start with protecting your body and then make sure to operate carefully.

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