Concealer Tips to Up Your Makeup Game

How do you use concealer? We've gathered our top tips! Learn how to up your makeup game and look beautifully flawless by using concealer right.

How to Best Use Concealer for Flawless Makeup

Concealers are a makeup product that can really enhance your overall look. They're also quite aptly named because not only does it help to hide any discoloration, it can work wonders in case of those sudden zits, life long dark circles, and whatnot.

But, if you don’t use it well enough, you’ll only end up drawing more attention to an imperfection you wanted to hide. Read on to know some useful concealer tips that can up your makeup game like no other.

Prep and Moisturize Your Face before You Apply Concealer

Our skin is quite delicate which is why it is important to keep it hydrated. When you apply concealer without moisturizing your skin, you’ll face a lot of problems. Firstly, the product application will be difficult. Secondly, your skin can end up looking dull and patchy.

Use Color-correcting Concealers for a Perfect Finish

What many people don’t realize is that we need more than one concealer. This may sound a little weird at first but color-correcting is what you need for a flawless-looking face.

For example, if you have that dark circles, you can use concealers with orange or peach undertones to help you cover it. Likewise, you can cover inflamed zits with a green concealer. After blending color correcting concealers, you can simply apply your skin-toned concealer on top of it.

Embrace the Triangle, Ditch the Half-moon

Applying concealer in a triangle will not only give larger coverage, but it will also give an illusion of a more angular face.

Whereas, applying the concealer by drawing half-moons makes it difficult to blend the product as well.

Don’t Apply Concealer on Skin Flakes

Often after spot-treating pimples, the surrounding skin becomes flaky and reddish in appearance. In such cases, you need to take extra care before covering it with concealer.

Use a warm, damp cotton pad to gently exfoliate and remove away excess skin flakes. Follow this by hydrating it by applying just a tiny bit of jojoba or grapeseed oil. In the end, you can apply concealer as you usually do and blend it into your skin.

The 'One Shade Lighter' Concealer Trick for Your Blemishes

Blemishes are not only red in color, but they are also slightly raised from the rest of your skin. By using a shade that is a little lighter than your skin tone just below your blemish will give it an illusion of a spot-free skin.

Of course, before that, you have to use a green color-corrector concealer to cancel the redness of the blemish. See? Makeup is indeed an art.

Why to Apply Concealer in Natural Lighting

Using a concealer can up your makeup game only when it actually matches your skin tone. This purpose will be defeated if you try your concealer at a place with bad lighting. However, in natural lighting, you will efficiently be able to match your concealer to your actual skin tone.

how to use a Concealer for Contouring and Highlighting

Concealer is a very versatile product. Using a concealer that is two shades darker and one which is two shades lighter can be used for contouring and highlighting your face respectively. Use the darker concealer on areas that are naturally shaded, and the lighter one on the high points of your face.

Use a Setting Powder all over Your Face after Applying Concealer

Not a lot of people use a setting powder after they’re done with concealer. And, if they do, they are using it only on blemish spots.

Both of these methods are wrong.

Using a setting powder is important because it makes the concealer last longer. Whereas, using the setting powder on just the blemish will give it a dull and flat texture making it more prominent to the eye.

Why to Avoid  Blotting Concealer with a Tissue

Sometimes due to the weather or the wrong application technique, your concealer might get a little cakey around your eye area. You can control this by using a tissue and blotting the excess makeup. Just remember to split the tissue into two and blot with a gentle hand.

There you go, these were some of our most effective and useful concealer tips to make your life easy and your face flawless. Just remember to get a concealer closest to your skin tone and you'll be amazed to see the difference.

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