Creating an Outside Space Your Guests Won't Want to Leave

Improving your outdoor space? We've got tips. These ideas will help make a space made for lingering

Your guide to creating an outdoor haven

A backyard is a gathering place, one that can hold more people and create less clean-up. It is virtually an open arena for creativity and ideas. It is a versatile space that can hold BBQs, parties, or eating a meal with your family.

Outdoor spaces allow people to breathe in fresh air while still allowing a casual environment, even when your backyard is decorated for luxury. How do you get your outdoor space to entice people to stay, be comfortable, and have the best time? We have some great tips that will help you create an outdoor space that your guests won’t want to leave.

Patio Mood Lighting

While the summer is ubiquitous with light, people may want to come over in the seasons before the time springs forward to give us daylight savings time. String some lights up and light some tiki torches (or another form of insect repellent that can create a barrier), to keep your gathering going long after sundown.

Garden Games

Croquet anyone? Alice and the Red Queen knew that garden games were fun. Try grabbing some outdoor games like croquet, badminton, or volleyball. Regional games are fun, too. Also, there is a ladder game, cornhole, bocci, and more.

Life Sized Games

As much fun as garden games can be, putting your guests inside the game can be even better. Life-sized board games are a great time and finding a big version of Candyland, Connect Four, Jenga, and many others is a snap (thank you, internet!). Not many people think about it, but the life size games are gaining steam, be the house that gathers the most players, who stay long after the game is over.

Outdoor Movie Screen



What better way to celebrate a weekend than by having a movie night in? Outdoor movie screens aren’t a new idea (does anyone remember projectors and sheets), but that doesn’t make them less fun. Also, with the technology now, getting a move to play outside is comfortable with a DVR, Blu Ray, or streaming from some high place online.

Couches, Chairs, Cushions, & Pillows

The more people move, the more they will sit. Create an outdoor living room on a freshly painted deck. Having lots of seating with comfortable cushions and pillows will help the outdoor conversations go long into the night.


Bluetooth Speakers for Music

If you’re a music buff then having Bluetooth speakers are a must. You can listen to a great playlist while eating, swimming, playing a game, and end the playlist when the movie comes up. Some people may even break into a song-n-dance if the mood is right.

Decor, Decor, Decor!

Nothing shows your personality more than decorating, even if you are modern with sleek and minimal design, the people who enjoy being around you will enjoy your outdoor decor and want to stay because they are comfortable in your space too.

Umbrellas, tables, napkins, chairs, flowers, and light boxes are a great use of decor. The opportunities are almost endless. Even coordinating your deck stain with your house color can make a subtle, but enjoyable, difference. Some things may not be built for outdoors, but chances are if you see one variation you can find another similar decoration that is made just for that purpose.


A Place to Hold Your Beverage, and a Beverage for Every Place

Tables are a must, of course, they hold your beverages, food, candles, phones, and more. But having a place for everyone to put their stuff allows people to spread out and forget to check their phone.

Offering beverages is a tried-and-true hostess duty. Why not make it easier for yourself and have a small cooler or refrigerator outside where your guests can help themselves to whatever drinks you have to offer?

Cooking Station

Some people enjoy grilling; others enjoy cooking. The great thing is that now you can have them together in an outdoor kitchen. Having the homeowner be able to cook and set things out for their guests without having to leave the party or carry heavy trays lets people stay in the same area where the conversation and the fun can be continuous.

Solar-Powered Shades

Getting shades or blinds to keep the sun out of people’s eyes is always a helpful thing to have. People won’t have to shift around or block their faces from the rising sun, and they are less likely to get sunburnt.

Other Ideas

Depending on the space you have, you can also add in a basketball court, or have extra swimsuits or robes and towels available for your guests for swimming. You can have unique outdoor glassware, silverware, plates, and dinnerware. There are also other nice amenities, such as sunscreen, aloe vera, first aid kids, and too much more to mention here.

Outdoor spaces are a great place to express yourself, and they can create amazing memories that your friends, family, and you will remember for years to come. Make your space your own, and you will find that people might never want to leave.

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