How to Choose A Primer For Your Skin Type?

Need a primer? We can help. Here's how to choose the best one for your skin

Use these tips to choose the right primer for your skin

It can take hours of hard work and precision techniques to get that flawless look using all our makeup products. The fact that a primer helps to make our makeup last longer, makes it a must-have. This magic product increases the hold of our foundation and concealer helping us to look like the airbrushed version of ourselves, all day long.

There are various types of primer formulas available in the market – radiance, color-correction, hydration, pore minimizers and so on. But the question arises as to which primer formula would be the most suitable for your skin type. Read on as we dive right in everything primer formula related.

Why You Should Choose a Makeup Primer based on Your Skin Type

Often people misunderstand that a uniform primer product would work for all skin types. This is where they're wrong.

Each one of us has our own set of problems. Some of us need more hydration while some need extra shine elimination. Some of us need a gentle formula, whereas some don’t need to worry about minimizing their pores.

In the same way, with the different formulations, every primer is unique in their own way. You see, the same primer doesn’t feel and look the same way on every skin type.

In short, it’s necessary for you to need to find a primer that suits your skin type the best.

Choosing a Makeup Primer for Dry Skin

As a dry skin type owner, you’ll need a primer that moisturizes and nourishes your skin. Due to the lack of any oil on your face, you’d want more hydration, and shine too. Try to look for a makeup primer that has a creamy yet light texture.

In such cases, you can opt for a primer that has the keywords "hydrating", "dewy", or "moisturizing."

We’d also like to warn you that you have a difficult time ahead. It’s better if you ask for a sample and try it for a few days before buying. Add the primer to your shopping cart only when you feel that it solves all your skin problems.

Choosing a Makeup Primer for Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, there’s both good news and bad news for you.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about your skin getting too dry or too oily, or your pores looking too large or too small. The bad news is that you don’t really have too many options when it comes to makeup primers.

You can ask for a primer that has an illuminating formula with a dewy finish. Try to avoid one which has a mattifying effect as they’ll make you look dull.

You can also opt for the pore minimizing primer formula as it gives an amazing base for foundation and concealer.

Choosing a Makeup Primer for Oily Skin

It's quite obvious that as an oily skin owner, you’d need a product that has a mattifying effect. You need to eliminate all that extra shine-bordering-on-grease look on your face. With the mattifying effect of the primer, you’ll never have to worry about your makeup not staying on long again.

Oily skin is also accompanied by large pores and/or acne. In the case of the former, you can opt for a pore minimizing primer. As for acne-prone skin, you can look for makeup primers that have anti-acne ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

Choosing a Makeup Primer for Combination Skin

First of all, you’re a fighter! Being the owner of a combination skin type is difficult, and frustrating. Not only do you need a product that curbs the excess oil, but you also need one that can moisturize the other parts of your face.

In the case of primers, it’ll be better if you choose a neutral formula. This way you will neither mattify your skin and nor will you look too shiny.

But, if you want a more customized option, you can buy both a mattifying primer as well as a hydrating primer. Use the former where you want to control shine and the latter where you feel you need more moisturization.

With these tips, you'll be able to choose the best primer for your needs!

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