Choosing the Right Makeup for Your Style

Shopping for makeup? We can help. Here's how to pick the right products for your style

Our tips on picking the right makeup for your look

There are a multitude of fashion styles, and these styles have sub-styles. If you are comfortable with who you are, chances are, you know how to tag your fashion quickly, and you know what makeup suits you best. If you are experimenting, looking for a change, or still getting to know yourself, chances are, you are unsure of what style suits you best.

Now, while you’re experimenting, there may be an opportunity for makeup to enhance your sociological choice. Once you pin down the fashion style you’d like to create, you’ll want to experiment with makeup. But how can you find the right makeup to suit your style? Read on and find out a few quick tips to see what suits your fashion choice.

Check out Magazines that have Images that Speak to You

Searching for a fashionable choice for makeup doesn’t have to only stick with fashion, or the best-selling, magazines. Find the magazines that are up to your alley: if you are a musician, check out rock magazines, if you are an artist, find the art magazines.

Finding people who look, act, and hobby how you hobby can be a high starting point for how to find the right kind of make-up for your style.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

Finding the right makeup for you doesn’t mean you have to rely on the style of others to help you. Experimenting with your makeup allows you to see what looks right on you, what you like, and what you may not be comfortable with.

Family Circle magazine gives a few tips on how to find the right makeup for your skin tone, which would be a great way to start. They look at a variety of shades in one color group, place them on your face or wrist, and voila! The make-up experiment can begin.

Dramatic Looks Don’t Have to be for the Theater . . . but it’s a Place to Start

If you look for makeup to create a statement, why not check out how plays and productions create their dramatic looks that people will be able to see from yards away.

The key to a dramatic look is generally darkly lined lids with bold colors on your lips and cheeks.

These sort of looks go well with Punk, Goth, and high-fashion styles.

Look for Inspiration on the Streets

While no one wants to recreate another person’s exact style, you can find inspiration in your neighborhood, walking down the street, or in a city close nearby. If you have a lot of nature surrounding you, you can always get inspiration from nature. The cat-eye comes to mind, as well as warm tones used from a forest such as green, brown, and orange (for make-up colors).

Natural is Always an Option

Although a lot of people get flack for the non-make-up, make-up look, there is something to be said for only using primer and light or translucent lip gloss to set off your style. Doing so can show off your facial features and let your fashion speak for you.

Metallic Make-Up is a Good Choice

Metallic make-up can help enhance your style for the good of make-up. It can look good an evening, or weekend wear and using metallics sparingly can even work with subtle fashion styles. It’s something to keep in mind.

Match your Make-Up to Your Outfit

If all else fails, and you’re smart so it shouldn’t, People magazine recommends taking a color to match your skin tone and color to match your clothes for the day. This action will create an instant hit of makeup style.

The idea comes from one of People’s collaborative makeup artists and is the best way to start your foundational, makeup ritual. If you don’t have makeup to match your shirt, shades of corals and peaches will work best with many colors.

Why Not Check Out a MakeUp Artist’s Website?

Not many can afford a makeup artist every day, so why not find out who are the makeup artists of your favorite magazines, celebrities, or role models. Finding their website will help you get some great styling advice and help you learn how to apply your makeup to your style.

It is their job, why not use their knowledge for your style?

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