Benefits of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes - And Tips for Doing So

Dirty makeup brushes? We have advice. Here's why, and how, you should clean your makeup brushes regularly

If you haven't cleaned your makeup brushes in awhile, here's why you should

Makeup brushes. They’re a key part of our daily beauty routine. And we rely on them to ensure we’re as flawless as possible each time we leave our homes for our daily commute, that interview for that dream job or a night out on the town with friends.

Wherever would we be without our makeup brushes? The answer to that is probably best left unanswered. But one thing’s certain, that these all-essential items which rank pretty high in our affections deserve to be treated like the treasures they are.

And that means keeping them as pristine as possible on a regular basis. And if you’d love to know just why doing so is absolutely necessary and how to go about it, then this is the article for you.

In this post we explore the benefits of cleaning your makeup brushes and the procedures for doing so too.

Why cleaning your makeup brushes is a great idea

Virtually everything we use around us requires cleaning on a regular basis and our makeup brushes are no exception. But how often should we wash them?

Makeup artists and skin care professionals say there are benefits to  cleaning your makeup brushes once a month at the least, while those you use around your eyes should be cleaned twice a month at the minimum.

However makeup artists or those of us who wear makeup on a regular basis must abide by a more stringent set of rules i.e. cleaning them after each use with a cleansing fluid.

Below we’ve listed a number of benefits of cleaning your makeup brushes:

Acne prevention: Right from the moment you purchase them, makeup brushes already harbor bacteria picked up during the manufacturing process. Hence, cleaning them right before you use them for the very first time is highly recommended.

They will also pick up more bacteria as well as dirt, oil and dead skin cells from repeated use.

Continuing to use them to apply your makeup without cleaning them will cause blocked pores and put your skin at risk of being covered with acne.

Cleaning them, on the other hand, will ensure your face remains smooth, blemish-free and safe from the risk of any infections that could be spread by using a brush that isn’t washed often.

Smooth application: Allowing makeup to accumulate on your brushes will prevent them from doing the one thing they’re meant to do efficiently: apply your makeup smoothly. Especially since blending will feel like an uphill task and the overall finished effect may be streaky, discolored and uneven as opposed to flawless.

On the other hand, cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis will ensure your skills and the quality of your makeup are highlighted in all their glory so that you will not only feel but look truly glamorous when you step out of your home — just like your favorite celeb.

Longer lasting brushes: Allowing buildup from your makeup to accumulate on your brushes will make their bristles stiffer and more prone to breakage. All those uneven bristles will not only feel scratchy against your skin but will also result in your having to replace your brushes as they fall off in increasing amounts.

Regularly cleaning and washing your makeup brushes will ensure their bristles remain supple and in perfect condition to apply your makeup beautifully while feeling soft and smooth against your skin. What’s more, they’ll last longer too since their bristles will remain in perfect condition resulting in less breakage.

Tips for cleaning your brushes

Now we’ve taken a look at the benefits of cleaning your makeup brushes, it’s time to look at the best means of keeping them disinfected, free of buildup and oils, and ready for use.

The tips we’ve provided will enable you to enjoy makeup brushes with bristles that spread your makeup with a delicate touch across your skin — without any of that unpleasant stuff mentioned above — and also last longer.

  1. Rinse the bristles of your brush in warm water while avoiding wetting the base where they join with the handle. Do not use hot water, as doing so could melt the glue used to attach the bristles to the brush and loosen them.
  2. Next, squeeze a bit of cleanser or disinfecting liquid soap into your palm or on a special mat and swirl the bristles over it. Adding a bit of coconut or olive oil to condition your brushes will also make them soft and pliable.
  3. Place the bristles back under the water and rinse until the water is clear — a sign that your brush has been restored to a pristine state once again.
  4. Squeeze the excess water out of the brush and reshape the bristles with your hand.
  5. Set it to dry by placing it on a slightly slanted surface with the bristles leaning downwards (Note: a towel is unsuitable as it will prevent the brush from drying properly). You could also lay it down over the edge of your sink so that its bristles are suspended in air (doing so will ensure they dry quickly).
  6. Do not place it upright in a container to dry as doing so will make the water soak into the glue and loosen its bristles which could get into your makeup or on your face.

Take care of your brushes and reap the rewards

Treating your makeup brushes like royalty — which they are, in a manner of speaking — is the perfect means of getting the best out of them. They will not only last longer, but might even make your makeup seem as though it’s been done by a pro. And they’ll also feel great against your skin and keep it free from irritation and the risk of breakouts. Which we think makes keeping them immaculate worth the effort.

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