The Most Common Kitchen Faucet Styles

What kitchen faucet styles are there to choose from? We'll take you through the basics. Learn the main types in order to choose the faucet you need.

Kitchen Faucet Styles: What Are the Most Popular Types?

Choosing a new kitchen faucet? The decision isn’t easy. There’s a range of faucet styles available today, and each one has its own unique benefits. So how is one to choose the right one?

Well, fortunately, there is no one “right” answer when it comes to choosing a kitchen faucet. Depending on your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic preference, you might find one faucet style to be much more useful in your life than another.

Here are the most common kitchen faucet styles and all that they can offer you.

What are Pull-Out and Pull-Down Faucets?

Pull out and pull down faucets are quite similar in design. Both sinks usually have one handle that controls the water temperature and pressure. Each of these faucet styles also offers an extendable faucet head that can be pulled from the faucet base.

As their names imply, pull out faucets allow you to pull the faucet head out. This can make reaching across the counter to a large bowl quite easy. Pull out faucets are popular in kitchens that lack sink space because they allow you to fill pots and pans that might not necessarily fit in the sink itself.

Pull down faucets allow you to pull the faucet head down, making them ideal for those with deep sink basins. Often appearing majestic because of their long elegant piping and curved arches, you’ll find pull down faucets in a lot of the world’s most luxurious kitchens. Along with their lovely appearance, these faucet types have superior ergonomics, rarely malfunctioning and earning their heftier price tag.

When it comes to hose length, neither pull out nor pull down faucets exceed each other, making sink basin size the true determinant when deciding between the two.

Do you need a Separate-Spray Faucet?

Separate spray faucets have the same spray head benefits of pull out and pull down sinks, except that their spray head isn’t connected to the faucet base. Instead, it is usually located to the faucet’s immediate side. Similarly, separate spray faucets also have a water handle that is not directly connected to the faucet head but located on the opposing side of the spray head.

One major advantage of purchasing a separate spray faucet is that if one part of the faucet fails, the device can still be utilized. Prices are much more affordable for separate spray faucets than they are for pull out or pull down faucets, also making them a bargain for those who want spray power without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Can you get a Two-Handle kitchen Faucet?

Two-handle faucets are the most traditional type of faucet style. These faucet types have two separate handles to control water temperature, one for hot and one for cold. Though it’s been around for a long time, the two hand faucet still remains popular because it allows users to separately control the hot and cold water options.

However, two-handle faucets are becoming outdated, and the truth of the matter is that single handle faucets offer superior water control when compared to two-handle faucets.

when you need Motion Detection Faucets

Motion detection faucets are battery-operated sinks that spray out water when motion is detected. While these types of faucets are often seen in public bathrooms, they can make a great option for busy kitchens and households with lots of children, where reaching for a water handle becomes a hassle.

Because they are battery-operated, motion detection sinks don’t require any special installation. They’re also relatively affordable considering the useful technology that they employ.

where to install Commercial Faucets

As their name hints at, commercial faucets are commonly found in commercial workspaces, such as restaurant kitchens. However, you can have a commercial faucet installed in your home if your heart so desires.

The reason restaurant kitchens employ this type of faucet head is that they offer the best possible clean when it comes to dirty dishes. Their high water pressure and super high arc are to thank for this.

Commercial faucets use a pull-out sprayer to provide a forceful and high-power clean to dishes. With their industrial design, this faucet type has also become popular with those who are going for a more minimalist approach with their kitchen aesthetic.

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