Common Mistakes You May Be Making With Your Eyelash Curler

What are you doing wrong when using an eyelash curler? Here's what to avoid. Learn to use an eyelash curler right to get lovely lashes.

Eyelash Curler Mistakes: How You're Using Eyelash Curlers Wrong

Most of us have a small device inside our makeup bag, case, or drawer. And while it may resemble a medieval torture device, this bit of machinery wasn’t intended to pull out fingernails. It also wasn’t intended to pull out eyelashes. Yes, we are talking about an eyelash curler. When used correctly, these little devices make our lashes curl upward and appear longer and more defined.

While a quick glance over the device makes it appear self-explanatory, many of us are making mistakes that mean we aren’t getting the optimum, long-lasting lash curl. And worse, some of these mistakes mean that we could actually be damaging our fluttery, flirtatious eyelashes, which is the last thing we want.

Why You Shouldn't Curl Your Eyelashes After Putting On Mascara

The worst mistake you may be making with your eyelash curler is using it to curl your lashes after applying mascara, rather than before. This mistake can actually cause damage to your eyelashes, which is not the effect you were going for. Mascara makes eyelashes look thicker and longer, but it also makes the eyelashes stiff and less flexible. If you then try to curl them, it can lead to eyelash breakage, resulting in short, choppy eyelashes rather than the lush lashline you wanted.

The more often you make this mistake without cleaning your eyelash curler the more dangerous to your lashes it becomes. If your eyelash curler is caked with old mascara, it can mean your eyelashes can become stuck and then ripped out. Yes, this horror story is real and has actually occurred to some unfortunate souls.

Eyelash Curler Cleaning

Your eyelash curler needs cleaning, not only to avoid mascara buildup tearing out your eyelashes, but also because it picks up bacteria, oils, and skin flakes from your eyelashes that can attract bacteria and eyelash mites. An unclean eyelash curler can also stop working as smoothly as intended, and that can cause functioning problems and further risks to your lashes.

Eyelash Curler Over-Clamping

Don’t clamp down too hard with your curler. If you’ve made this mistake, you may have seen your eyelashes stand up at too sharp an angle, resulting in a very strange and not quite human appearance. Clamping too hard can also lead to damage to your eyelashes.

Check Your Eyelash Curler’s Pad

Check the pad on your eyelash curler for wear and tear. Substantial damage to the pad can result in your eyelashes being clamped by bare metal which would put your eyelashes at risk.

Why to Heat Your Eyelash Curler

You wouldn’t use a cold curling iron to curl your hair, and the same should hold true for your eyelash curler. Try heating your eyelash curler for a few seconds before using it. This results in much longer-lasting curl. You can heat your curler by running hot water over it, placing it in a mug of hot water, or by using your blow dryer’s hot setting on your curler for a few seconds.

How to Use Your Eyelash Curler Correctly

Many users only place the curler at the lashline and clamp one time per eye. Beauty experts tell us that this doesn’t give us the best possible result. To get the ideal eyelash curl, place the eyelash curler first at the base and clamp, then hold for five seconds. Next, move midway up the lashes to clamp again, and finally clamp at the tip, holding for five seconds each time. This results in a more natural-looking eyelash curl.

What if Your Outer Corner Lashes Slip the Grip?

It’s important to reach the outer end of your lash line to curl the small eyelashes at the end into an attractive upward curl. These are the lashes that our eyeliner wing is attempting to imitate for an ultra-feminine look. Making sure you curl those end lashes will create a natural wing, or cat’s eye, appearance without the eyeliner tricks.

After you’ve curled your eyelashes, it’s time to apply your mascara to your freshly curled lashes. Applying immediately after curling will help to set the curl, for long-lasting staying power.

How to use an eyelash curler with false eyelashes

If you are a false eyelash user, it’s still beneficial to curl your real eyelashes before applying your falsies for a super-lush look and to avoid the odd appearance of two lashlines.

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