Cotton: What Are the Different Types?

There is no question about it that better fabrics and fibers will make a massive difference to your sleeping experience.

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Cotton: What Are the Different Types?

Cotton is termed as one of the most popular bed sheet materials. Best of all, you can look forward to a range of cotton options.

Then there is the question of making use of organic cotton that is grown without pesticides, which makes it an excellent choice for those who suffer from all sorts of allergies and sensitivities.

There is no question about it that better fabrics and fibers will make a massive difference to your sleeping experience. Cotton is one of the most basic and favorite fabrics in use and deserves a closer look into the different textures and types of materials available nowadays.

One of the primary reasons as to why cotton is among the chosen fabrics used as bed sheets is that it feels soft and natural.

We need to be sure that we make the right choice when it comes to bed sheets. After all, these envelop the body while we sleep and can either make or break your overall sleeping experience.

Cotton, in particular, contribute to a cozy, warm, fuzzy feeling that is not easily matched by other fabrics.

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the three primary types of cotton sheets and what one needs to look out for before making your selection:

  • American Upland is the type of cotton sheet that is commonly used nowadays and known to feature shorter-length staple fibers. Somehow, this sheeting has a rougher feel and is cheaper than other cotton fabrics. If you come across a label that states it is a 100% cotton, then you are most likely looking at an American Upland brand.
  • Pima is famous for its durability and strength. It is the type of fabric that sports a long-staple like cotton fiber and produces a subtle sheen and soft weave. You can expect to pay close to $200 for a set. Do not get confused when you come across the word “Supima” as it is often found on Pima sheets. Besides, it is a trademarked name for fabrics that have been made from 100% American Pima Cotton.
  • Egyptian cotton is praised for its high-quality and regarded as the longest and finest staple as it produces soft, luxurious, and durable sheets. At one point, Egyptian cotton bed sheets were primarily sold in stores that were seen as very expensive. Nowadays, you can source these in most linen stores. This material has been grown in the Nile River Valley, which is part of the reason why users will experience an incredibly supple and soft weave. No wonder this type of cotton sheet is seen as the golden standard when it comes to quality features.

Three factors that determine the feel and quality of a sheet would be:

  1.  The consistency of the Fibers of the different bed sheets.
  2.  How closely the fabric has been woven.
  3.  The thread count.

These are the three critical pieces of information you need to look at when you want to source the best sheets.

Why People Love Cotton Sheets

Among the main reasons why many individuals love cotton sheets is that these are so easy to clean and extremely durable. Add to that the comfort, softness, affordability, long-lasting, and exceptional breathability; then you are looking at a clear winner.

For this reason, it will pay one to take great care and ensure you make use of cold water, a gentle detergent, and low temperatures when washing and trying these to ensure they last for many years. Stay clear from bleach and fabric softeners as they tend to damage the durability of the fabrics.

Why Bed Sheets Deserve More Than the Usual Attention

Most people base their decision mainly on price, looks, and convenience when deciding on sleep accessories. However, do not for one moment, think it is any less critical than a mattress.

Be sure to look beyond the obvious when you shop for sheets.

Pay particular attention to how it feels when you touch the sheets. Also, give heed to the specs when it comes to moisture and temperature regulation. Do not forget to check the differences between synthetic, organic, or natural fabrics and how these may enhance your sleeping experience.

Your quality of rest should be your top priority and choosing the right cotton sheets, coupled with all the factors that we discussed over here will make a massive contribution to how well you sleep.

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