Helpful Tips and Pointers for Choosing Liquid Foundation

Shopping for makeup? We can help. Use these tips to buy the best liquid foundation

The lowdown on how to pick your liquid foundation

It’s versatile, comes with loads of good stuff — moisturizers and sunscreen included — and has evolved marvelously to achieve effects we could only once dream of.

No wonder liquid foundation is the go-to-option of choice for many of us who love makeup. But as always, it takes making the right selection to reap the full range of its benefits, especially since doing so comes with the guarantee of your skin looking silky smooth, blemish-free and simply luminous.

And because we believe that everyone deserves to experience that special allure each day, we’ve provided a number of tips and pointers which will help you to get it right whenever you choose your liquid foundation.

Selecting the liquid foundation that’s right for you

Choosing the right kind of foundation makes all the difference between getting to glide serenely through the day secure in the knowledge that the beauty of your skin has been perfectly highlighted and anxiously wondering why everyone else seems to have cracked that all-elusive perfect makeup code and you haven’t.

If you too would like to enjoy the former feeling on a daily basis, you'll love the helpful tips and pointers provided in this article which has been written with you in mind.

Your skin type: This is the first factor which needs to be taken into consideration before all else. After all, the last thing you want is to go through all that trouble of finding the perfect brand and color just to discover that your skin doesn’t like it very much - especially since we ignore all the warnings it gives us at our peril.

If your skin is normal or dry, chances are it will be rather fond of moisturizing liquid foundation thanks to its creamy feel. Water based, hydrating products on the other hand, come highly recommended if you happen to have oily skin as they will not only prevent that telltale gleam which the wrong kind of foundation can often inflict on skin in this category, but will also efficiently conceal any blemishes as well.

If you have combination skin, you will need to opt for foundation which is oil-free, light and hydrating, as products which tick all these boxes will keep both the oily and drier parts of your skin looking smooth and even while preventing any dryness or greasiness.

The seasons: There is a wide range of factors that can affect how our skin feels and the seasons happen to be one of them. During the more humid, warm summer months, you may need to select a lighter foundation capable of providing the coverage you need in addition to protection from the sun too. It's also important to select a product that is especially resistant to the sweltering heat and perspiration. Certain brands actually provide liquid foundation that comes with an SPF of 30, is perfect for all skin types and available in a wide range of tones, ensuring you'll be able to be fully prepared for months of continuous sunshine.

When winter comes around, you will need to pay closer attention to keeping your skin hydrated during those colder, drier months. And that means selecting a product which will ensure your skin remains moisturized so it stays adequately protected from the winter chill. And because sunscreen is essential all year round, ensuring your foundation of choice also provides adequate UV protection is highly recommended even in winter.

Foundation coverage: There are three options to choose from: light, medium and full, and the seasons and your skin type will play a key role in enabling you to decide the right choice to make.

Full coverage liquid foundation is ideal for skin with acne as well as possible scarring, while medium coverage will perfectly handle any slight blemishes.

Light coverage liquid foundation, on the other hand, will give you a natural glowing look and is worth considering if you have dry or smooth, blemish-free skin.

Skin tone: It happens to be one of the key factors which influences our purchases and yet, according to experts, a huge number of makeup fans actually end up with the wrong color! So what’s the one failsafe method for ensuring that you always get it right? The key lies in understanding that our skin tone varies in different places. And that means your arm is probably not the best option for color testing. Experts advise using the skin on your face and neck instead and taking a look at just how well the foundation matches it under natural lighting.

They also advise selecting a lighter shade if you're unable to get a sample. That’s because foundation tends to get darker when applied and will closely match your skin tone if a suitable lighter tone is selected. Going a tad darker, on the other hand will make it more noticeable once it undergoes that chemical process following its application on your skin.

Concluding Thoughts

The quest for the perfect foundation can certainly turn out to be especially rewarding if you know just what factors to take into consideration. And from the tips and pointers provided above, it’s pretty clear why liquid foundation is an excellent choice to start with. After all any product category which ensures there's something for everyone certainly deserves a closer look. Especially since you’re guaranteed to find an option which is just right for you. And we hope that the pointers provided above will prove helpful in ensuring you get to do just that.

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