Choosing the Right Eye Shadow For Your Skin Tone

Confused about color? We can help. Here's how to pick the right eyeshadow for your skin tone

Use our tips to pick the best eyeshadow for your skin tone

I remember when I got my first makeup set. I was in 6th grade and I thought I knew exactly what I was doing. I’m pretty sure I looked like a clown. My first mistake? Choosing colors that did not fit my skin tone in the slightest. I wore a trio of silver eye shadows and a brown lip gloss. I am light skinned with blonde hair. It just didn’t match.

Though some can pull off a variety of colors, there actually are eyeshadow colors that look better on certain skin tones. You should be able to assess your own surface skin tone, but it is also important to understand your individual undertone, as well. Undertones are muted hues that are underneath the skin's surface, cool, warm, or natural. To identify your undertone, look at the veins in your wrist. Veins that appear purple or blue are in cool undertones. Warm undertones, on the other hand, will make your veins appear green, while blue-green veins hint at a neutral undertone.

Armed with this knowledge, here's how to pick the right eyeshadow for your skin tone.

Fair Skin

If you have referred to your skin color as porcelain, than you are probably fair skinned. Fair complexions tend to have yellow undertones that can turn into an orange tint if paired with the wrong colors. Those that have a very fair complexion will want to wear beige, taupe and soft pinks more frequently. Avoid going to pink or red, as this can make the redness around your eyes stand out, causing you to look tired or ill.

Light Skin

If you have light skin tone, then you are still rather fair, just not as transparent as your fair friends. Light complexion has a bit more flexibility, but do have to be careful of bringing out an orange hue. They can usually get away with reds and hints of blue. Rather than choosing a warm brown shade, go with a cool taupe or gray-beige.

Medium Skin

If you are somewhere in the middle of light and tan, than you have medium skin tone. Living up to the title, medium complexions aren’t too warm or too cool. This makes neutral shades pop. Metallic hues also stand out in a great way on medium skin tone. Bronze and rose gold shades are flattering and work for both the cool and warm undertones.

Olive Skin

It can be tricky to identify olive skin tone since they can be lighter and darker tones. What really identifies the olive skin tone is the green pigment that lies underneath the surface. Olive complexion is so gorgeous containing a neutral undertone with a greenish hue, however it can be a bit more challenging to find shades that complement this undertone. Avoid blues that can leave you looking washed out. Rather than a blue shade, reach for a teal shade. This is a hard color to pull off on many complexions, but it looks fabulous on olive skin tone.

Tan Skin

You probably have a tan skin tone if you are fortunate enough to look like you just walked off a hot summer beach in the middle of winter. What better color to make tan skin glow than a shimmering gold shade. It is the perfect complement to the bronze and tan glow. You can get away with nude shades as well as deep shades. However, it is also recommended to try shades that have a hint of yellow or orange which can help balance out your complexion.

Medium-Dark Skin

Brighten up your eyes with deep shades. Cranberry appears a more neutral color on medium-dark complexions. Other deep red shades like chestnut, plum, and burgundy are favorites of many professional artists and will become your favorites, too. Add some shimmer for an even brighter look with a bronze or burgundy shade.

Dark skin

Rose gold shades look stunning on dark skin, but you will want to find one that has a strong orange hue. Dark complexion can also rock an emerald green or purple shade, making the eyes pop and offering a flattering warm and cool undertone.

Deep Skin

Deep skin can achieve a flattering look with vibrant green shades. Not only do they make the eyes pop, but they have a perfect mix of warm and cool hues that look great on all deep skin tones.

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