Dress Your Baby in These Cute Halloween Costume Ideas

Baby's first Halloween? We can help. Check out our ideas for great Halloween costumes for babies

Check out our great ideas for dressing up your baby for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and picking out the cutest little costume is one of the funniest things to do for your little ones. Being thrifty is one of the fun parts about being a parent, and one of the even more entertaining parts about Halloween. Sure, you can go out and spend a lot of money on a brand new costume that your baby is only going to wear for one year or you can create something truly unique that will make a lasting memory on the baby. Creating a costume can come from all kinds of inspiration, whether you saw a movie that piqued your interest or your baby likes a certain children's character.

There is an abundance of different ways that you can make a cute costume on the fly, usually with very little work and a whole lot of creativity. Creating a cool costume for this Halloween doesn’t have to be an expensive expedition, but putting the effort into a creative costume can be a fun experience for you and the baby. No matter if you want to make a classic ghost costume or if you want to create something more extravagant, the process of creating a baby costume can be a unique experience that will create a lasting memory and be a huge hit at parties. Read on below as we go over ten cheap baby costume ideas that are readily available online or at your favorite Halloween shop.

Baby Beauty Shop Customer Costume

Taking a page from the Golden Girls, this cute little girls' costume takes a crocheted wig and curlers combined with a cute little pink robe. To complete the look you can add a tiny pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, all of which can be done fairly easily with stuff that you already own and you’ll have one of the cutest little costumes ever.

Forky Costume

Who doesn’t love Forky? The lovable fork who doesn’t think that he’s a toy is the latest star in the new Toy Story movie. To make this costume you’ll need a few fabric markers, a blank white t-shirt, red baby sweats, and a piece of construction paper. The whole costume will take about an hour to create, but the result will be a cute Forky costume that stands out from the crowd.

Baby Dinosaur Costume

For a costume that’s been a million years in the making, this baby dinosaur costume is a one of a kind selection. If mom and dad are going to dress up as scientists you can get the baby dinosaur costume and create a Jurassic Park themed night out.

Baby Snow White Costume

If your baby loves Disney and storytime then the baby Snow White costume is the way to go. It comes with a matching headband and enough lace to make even the most discerning little princess feel at home. You can combine it with a white pair of leggings if it's going to be cold outside, and depending on the age slippers are optional.

Baby Sriracha Costume

Perhaps one of the funniest costumes to come across is the Baby Sriracha Costume. If money loves to use Sriracha sauce on just about everything the Baby Sriracha Costume is going to stand out from the crowd and make for a very entertaining Halloween.

Baby Bat Costume

If you want to take a walk on the wild side you can get a baby bat costume, with attached wings. Another benefit to the baby bat costume is that it is pretty warm on a cold night and baby's head will be covered.

Baby Sushi Costume

Another funny costume that’s based on a lunch item is the baby sushi costume, and if you have twins you can combine baby sushi costume and the baby Sriracha costume for a cute little set that people will love.

Baby Red Riding Hood Costume

The cult classic is the baby Red Riding Hood costume, which goes along with a fairy tale themed night. If your baby loves her storytime books there is no doubt that she will adore this one-of-a-kind costume.

Baby Snail Costume

Who says that snails can’t have any fun, and a snail costume doesn’t have to be expensive. One snail costume we saw also doubles as a backpack and a head covering which makes for a pretty unique and cute combination.

Baby Jack-Jack Costume

If your family loves the animated movie The Incredibles they will love a Baby Jack Jack Costume. Your baby will stand out from the crowd with the bright red jumpsuit and faux mohawk that creates an authentic Baby Jack-Jack look.

Have Your Baby Stand Out From The Crowd

Halloween is a fun time where kids and adults alike can get dressed up as whomever they want, and this season you should take the time to give your baby a unique costume as well. There are so many great costume ideas for babies that you are sure to find a unique look that’s going to stand out and create a lasting memory.

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